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2nd Quarter, 1995

  1. Date: Sat, 1 Apr 95 07:41:09 -0500
    Name:: Alan Brown
    Lodge:: Minerva
    Location:: Wirral, England
    E-mail:: alan@ablink.demon.co.uk

  2. Date: Sat, 1 Apr 95 10:52:42 -0500
    Name:: Joe Bowker
    Lodge:: Thomas Talbot Lodge
    Location:: Billerica, Massachusetts
    Office:: Senior Deacon
    E-mail:: bowker@aleppo.enet.dec.com

  3. Date: Sat, 1 Apr 95 13:59:30 -0500
    Name:: Herb MacLaine
    Lodge:: Victoria No. 2
    Location:: Charlottetown, PEI
    Office:: Worshipful Master
    Message:: I have started a collection of Masonic pins and would love to receive some from fellow Masons from any jurisdiction. My address: Meadowbank, Cornwall R.R.2, PEI CANADA C0A 1H0

  4. Date: Sat, 1 Apr 95 22:45:42 -0500
    Name:: Ronny J. Graves
    Lodge:: Killeen 1125
    Location:: Killeen, Texas
    Office:: WM
    E-mail:: rgraves@tenet.edu
    Message:: Finally, we are using some technology to bring our craft into this century!

  5. Date: Sun, 2 Apr 95 14:30:09 -0400
    Name:: Mauri Tikka
    Lodge:: Le Droit Humain Lodge #1200 "Homo Ludens"
    Location:: Helsinki, Finland
    Office:: 2nd degree
    E-mail:: mauri@mludi.pp.fi

  6. Date: Mon, 3 Apr 95 00:38:03 -0400
    Name:: Chris Packham
    Lodge:: McDouall Stuart
    Location:: Alice Springs, Northern Terittory, Australia.
    Office:: Steward
    E-mail:: packham@ripper.enet.dec.com
    Message:: G'day, from the red centre.

  7. Date: Mon, 3 Apr 95 06:58:35 -0400
    Name:: Dan Newcomer
    Lodge:: Tubal Lodge #551
    Location:: Minerva, Oh
    Office:: none at present
    E-mail:: newcomed@rcinet.com
    Message:: Looking for brothers who worked in the American-Canadian Grand Lodge. Esp. Alt Heidelberg.

  8. Date: Mon, 3 Apr 95 12:18:32 -0400
    Name:: Michael Rudenko
    Lodge:: Saturniun Lodge
    Location:: Bispham Blackpool Lanacshire
    E-mail:: Co/ WB Harold Revell
    Message:: Just to say hope your endevour onto the internet go's well

  9. Date: Mon, 3 Apr 95 12:42:23 -0400
    Name:: Kevin Harp
    Lodge:: Sterling #268 A.F. & A.M.
    Location:: Sterling Virginia
    Office:: Worshipful Master
    E-mail:: kevin.harp@wdn.com
    Message:: Just got my SLIP account and was searching around. I'll probably be back to look around some more.

  10. Date: Mon, 3 Apr 95 14:45:41 -0400
    Name:: Ken MacKenzie
    Lodge:: Mt.Elphinstone #130 BCR
    Location:: Roberts Creek BC, Canada
    Office:: PM
    E-mail:: ken_mackenzie@sunshine.net

  11. Date: Mon, 3 Apr 95 22:50:40 -0400
    Name:: Donald E. Williams
    Lodge:: Coverdale #52
    Location:: Riverview, New Brunswick,Canada
    Office:: Imm. Past Master
    E-mail:: wpcs1man@nbnet.nb.ca

  12. Date: Mon, 3 Apr 95 23:52:54 -0400
    Name:: bro. bruce wheeler
    Lodge:: queens lo
    E-mail:: bwheeler@limestone.kosone.com

  13. Date: Tue, 4 Apr 95 17:02:22 -0400
    Name:: Antonio G. Pizarro
    Lodge:: Broadmoor 432 F&AM
    Location:: Shreveport , LA 71105
    Office:: none
    E-mail:: apizarro@beta.centenary.edu

  14. Date: Tue, 4 Apr 95 17:59:22 -0400
    Name:: James Burkholder
    E-mail:: jburkhol@riker.neoucom.edu
    Message:: Was a DeMolay as youth, never joined Masons....interest has always continued however.

  15. Date: Tue, 4 Apr 95 21:25:54 -0400
    Name:: Eric B. Webb
    Lodge:: Longstar Lodge Number 85
    Location:: Hempstead, Texas
    Office:: J.D.
    E-mail:: ewebb@pvcea.pvamu.edu

  16. Date: Tue, 4 Apr 95 22:08:54 -0400
    Name:: Kevin R. Burgess
    Lodge:: Good Samaritan Lodge
    Location:: Reading, MA
    Office:: None.
    E-mail:: (home) burgess@burghome.mv.com (work) kevin@corsof.com
    Message:: I have not been active although my dues are paid up, for the last several years. I am planning on visiting the lodge here in Nashua NH where I live. Have any of the Blue Lodges in MA or NH established home pages yet? I have been working with my company home page at work.

  17. Date: Wed, 5 Apr 95 06:22:25 -0400
    Name:: Gudbrandur Magnusson
    Lodge:: St.Joh. Fjvlnir
    Location:: Iceland
    E-mail:: gudmag@centrum.is

  18. Date: Wed, 5 Apr 95 07:27:52 -0400
    Name:: Thomas.Persson
    Lodge:: St Johanneslogen Stenbocken
    Location:: Uppsala, sweden
    E-mail:: Thomas.Persson@cf.slu.se

  19. Date: Wed, 5 Apr 95 08:07:06 -0400
    Name:: D. P. H. Miller
    Lodge:: Lodge Conception No. 1679 GLoScotland
    Location:: Conception Bay South, Newfoundland, CANADA
    Office:: Worshipful Junior Warden (sic)
    E-mail:: pmiller@calvin.stemnet.nf.ca
    Message:: It may seem odd to have a Scottish lodge in Canada, but that's another story! I'll take a look now at this home page.

  20. Date: Wed, 5 Apr 95 12:58:58 -0400
    Lodge:: MECHANICSBURG #113

  21. Date: Wed, 5 Apr 95 14:40:11 -0400
    Name:: Clint Weathers, Senior De Molay
    E-mail:: clint@id.mind.net

  22. Date: Wed, 5 Apr 95 14:53:00 -0400
    Name:: John "Marty" Olson
    Lodge:: Multnomah #1
    Location:: Oregon City, Oregon
    Office:: S.D.; Master 30 degree-Scottish Rite; W.P. Pioneer #28 O.E.S.; Sec. Classic Car Unit, Al Kader Shrine
    E-mail:: olsonj@ohsu.edu
    Message:: I would like to see a united effort to all Grand Lodges on the Net... at one http: site... Do you think this is possible... if we were to type the pages and send it to the Grand Sec. of each Grand Lodge to edit.... It would similar info as your current list....

  23. Date: Wed, 5 Apr 95 18:11:30 -0400
    Name:: Stephanie Wood
    Lodge:: Job's Daughter
    E-mail:: swood@sun.cis.smu.edu
    Message:: As a former Miss International Job's Daughter and DeMolay Sweetheart, I'm excited to see Masonry on the Internet!

