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Not One Person

By Brother Dan Weatherington, from the Masonic e-mail journal CINOSAM

Not one person ever joined Masonry because George Washington was a Mason. Not one person ever joined Masonry because Harry Truman was a Mason. Not one person ever joined because of any of our great Masonic heroes. Joining doesn't make you any of those people.

Not one person ever joined in order to give a million dollars a day to charity, or homes, or crippled children. You don't have to be a member to give money.

Not one person ever joined because our ritual is outstanding, or our minutes are accurate, or a hundred other things we worry about. They don't know about our ritual.

They joined because someone they knew and admired was a Mason. It could have been a father, a friend, a man down the street, or someone a thousand miles away.

Who, it didn't matter. They admired him and wanted to do the things he did, and they did it by the millions.

Want to help our growth? Be the kind of man someone admires. Someone will notice.

As reprinted in the Quarterly Newsletter of Anniversary Lodge of Research No. 175, New Hampshire

CINOSAM is published by Rt. Wor. Bro. Neddermeyer, the Deputy Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of Minnesota. For more information, write to Cinosam1@juno.com

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