  24. Date: Wed, 5 Apr 95 20:56:46 -0400
    Name:: Brother Ian L.Ketterer
    Lodge:: Feagin's Lodge #17(P.H.A., Massachusetts jurisdiction)
    Location:: Bitburg, Germany
    Office:: none
    E-mail:: ketterer1@aol.com.

  25. Date: Wed, 5 Apr 95 20:57:19 -0400
    Name:: Craig Chapman

  26. Date: Wed, 5 Apr 95 21:47:47 -0400
    Name:: Bill Morgan
    Lodge:: Excalibur No 737 UGl of NSW Australia
    Location:: Sydney
    Office:: PM
    E-mail:: B.Morgan@appcomp.utas.edu.au
    Message:: Impressive

  27. Date: Wed, 5 Apr 95 22:35:04 -0400
    Name:: Fernando Pizarro
    Location:: 222 Lake Street, Shreveport, La. 71130
    E-mail:: fpizarro@interserv.com
    Message:: I'm relatively new to both cyberspace and Freemasonry (raised 4/03/95) and I was very gratified the Fraternity has a presence on the Web.

  28. Date: Wed, 5 Apr 95 20:56:46 -0400
    Name:: Brother Ian L.Ketterer
    Lodge:: Feagin's Lodge #17(P.H.A., Massachusetts jurisdiction)
    Location:: Bitburg, Germany
    Office:: none
    E-mail:: ketterer1@aol.com.

  29. Date: Thu, 6 Apr 95 02:39:37 -0400
    Name:: Nicholas Shawn Beckstrom
    Lodge:: Missoula #13 AF&AM
    Location:: Missoula, Montana
    E-mail:: espero@selway.umt.edu

  30. Date: Thu, 6 Apr 95 01:06:59 -0400
    Name:: SCOTT IMLER

  31. Date: Thu, 6 Apr 95 00:52:52 -0400
    Name:: Dennis Frankel
    Lodge:: Lodge Dignity 866
    Location:: Victoria, Australia
    Office:: M.E. (into Chair of King Solomon on 27/5/95
    Message:: Unfortunately I do not have an email address at the moment, but have already purchased apropriate hardware. Am author/writer by profession. Produce publication for Grand Lodge Lecturer's Panel. I will keep in touch, if you don't mind. Snail address: P.O. Box 291 Chadstone Centre Vic 3148 Australia.

  32. Date: Thu, 6 Apr 95 11:08:01 -0400
    Name:: Eric Ouellet
    Lodge:: St. Andrew's No. 16 G.R.C.
    Location:: Toronto, Ontario, Canada
    E-mail:: eouellet@vm1.yorku.ca

  33. Date: Thu, 6 Apr 95 12:19:10 -0400
    Name:: Doug Whitcomb
    Lodge:: New Palestine lodge #404
    Location:: New Palestine, Indiana
    Office:: Senior Steward
    E-mail:: dewhitco@indyunix.iupui.edu
    Message:: I think this is a good ideaI am learning a lot here and I hope to learn more in the future.

  34. Date: Thu, 6 Apr 95 13:38:14 -0400
    Name:: Glenn Woodell
    Lodge:: St. Tamany #5
    Location:: Hampton
    Office:: Senior DeMolay, 2X Past Master Councilor
    E-mail:: g.a.woodell@larc.nasa.gov
    Message:: I'm not a MM but a senior DeMolay just doing a little net surfing. Just thought I'd say hi.

  35. Date: Thu, 6 Apr 95 15:09:46 -0400
    Name:: E. Adam Kallel
    Lodge:: Santa Monica Palisades No 307
    Location:: Santa Monica California
    Office:: 926 Santa Monica Boulevard SM CA 90401
    E-mail:: akallel@ligand.com

  36. Date: Thu, 6 Apr 95 18:40:02 -0400
    Name:: Bro. Levi Murray III
    Lodge:: John G. Lewis Jr. # 261 Affiliate Lyons Jr. 290
    Location:: Baton Rouge, La Austin, Tx
    Office:: SD
    E-mail:: Levi.murray@amd.com

  37. Date: Thu, 6 Apr 95 20:28:47 -0400
    Name:: James H. Makovec
    Lodge:: Square & Compass Lodge No. 3
    Location:: Kunitachi, Japan
    Office:: SW
    E-mail:: jmakovec@q.continuum.net

  38. Date: Thu, 6 Apr 95 21:29:31 -0400
    Name:: wayne stevenson
    Lodge:: foothills lodge no. 174
    Location:: calgary
    Office:: bowmont masonic lodge hall 7704 39ave nw
    E-mail:: none yet/will update with real one
    Message:: As I am new to the fraternity, I am always looking for more information and light. I was thinking about starting a web site for masons with the thoughts of renewal...I would like to know if I could help in any way as my other interest is pc's. I would like to have a responce sent to the lodge if you feel that my input would help.

  39. Date: Thu, 6 Apr 95 20:02:37 -0400
    Name:: John J. Coughlin
    Location:: Yonkers, NY
    E-mail:: xrhe87a@prodigy.com
    Message:: I've been hoping to find out more info on the Masons, and hopefully learn how to get more involved. I used to be a member of AMORC, but that didn't seem right for me.

  40. Date: Fri, 7 Apr 95 00:26:10 -0400
    Name:: Charles E. Brown
    Lodge:: Victorville 634
    Location:: Victorville, CA
    Office:: Senior Deacon
    E-mail:: cbrow@wiley.csusb.edu
    Message:: I'm pleased to see that other brothers are also using the Net. We should have a "virtual lodge" for those not on compuserve.

  41. Date: Fri, 7 Apr 95 00:37:12 -0400
    Name:: Jerry Preston
    Lodge:: Golden Rule #159
    Location:: Ann Arbor, MI
    Office:: WM
    E-mail:: jpreston@BizServe.com

  42. Date: Fri, 7 Apr 95 03:19:54 -0400
    Name:: Michael V. Crater
    Lodge:: Starr King Lodge #344, F&AM
    Location:: San Francisco, CA
    Office:: Past Master, 1987
    E-mail:: freeform@well.com

  43. Date: Fri, 7 Apr 95 12:40:39 -0400
    Name:: Hank Peirce
    Lodge:: Amicable
    Location:: Cambridge, Ma
    E-mail:: hipeirce@midway.uchicago.edu

  44. Date: Fri, 7 Apr 95 17:25:51 -0400
    Name:: Roy M. "Marty" Heaster
    Lodge:: Springfield No. 217
    Location:: Springfield, Va
    Office:: Past Master
    E-mail:: Roy_M._Heaster@hud.gov

  45. Date: Fri, 7 Apr 95 17:50:12 -0400
    Name:: Paul J. Wolsko
    Lodge:: Cincinatti #3
    Location:: Morristown, New Jersey
    E-mail:: pwolsko@netcom.com

  46. Date: Fri, 7 Apr 95 09:39:28 -0400
    Name:: Rich Johnston
    Lodge:: Rising Sun Lodge #39
    Location:: Nashua, NH
    Office:: Senior Steward
    E-mail:: johnston@witfits.mv.com
    Message:: I'm glad to see that we have an active presence on the Web. If you are in our area, Rising Sun meets the third Wednesday of every month for our stated communication, at 7:30pm. The lodge is located at 196 Main St., on the third floor, and can be accessed via the elevator entrance.

  47. Date: Fri, 7 Apr 95 16:02:49 -0400
    Name:: Charles O'Neill
    Lodge:: Union Lodge #40
    Location:: Danbury, CT 06810
    Office:: 337 Main Street
    E-mail:: charleso@insetusa.com
    Message:: I would like to congratulate the Grand Lodge of Massachusetts for bringing Masonry in to the 21st century, and starting this Web page. I look forward to future messages and news wbout what is going on in Masonry in Massachusetts. Fraternaly Charles O'Neill Senior Deacon

  48. Date: Sat, 8 Apr 95 15:10:39 -0400
    Name:: Dan Helmer
    Lodge:: Fellowship 490
    Location:: Flint Mich.
    Office:: P.M.
    E-mail:: dhelmer@nova.gmi.edu
    Message:: Just looking good luck and see you on the net.

  49. Date: Sat, 8 Apr 95 15:24:22 -0400
    Name:: Robert A. Dowdle
    Lodge:: San Angelo #570
    Location:: San Angelo, Texas
    Office:: Past District Deputy
    E-mail:: zrad@adm.angelo.edu
    Message:: In the process of complining a book of Masonry subjects (etc. 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Degrees listing all the furniture, symbols, explinations of each and much more. Would appreciate any information you can provide. All information is on the computer.

  50. Date: Sun, 9 Apr 95 00:09:55 -0400
    Name:: Gale Henderson
    E-mail:: galeh@cyber

  51. Date: Sun, 9 Apr 95 02:58:14 -0400
    Name:: bro. tyrone d. jackson
    Lodge:: king david #100 f & a m p.h.a.
    Location:: chicago,il
    E-mail:: td-jackson1@bgu.edu
    Message:: this is very nice my bro. please keep up the good work!!!!!!!!!!

  52. Date: Sun, 9 Apr 95 15:03:32 -0400
    Name:: Glenn Jakobsen
    Lodge:: Bredablik #818
    Location:: New York, NY
    E-mail:: g.jakobsen@student.nyit.edu
    Message:: Who among our forebears would ever imagined that we who are travelling would meet on an electronic plane. So nice to see yet another medium for brotherhood..

  53. Date: Sun, 9 Apr 95 15:21:49 -0400
    Name:: Tom Hewitt
    Lodge:: Golden Rule #90, Hoyt 327 Kansas
    Office:: Past Master Hoyt327,JW 90 Topeka,Ks
    E-mail:: n0hyb53@tyrell.net

  54. Date: Sun, 9 Apr 95 19:11:02 -0400
    Name:: Art Davidge
    Lodge:: Ann Arbor Fraternity #262 F&AM
    Location:: Ann Arbor MI
    Office:: PM '73 , Treasurer
    E-mail:: adavidge@sils.umich.edu

  55. Date: Sun, 9 Apr 95 07:09:40 -0400
    Name:: Jacek Rozwadowski
    E-mail:: jacek.bru@infoboard.be or 72344.2145@compuserve.com
    Message:: I am looking forward to receiving information on your requirements and interest in my potential application (I know it is not like joining a club). Jacek Rozwadowski, Brussels, Belgium

  56. Date: Sun, 9 Apr 95 22:02:24 -0400
    Name:: Jennifer Patton
    E-mail:: lilith@world.std.com
    Message:: I am interested in Masonry - particularly the historical aspects. I wonder if women are allowed yet. I often am in the Masonic Hall in Porter Sq. for folk dances. Recognized Bro. Steven Mesnick from another context. :)

  57. Date: Mon, 10 Apr 95 01:19:15 -0400
    Name:: Arthur Dunklin
    Lodge:: Evergreen #9 (Prince Hall)
    Location:: Everett, WA
    Office:: Senior Deacon
    E-mail:: Adunklin@sos.sos.net

  58. Date: Mon, 10 Apr 95 23:50:29 -0400
    Name:: Broderick D Simons J.W.
    Lodge:: Magnolia #20
    Location:: Columbus Ohio
    Office:: 5885 Cleveland Ave
    E-mail:: bsimons@iwaynet.net

  59. (Entry removed for someone who didn't understand what a guestbook is.)
  60. Date: Tue, 11 Apr 95 15:50:31 -0400
    Name:: Dr. Michael D. Mehta
    Lodge:: St. Andrew's No. 16 G.R.C.
    Location:: Toronto, Ontario, Canada
    E-mail:: mehta@vm1.yorku.ca

  61. Date: Tue, 11 Apr 95 17:01:19 -0400
    Name:: Bro Brandon O. Sussman
    Lodge:: Thomas Talbot
    Location:: Billerica
    E-mail:: bsussman@scoot.netis.com

  62. Date: Tue, 11 Apr 95 18:45:34 -0400
    Name:: Luther A. Smith
    Lodge:: Cornerstone #3
    E-mail:: luther@interport.net

  63. Date: Tue, 11 Apr 95 11:34:54 -0400
    Name:: Michael L. Schrader
    E-mail:: usd14906@pop3.interramp.com
    Message:: Thank you for the information contained in USENET Masonry FFAQ v1.1. I have been contemplating joining a lodge in Atlanta Georgia. This information has been very helpful. Keep up the good work!

  64. Date: Tue, 11 Apr 95 16:49:08 -0400
    Name:: Michael Byrne
    Lodge:: Owensboro Lodge #130
    Location:: Owensboro, KY. 42301
    E-mail:: byrnemd@wkuvx1.wku.edu
    Message:: I'm a Fellow Craft as of now, but on April 14 I'll give my lecture for the degree, then work my way up to Master. I'm a Western Kentucky University student with 1 year to go in Electical Engineering Tech.. If possible, please send me more info. on this Web site for I just now found it on Netscape. Bye for now, got to study.

  65. Date: Tue, 11 Apr 95 16:49:08 -0400
    Name:: Michael Byrne
    Lodge:: Owensboro Lodge #130
    Location:: Owensboro, KY. 42301
    E-mail:: byrnemd@wkuvx1.wku.edu
    Message:: I'm a Fellow Craft as of now, but on April 14 I'll give my lecture for the degree, then work my way up to Master. I'm a Western Kentucky University student with 1 year to go in Electical Engineering Tech.. If possible, please send me more info. on this Web site for I just now found it on Netscape. Bye for now, got to study.

  66. Date: Tue, 11 Apr 95 20:21:43 -0400
    Name:: Richard F. Coleman
    Lodge:: Khurum Sunlight No. 112 A.F.&A.M.
    Location:: Minneapolis, Minnesota
    Office:: Sr. Warden
    E-mail:: rcoleman@skypoint.com

  67. Date: Tue, 11 Apr 95 20:46:49 -0400
    Name:: John H. Pitcairn
    Lodge:: Mount Lebanon Lodge No. 72
    Location:: Grand Lodge of British Columbia
    Office:: Past Master
    E-mail:: pitcairn@direct.ca

  68. Date: Wed, 12 Apr 95 01:41:09 -0400
    Name:: Bruce Hamilton
    Lodge:: Queen's Masonic Lodge #578
    Location:: Kingston, Ontario, Canada
    E-mail:: Bruce_hamilton@mindlink.bc.ca

  69. Date: Wed, 12 Apr 95 07:57:03 -0400
    Name:: W. F. Prentzler
    Lodge:: Mutual No.53 GLSA
    Location:: Cape Town South Africa
    Office:: Past Master
    E-mail:: prentzb@telkom11.telkom.co.za
    Message:: Fraternal greetings from Cape Town (the home of the 2004 Olympic Bid) South Africa

  70. Date: Wed, 12 Apr 95 10:04:34 -0400
    Name:: Donald A. Dill
    Location:: Finger Lakes Region--NY
    E-mail:: don_dill@qmrelay.mail.cornell.edu

  71. Date: Wed, 12 Apr 95 18:43:27 -0400
    Name:: Kevin Swarts
    E-mail:: laccess@m-net.arbornet.org
    Message:: Could you please send me more information?

  72. Date: Wed, 12 Apr 95 23:34:55 -0400
    Name:: Marc Donovan
    E-mail:: donovan@bnr.ca
    Message:: Well done, informative, and it seems comprehensive. Good job.

  73. Date: Wed, 12 Apr 95 18:41:38 -0400
    Name:: Santiago "Sonny" V. Dionida
    Lodge:: Crocker Lodge No. 212
    Location:: Daly City, California
    E-mail:: sonny.dionida@sun.com
    Message:: It's a pleasure to discover that Freemasonry have a Web page. I have not set-up my own web page, but when i do.. My Brothers' pages will be in the forefront of my highlights. thanks, Bro. Sonny V. Dionida Crocker Lodge No. 212 Daly City, CA

  74. Date: Thu, 13 Apr 95 09:38:54 -0400
    Name:: Steve Lubetkin
    Lodge:: West Jersey #15, F&AM
    Location:: Cherry Hill, NJ
    Office:: Past Master (1985)
    E-mail:: lubetkin@mcgraw-hill.com
    Message:: Great idea. The Craft needs to expand its "network" to cyberspace. We are the world's oldest Fraternity, and we should be the first in cyberspace.

  75. Date: Thu, 13 Apr 95 10:11:09 -0400
    Name:: Jim Barfield
    Lodge:: Manatee #31 F&AM
    Location:: Bradenton, Florida
    Office:: Past Master
    E-mail:: jim@ci.bradenton.fl.us

  76. Date: Thu, 13 Apr 95 14:08:00 -0400
    Name:: Michael Watson
    E-mail:: mike.watson@daytonoh.attgis.com

  77. Date: Thu, 13 Apr 95 18:23:36 -0400
    Name:: Erick H. Rock
    Lodge:: Tyrian Lodge
    Location:: Sioux Cuty, IA
    E-mail:: torts50@unlclass1.unl.edu

  78. Date: Fri, 14 Apr 95 12:26:09 -0400
    Name:: Tristan Trefoil Ruusunen
    E-mail:: ai-ai@uiah.fi

  79. Date: Fri, 14 Apr 95 17:20:22 -0400
    Lodge:: ST. LUKE GRAND LODGE #67
    Location:: HARVEY, IL

  80. Date: Fri, 14 Apr 95 21:12:06 -0400
    Name:: Hermann Selzer, DGM Pakistan, JDG Grand Lodge of Israel
    Lodge:: Har Tzion #4
    Location:: Jerusalem, Israel
    E-mail:: pinkhaze@aol.com
    Message:: I greet you well.

  81. Date: Sat, 15 Apr 95 10:17:37 -0400
    Name:: John Urban
    Lodge:: Lodge of Fraternity No.281 WAC
    Location:: Perth, Western Australia
    Office:: W M
    E-mail:: urban@perth.DIALix.oz.au

  82. Date: Sun, 16 Apr 95 01:52:14 -0400
    Name:: Daniel Kent
    E-mail:: dkent@interserv.com

  83. Date: Sun, 16 Apr 95 10:23:10 -0400
    Name:: David R. Bedwell
    Lodge:: Dearborn Lodge No. 172
    Location:: Dearborn, Michigan USA
    Office:: Worshipful Master
    E-mail:: bedwell@oeonline.com

  84. Date: Sun, 16 Apr 95 18:25:36 -0400
    Name:: allan j freckleton i.p.m.
    Lodge:: buchanan lodge 550 af&am grand lodge of canada in the prov. of ontario
    Location:: hamilton ontario canada
    Office:: i.p.m.
    E-mail:: rfreckle&hookup.net

  85. Date: Sun, 16 Apr 95 19:15:00 -0400
    Name:: Norbert W. A. Doetsch
    Lodge:: Inanda Lodge, Number 1192
    Location:: Durban, South Africa
    E-mail:: norbert@iaccess.za

  86. Date: Sun, 16 Apr 95 19:23:40 -0400
    Name:: Bro M S Burgoyne
    Lodge:: St Michael's Lodge 8643(EC)
    Location:: Bryanston, nr. Johannesburg, South Africa
    Office:: Secretary
    E-mail:: sburgoyne@lia.co.za
    Message:: On my first day looking round the Web. Fraternal Greetings from Steve Burgoyne.

  87. Date: Sun, 16 Apr 95 22:03:51 -0400
    Name:: Edward N. Lewis
    Location:: Concord NH
    E-mail:: RVTR82A@PRODIGY.COM

  88. Date: Sun, 16 Apr 95 22:31:24 -0400
    Name:: Dennis Bullard
    Lodge:: O. D. Smith Lodge #33
    Location:: Oxford, Mississippi
    Office:: 1995-S.W.
    E-mail:: adstb@sunset.backbone.olemiss.edu

  89. Date: Mon, 17 Apr 95 01:36:57 -0400
    Name:: Brian R. Zimmerman
    Lodge:: Oriental #60
    Location:: Boise, ID
    Office:: Chaplain
    E-mail:: zimm9406@varney.idbsu.edu

  90. Date: Mon, 17 Apr 95 10:47:45 -0400
    Name:: David W. Douglas
    Lodge:: Headfort Lodge, Province of Meath
    Location:: Trim, Co. Meath, Ireland
    Office:: Deacon

  91. Date: Mon, 17 Apr 95 13:12:18 -0400
    Name:: Derek W. Welsh
    Lodge:: Acacia Lodge #9
    Location:: Lawrence, Kansas
    E-mail:: derek@falcon.cc.ukans.edu

  92. Date: Mon, 17 Apr 95 16:05:33 -0400
    Name:: Art Mackie, MM
    Lodge:: Ivanhoe #142, G.R.A.
    Location:: Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
    E-mail:: mackie_art@tandem.com

  93. Date: Mon, 17 Apr 95 16:37:30 -0400
    Name:: Carlos Avelar, II

  94. Date: Mon, 17 Apr 95 18:45:15 -0400
    Name:: Chuck Cook
    Lodge:: Alamo Lodge #122
    Location:: Concord, California
    Office:: No office, (2nd degree coach)
    E-mail:: cecj@pge.com

  95. Date: Mon, 17 Apr 95 20:04:33 -0400
    Name:: Chris Moore
    Location:: Hampton, New Brunswick, Canada
    E-mail:: Y047@spitfire.unb.ca
    Message:: Fraternal greetings my brothers! Please feel "Free" to write to me. I look forward to hearing from many of you, who like me, would like to hear from our many Brothers in foreign countries.

  96. Date: Mon, 17 Apr 95 21:57:19 -0400
    Name:: Auri Spigelman
    Lodge:: Composite Lodge #595
    Location:: Santa Monica, California, USA
    Office:: Junior Past Master; Grand Orator GL Californi
    E-mail:: auri.spigelman@anderson.ucla.edu

  97. Date: Tue, 18 Apr 95 00:25:38 -0400
    Name:: Mike Glover
    Lodge:: Norwood #90 Gran
    E-mail:: mglover@freenet.edmonton.ab.ca

  98. Date: Tue, 18 Apr 95 01:49:13 -0400
    Name:: John A. Lawson III
    Lodge:: Rising Sun Lodge #30
    Location:: East providence, RI
    Office:: Junior Deacon
    E-mail:: jlawson@lynx.dac.neu.edu
    Message:: Nice web page....you are to be congratulated

  99. Date: Tue, 18 Apr 95 09:09:33 -0400
    Name:: Terry L. Stone
    Lodge:: Sagamihara #13, Camp Zama Japan, Morris 76, Etwon, KY
    Office:: PM - 3 times, Sec 2 lodges, JD(2), SD(2), Sr Grnf Lect
    E-mail:: tstone8278@aol.com
    Message:: Good to find one about the craft.

  100. Date: Tue, 18 Apr 95 10:00:43 -0400
    Name:: Keith Heybourne
    Lodge:: London River Lodge #7595
    Location:: Surrey, England
    Office:: Master Elect
    E-mail:: keithh@cadence.com

  101. Date: Tue, 18 Apr 95 13:25:01 -0400
    Name:: Tom Hone
    Lodge:: Chaska # 151
    Location:: Chaska, MN
    Office:: PM and presently treasurer
    E-mail:: 74347.2134@compuserve.com or thone@spacestar.com

  102. Date: Tue, 18 Apr 95 01:52:30 -0400
    Name:: Derek Scott
    E-mail:: dscott@idirect.com
    Message:: Interested in joining. Any info would be appreciated. Thanks Derek

  103. Date: Tue, 18 Apr 95 02:23:40 -0400
    Name:: Matthew E. Crawford, Jr., 33^
    Location:: Pasadena, California
    E-mail:: ntmp85a@prodigy.com
    Message:: I am a Past Grand High Priest of the Most Excellent Prince Hall Grand Chapter Royal Arch Masons of the State of California and present serving as General Grand Scribe in the General Conference. I am always interesting in receiving more light in the York Rite.

  104. Date: Tue, 18 Apr 95 16:13:19 -0400
    Name:: David L. Slater
    Lodge:: Tyrian No. 508 A.F. & A.M.
    Location:: Sioux City, Iowa
    Office:: Secretary (P.M.)
    E-mail:: SlaterDave@AOL.COM or Slaterd@conquest.witcc.cc.ia.us

  105. Date: Tue, 18 Apr 95 20:02:56 -0400
    Name:: David Smith
    Lodge:: Marin Lodge 191 F&AM
    Location:: San Rafael, CA
    E-mail:: castler@ix.netcom.com

  106. Date: Wed, 19 Apr 95 08:55:43 -0400
    Name:: Stefan Neeser
    Lodge:: Pequossette
    Location:: Watertown
    E-mail:: neeser@tiac.net or sneeser@opa

  107. Date: Wed, 19 Apr 95 15:25:56 -0400
    Name:: Jarmo Karpakka
    Lodge:: F.&A.M. Owla 21
    Location:: Oulu, Finland
    E-mail:: jarmo.karpakka@oulu.fi

  108. Date: Wed, 19 Apr 95 18:00:51 -0400
    Name:: Pamela A Miller
    Message:: I'm an Eastern Star Member at Front Royal Chapter No. 6 in Front Royal, Virginia and I'm a Majority Member of Job's Daughters. I'm trying to get in touch with Atlanta area OES chapters, so if anyone can help me...Thanks!!!

  109. Date: Thu, 20 Apr 95 10:01:14 -0400
    Name:: Kenneth B. Cohen
    Lodge:: Reynoldsburg Lodge No 340 F&AM
    Location:: Reynoldsburg, OHIO
    Office:: Past Master, Past Secretary
    E-mail:: kcohen@dsdc.dla.mil
    Message:: I'm going to talk to the Grand Secretary about setting up a system in OHIO. Is this on a free resource, or is the Grand Lodge paying for maintenance of a site? Any help you could provide would be greatly appreciated. Ken

  110. Date: Thu, 20 Apr 95 10:35:32 -0400
    Name:: W. Bro Malcolm Stevens
    Lodge:: Clissold Lodge No 2551
    Location:: London, England
    Office:: ADC
    E-mail:: stevens@peoplebank.co.uk
    Message:: I am most interested as to the purpose of your pages and what your objectives are. I live near the original Cambridge. Please contact.

  111. Date: Thu, 20 Apr 95 11:36:30 -0400
    Name:: Donald R. Denning Jr.
    Lodge:: Hiram
    Location:: Arlington, MA
    Office:: Junior Deacon
    E-mail:: denning@pko.eng.dec.com
    Message:: Also a good friend of Richard C. Mac Lodge.

  112. Date: Thu, 20 Apr 95 19:49:02 -0400
    Name:: Bro. Karl J. Fickey
    Lodge:: Star Lodge #187
    Location:: Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio
    Office:: Senior Steward
    E-mail:: Fickey@netcom.com
    Message:: Very nice Web site, brother. I will visit again.

  113. Date: Fri, 21 Apr 95 02:27:55 -0400
    Name:: Mark G. Dibelka
    Lodge:: Livonia #778
    Location:: Livonia, NY
    E-mail:: md@security.rochester.edu

  114. Date: Fri, 21 Apr 95 02:30:30 -0400
    Name:: Richard E. Hilliard Jr.
    Lodge:: Wayne #416
    Location:: Ontario, NY
    E-mail:: care of: md@security.rochester.edu

  115. Date: Fri, 21 Apr 95 10:25:32 -0400
    Name:: C.Lee Hill Jr.
    Message:: Thank you for the information on Freemasonary

  116. Date: Fri, 21 Apr 95 18:05:36 -0400
    Name:: nmartinez
    E-mail:: nmartine@ucsvax.sdsu.edu
    Message:: I am majority member of the International Order of the Rainbow fo Girls. I just want to see if there was any information about any other Masonic groups on the net. It would be great to see a site for the youth groups. Great job with the home page!

  117. Date: Fri, 21 Apr 95 19:52:02 -0400
    Name:: Gudmundur Eiriksson
    Lodge:: Edda lodge no 1
    Location:: Reykjavik Iceland
    E-mail:: gudmei@ibm.is
    Message:: Please contact my E mail

  118. Date: Fri, 21 Apr 95 22:40:10 -0400
    Name:: james v racicot
    Lodge:: Libby masonic lodge # 85
    Location:: 1218 utah ave Libby, Montana 59923
    Office:: Lodge sec'y
    E-mail:: jroscoe@homer.libby.org
    Message:: I am reserching 3-7-77, Vigilante of Montana 1860's

  119. Date: Sat, 22 Apr 95 02:59:08 -0400
    Name:: Lee Glassman
    Lodge:: Salem Lodge #330 F&AM
    Location:: Hamlin, PA
    E-mail:: leeman@aol.com

  120. Date: Sat, 22 Apr 95 09:15:41 -0400
    Name:: Arthur van der Molen
    Lodge:: De Ware Broedertrouw # 32 - the netherlands
    Location:: Gouda
    Office:: Gouda
    E-mail:: columbus@euronet.nl

  121. Date: Sat, 22 Apr 95 16:53:39 -0400
    Name:: Douglas Smith
    Location:: Austin,TX.
    E-mail:: mgkp16c@prodigy.com and doug125@aol.com

  122. Date: Sat, 22 Apr 95 18:03:28 -0400
    Name:: Richard A. Proeschel PM Conejo Valley Lodge #807
    Location:: Thousand Oaks, Ca
    E-mail:: hhbh59a@prodigy.com

  123. Date: Sun, 23 Apr 95 07:42:56 -0400
    Name:: Richard Johnson
    Lodge:: Fidelis N:8688
    Location:: Padiham, Lancashire, England
    Office:: I.G.
    E-mail:: rj@rjplus.demon.co.uk

  124. Date: Sun, 23 Apr 95 14:38:06 -0400
    Name:: Brian Hard
    E-mail:: gwxx42c@prodigy.com

  125. Date: Sun, 23 Apr 95 15:48:45 -0400
    Name:: Mario Mere
    Lodge:: King Hiram's Lodge
    Location:: Provincetown, MA
    Office:: Marshal - Past Master
    E-mail:: mario@ccsnet.com
    Message:: Interested in discussing your statement that all one has to do is 'ask' to become a Maspn, in light of our Grand Masters recent re-interpretation of this ancient requirement. Also, our lodge historian and curator of our museum has some histoical documentation concerning 18th & 19 Century Masonic involvement in the whaling industry that we would like avaiilable at this site. BTW we consider the Masonic collection in our Lodge museum the FINEST in the Commonwealth. Mario Mere

  126. Date: Sun, 23 Apr 95 17:03:58 -0400
    Name:: Walter (Chic) Pollock III
    Lodge:: King Hiram's Lodge
    Location:: Provincetown, MA
    Office:: Worshipful Master
    E-mail:: chic@ccsnet.com
    Message:: I would like to introduce you to our lodge. Our Charter was signed by M.W. Paul Revere in 1795. We will be celebrating our 200th Anniversary throughout the coming year. We meet on the First Monday of the month (Except Labor DDay, 2nd Monday) If you happen to be on Cape Cod during the summer and would like to tour our historic lodge and museum you can call 508.487.7175 and leave a message.Brother Reginald Cabral will surely invite you for a post-visit collat

  127. Date: Sun, 23 Apr 95 21:53:16 -0400
    Name:: Joel Moody
    E-mail:: jrkm@acpub.duke.edu

  128. Date: Sun, 23 Apr 95 23:23:23 -0400
    Name:: WBro John Best, PJGD, PM Bunyip Lodge 676, Victorian Constitution, Australia
    Lodge:: Bunyip 676
    Location:: Bunyip, Victoria, Australia
    Office:: Director of Ceremonies
    E-mail:: C/o rstraw@vicnet.net.au
    Message:: You beat me to it.

  129. Date: Mon, 24 Apr 95 00:20:20 -0400
    Name:: John R. Weil, Jr.
    Lodge:: Trinity #27 F&AM
    Location:: Weaverville, CA 96093
    Office:: Secretary
    E-mail:: jweil@snowcrest.net
    Message:: Hi..I am new to the Internet and glad to find your home page. I will be looking in from time to time..bye..Johnny

  130. Date: Mon, 24 Apr 95 01:19:59 -0400
    Name:: Morrie Alec Bishop
    Location:: St.Amant, LA USA
    E-mail:: WDYW61A@prodigy.com
    Message:: I'm S.W. of Crescent City 387 New Orleans, LA.

  131. Date: Mon, 24 Apr 95 08:26:38 -0400
    Name:: Mark E. Heilman
    Lodge:: LaFayette #83
    Location:: Jacksonville, North Carolina
    E-mail:: jax0meh@jax10.med.navy.mil

  132. Date: Mon, 24 Apr 95 11:14:40 -0400
    Name:: Bro. Harold W. Jackson, Jr.
    Lodge:: Tyrian Lodge No.34 F.&A.M., P.H.A.
    Location:: Morristown, New Jersey
    Office:: Junior Warden
    E-mail:: hwjj@library.att.com
    Message:: Behold, how good and how pleasant it is for brethren to dwell together in unity! Psalm 133

  133. Date: Mon, 24 Apr 95 11:20:57 -0400
    Name:: Ramon Sellers
    E-mail:: rsellers@pvcea.pvamu.edu

  134. Date: Mon, 24 Apr 95 12:34:38 -0400
    Name:: Nelson King
    Lodge:: True Briton's
    Location:: Grand Lodge of Canada in the Province of Ontario
    Office:: PM
    E-mail:: NKing@MSN.COM
    Message:: Hi I am the Editor of The Philalethes

  135. Date: Mon, 24 Apr 95 12:53:15 -0400
    Name:: Eric Frisch
    E-mail:: efrisch@eagle.cc.emory.edu

  136. Date: Mon, 24 Apr 95 17:37:22 -0400
    Name:: bro John Dormer
    Lodge:: Cranford Park
    Location:: Twickenham, England
    Office:: Steward
    E-mail:: John@Dormer.demon.co.uk
    Message:: ....and for the benifit of netsurers imparticular

  137. Date: Mon, 24 Apr 95 21:57:33 -0400
    Name:: Carl Rau
    Lodge:: Temple Lodge #4
    Location:: Houston, 4055 West Bellfort, TX 77025
    Office:: 4055 West Bellfort,
    E-mail:: rau@ricevm1.rice.edu
    Message:: It is so great to find the freemasons on the internet

  138. Date: Mon, 24 Apr 95 22:44:58 -0400
    Name:: Mark A. Peebler
    Location:: Galveston, Texas
    E-mail:: HGET19B@Prodigy.com
    Message:: Looks good so far.

  139. Date: Tue, 25 Apr 95 02:03:06 -0400
    Name:: Philippe HIOLLE
    Lodge:: La Rose et L'Alembroth - N0 172
    Location:: CAEN - FRANCE
    Office:: Past Master
    E-mail:: philippe.hiolle@sept.fr

  140. Date: Tue, 25 Apr 95 02:47:05 -0400
    Name:: Mark R. Sandstrom
    Lodge:: Covina Lodge #334
    Location:: Covina, CA
    Office:: Master
    E-mail:: marksand@cyberg8t.com
    Message:: Greetings Brethren! What a joy to find you on the Information Superhighway. One more way we can extend the universal nature of our Fraternity.

  141. Date: Tue, 25 Apr 95 09:42:48 -0400
    Name:: Eddie Massaro
    Lodge:: Richard T. Turner #116
    Location:: Pooler Ga
    Office:: Sr. Stewart
    E-mail:: eddie61@ix.netcom.com

  142. Date: Tue, 25 Apr 95 12:43:58 -0400
    Name:: Paul D Specht
    Lodge:: Oakridge #708
    Location:: London,Ontario,Canada
    E-mail:: ppdpds@uwoadmin.uwo.ca

  143. Date: Tue, 25 Apr 95 12:50:25 -0400
    Name:: Russell D. Fort
    Lodge:: George A. Sentel Lodge # 764
    Location:: Sullivan, Illinois
    Office:: Junior Deacon
    E-mail:: RussFort@Slip.Net or RusFort@IBM.Net or 70020,664@CompuServe.com
    Message:: I though the Grand Lodge of Origon was first on the net?

  144. Date: Mon, 24 Apr 95 14:54:35 -0400
    Name:: Thomas A. Olenio
    Lodge:: John Hancock Lodge - Methuen, MA (BBS (508)691-5323
    Location:: Methuen, MA
    Office:: Junior Steward - Assoc. Secretary
    E-mail:: tolenio@world.std.com
    Message:: I believe we are using one of your articles as a bulletin on our lodges BBS (still in its infancy) Thanks!

  145. Date: Tue, 25 Apr 95 18:14:02 -0400
    Name:: Barry Sands
    Lodge:: Lucayan Lodge no. 8188 St Georges no 41
    Location:: Freeport Bahamas Kelowna B.C.
    E-mail:: b.sands@cyberstore.ca
    Message:: just arrived to look around. i am compiling a list of famous masons

  146. Date: Tue, 25 Apr 95 18:23:57 -0400
    Name:: W.Bro. Ronald G. Dixon
    Lodge:: Civil Service Lodge No. 148
    Location:: Ottawa, ON Canada
    Office:: Secretary
    E-mail:: 70304.157@compuserve.com
    Message:: Greetings from The Grand Lodge of Canada in Ontario!

  147. Date: Tue, 25 Apr 95 23:01:28 -0400
    Name:: Darin W. Clapp
    Lodge:: Cypress #1423
    Location:: cypress, texas
    E-mail:: darin=clapp@ts=deskcall%cs=hou@bangate.compaq.com
    Message:: I'm glad to see that brothers are out spreading the ideas of the lodge oner the internet. Fraternally, Darin W. Clapp

  148. Date: Wed, 26 Apr 95 02:41:27 -0400
    Name:: James Jelinek
    E-mail:: flood@lightside.com

  149. Date: Wed, 26 Apr 95 09:29:45 -0400
    Name:: Leon G. Devlin
    Lodge:: Flora Lodge # 204
    Location:: Flora, Illinois
    E-mail:: csld%nemomus@academic.nemostate.edu
    Message:: I reside in Kirksville, Mo. where I am employed, but maintain my membership in the above lodge.

  150. Date: Wed, 26 Apr 95 10:01:38 -0400
    Name:: Scott R. Lacy
    Lodge:: Redlands #300
    Location:: Redlands, California
    Office:: n/a
    E-mail:: lacysr@research.sce.com
    Message:: Currently Chapter Dad of local DeMolay chapter. Any links to DeMolay pages would be greatly appreciated!!

  151. Date: Wed, 26 Apr 95 11:21:11 -0400
    Name:: Don Jefferson
    Lodge:: Rideau Lodge No.525# A.F.& A.M..GRC
    Location:: Ottawa,Canada
    Office:: Walkey Road, Ottawa Ontario,Canada
    E-mail:: jeffersd@acclsg.acclog.af.mil

  152. Date: Wed, 26 Apr 95 12:10:16 -0400
    Name:: Auri Spigelman
    Lodge:: Composite Lodge #595
    Location:: Santa Monica, California
    Office:: Junior Past Master; Grand Orator of GL Calif 1994-95
    E-mail:: auri/spigelman@anderson.ucla.edu
    Message:: Exploring the Internet is very new to me. I'm overwhelmed finding so much on Freemasonry. Keep me informed, please!

  153. Date: Wed, 26 Apr 95 17:40:33 -0400
    Name:: Robert Scott Spencer
    E-mail:: sspencer@pacifier.com

  154. Date: Wed, 26 Apr 95 19:57:42 -0400
    Name:: Scott Hudson
    E-mail:: Bpiper@apsicc.aps.edu
    Message:: Very nice..I will share this with the Masons here on Staff

  155. Date: Wed, 26 Apr 95 22:00:23 -0400
    Name:: Bret Peters
    Lodge:: East Gate Lodge #543 (AF&AM)
    Location:: Tulsa, Okla.
    Office:: none
    E-mail:: Peters.Bret@TCInc.com
    Message:: Wandering around the Web, found a place that makes you look to the east.

  156. Date: Wed, 26 Apr 95 22:25:04 -0400
    Name:: Bill Benge
    Lodge:: La Sal #30
    Location:: Moab, Utah, USA
    Office:: JW
    E-mail:: 76462.2662@compuserve.com
    Message:: Its nice to find this site, brothers!

  157. Date: Thu, 27 Apr 95 06:45:01 -0400
    Name:: Joe Lerch
    Lodge:: Mt Olivet Lodge #704
    Location:: Lebanon Pa
    E-mail:: joe.lerch@f315.n270.z1.fidonet.org (secondary address: lerch@leba.net)

  158. Date: Thu, 27 Apr 95 08:36:04 -0400
    Name:: Sean D.MacIntosh
    Lodge:: Victoria Lodge #2
    Location:: Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island, Canada
    Office:: Secretary
    E-mail:: sdmacint@gov.pe.ca
    Message:: The site is looking better all the time!!

  159. Date: Thu, 27 Apr 95 10:44:38 -0400
    Name:: Walter C. Fleming, WM
    Lodge:: Gallatin Lodge # 6, AF & AM
    Location:: Bozeman, Montana
    Office:: Worshipful Master
    Message:: Heard about this link last night at Lodge and saw reference to same in Scotish Rite magazine. Just thought I'd stop by and say hello. I added this site to my Bookmark so will check in once in a while. Fraternally,,,

  160. Date: Thu, 27 Apr 95 11:56:31 -0400
    Name:: Calum Craigie
    Lodge:: Strathendrick No. 780
    Location:: Stirlingshire, Scotland
    E-mail:: calum@calcraig.demon.co.uk

  161. Date: Thu, 27 Apr 95 13:07:48 -0400
    Name:: Jean-Luc Rojas
    Lodge:: Horus n01467
    Location:: Montreux, Switzerland
    E-mail:: jrojas@ulys.unil.ch
    Message:: I just discovered WWW and I found this page. Great ! I think I'm the first swiss Mason to sign here. Fraternal greetings to all the brothers - and sisters. I'm working in the Department of Theology of the University of Lausanne and I'm beginning a thesis on the relation between Protestantism and Freemasonry (especially in Switzerland). If you have any informations about this subject and/or if you are Pastor and Mason, please contact me by e-mail or write to : Jean-Luc Rojas, Boulevard de la Forjt 67, CH-1009 Pully, Switzerland. Thank you.

  162. Date: Thu, 27 Apr 95 15:18:11 -0400
    Name:: Christophe Sirault
    E-mail:: sirault@ibm.net
    Message:: I would like to become a Mason, but where can I find an address? I live in Belgium...

  163. Date: Thu, 27 Apr 95 19:28:42 -0400
    Name:: Jody Sherman
    Lodge:: Los Gatos - George E. Tutt Lodge No. 292
    Location:: Los Gatos, CA
    E-mail:: jsherman@alias.com

  164. Date: Thu, 27 Apr 95 21:26:02 -0400
    Name:: Fernando Pizarro
    Location:: Broadmoor Lodge #432 F&AM Shreveport, La. 71105
    E-mail:: ncqp71a@prodigy.com

  165. Date: Fri, 28 Apr 95 00:32:51 -0400
    Name:: thomas cox
    Lodge:: thompson lodge
    Location:: paoli, pa
    E-mail:: afn13016@freenet.ufl.edu
    Message:: hi. just my first drop-in of many

  166. Date: Fri, 28 Apr 95 00:56:16 -0400
    Name:: Doug Brown
    Lodge:: Eureka #103
    Location:: Langley,B.C. Canada
    Office:: Worshipful Master
    E-mail:: dabrown@wimsey.com

  167. Date: Fri, 28 Apr 95 01:45:38 -0400
    Name:: CK Tan
    Lodge:: Lodge Singapore, 7178 E.C. / Zetland in the East, 508 E.C.
    Location:: Singapore
    Office:: Organist
    E-mail:: anttanck@leonis.nus.sg

  168. Date: Fri, 28 Apr 95 03:29:07 -0400
    Name:: Matthew Wolfson
    E-mail:: mawolfson@vaxsar.vassar.edu

  169. Date: Fri, 28 Apr 95 10:03:42 -0400
    Name:: David Phillips
    Lodge:: Lodge Perfect of Canberra #951 UGLNSW
    Location:: Canberra ACT Australia
    Office:: Worshipful Master
    E-mail:: phillipd@cbrpop.aspect.com.au

  170. Date: Fri, 28 Apr 95 11:21:06 -0400
    Name:: Alexander Baker
    E-mail:: 100070,3525@compuserve.com

  171. Date: Fri, 28 Apr 95 11:32:15 -0400
    Name:: Andrew Dee Earles
    Lodge:: Lebanon Lodge No. 68
    Location:: Milton, West Virginia
    Office:: Asst. Secretary//Junior Deacon (Pro Tiem)

  172. Date: Fri, 28 Apr 95 19:04:50 -0400
    Name:: Lloyd B Weaver Jr.
    Location:: Newport News, Va
    E-mail:: fqej72a on Prodigy
    Message:: WM of Bremond 241 in Newport News Va

  173. Date: Fri, 28 Apr 95 19:20:10 -0400
    Name:: Geprge Morris
    Lodge:: London Daylight #735 Gr.Lod.ofCanada in Ontario
    Location:: London Ontario Canada
    Office:: Secretary
    E-mail:: gmorris@icis.on.ca

  174. Date: Fri, 28 Apr 95 22:57:03 -0400
    Name:: Ken Silverman
    E-mail:: kens@infomatch.com

  175. Date: Sat, 29 Apr 95 10:08:53 -0400
    Name:: Bob Dixon
    Lodge:: Holly Springs #115
    Location:: Holly Springs NC
    Office:: Junior Deacon
    E-mail:: rdixon@nando.net, sasrmd@unx.sas.com

  176. Date: Sat, 29 Apr 95 15:19:17 -0400
    Name:: Joseph W. Ellis
    Lodge:: O.D. Smith #33
    Location:: Oxford, MS
    E-mail:: alknight@sunset.backbone.olemiss.edu

  177. Date: Sat, 29 Apr 95 16:43:46 -0400
    Name:: Mauricio Guerchmann Freitas
    Lodge:: Cavaleiros Templarios
    Location:: Londrina - PR - Brazil
    E-mail:: 73741.76@compuserve.com

  178. Date: Sat, 29 Apr 95 19:25:48 -0400
    Name:: Carmelo Arroyo
    Lodge:: Dramatic & Arts No. 757 (S.C.)
    Location:: Edinburgh, Scotland
    E-mail:: arroyo@gatwick.geoquest.slb.com
    Message:: Fraternal Greetings from Scotland. I am (temporarily) working in London (Gatwick) but still manage to attend my Mother Lodge meetings in Edinburgh (a 500 mile cable tow)

  179. Date: Sat, 29 Apr 95 22:00:10 -0400
    Name:: Richard Dahringer
    E-mail:: writchrd@m-net.arbornet.org
    Message:: i'm rather interested in the freemasons and thought i'd drop by and take a look.

  180. Date: Sat, 29 Apr 95 22:03:46 -0400
    Name:: Jason Lam
    E-mail:: x5c6@music.stlawu.edu

  181. Date: Sat, 29 Apr 95 22:07:16 -0400
    Name:: Garlynn G. Woodsong
    E-mail:: goodsong@teleport.com
    Message:: I'm doing research on Masonry, for a writeup. Your page was very informative, I thank you for making it available to all.

  182. Date: Sat, 29 Apr 95 22:31:48 -0400
    Name:: Keith Austin
    Lodge:: John of Gaunt #523
    Location:: in the province of Leicestershire
    Office:: 80 London Road, Leicester, United Kingdom
    E-mail:: sca@aimnet.com

  183. Date: Sat, 29 Apr 95 22:50:49 -0400
    Name:: Bob Freeman
    Lodge:: C.C.Spellman Lodge
    Location:: East Longmeadow, Mass.
    E-mail:: robertf@iag.net

  184. Date: Sun, 30 Apr 95 13:12:24 -0400
    Name:: NVJR from BELGIUM
    Location:: BRUGES
    Message:: thank you for the pages and the very existence of the site, fraternally

  185. Date: Sun, 30 Apr 95 16:50:12 -0400
    Name:: John Algeo
    Lodge:: Sirius, No. 556
    Location:: Wheaton, IL
    Office:: Orator
    E-mail:: algeo@ix.netcom.com
    Message:: I am a Co-Freemason.

  186. Date: Sun, 30 Apr 95 16:57:50 -0400
    Name:: Fred Meyer
    Location:: Atlanta, GA metro area
    E-mail:: 72774.3140@compuserve.com
    Message:: Mountain Park Lodge #729, Stone Mountain, GA, Master 1995

  187. Date: Sun, 30 Apr 95 18:26:40 -0400
    Name:: Jeffrey S. Kupperman
    E-mail:: ku231595@student1.uwsp.edu

  188. Date: Sun, 30 Apr 95 19:52:46 -0400
    Name:: Tom Johnson
    Lodge:: Weston #22
    Location:: Littleton, Colorado
    Office:: Chaplin
    E-mail:: tjohnson@nexus.interealm.com

  189. Date: Mon, 1 May 95 08:47:06 -0400
    Name:: Graham Glass
    E-mail:: u9224165@athmail1.causeway.qub.ac.uk

  190. Date: Mon, 1 May 95 11:01:41 -0400
    Name:: Bill Taylor
    Lodge:: Hollywood Lodge #355 Grand Lodge of California
    Location:: Van Nuys, CA
    E-mail:: William_Taylor@HPATC1.desk.hp.com

  191. Date: Mon, 1 May 95 11:03:48 -0400
    Name:: Alan Maslin
    Lodge:: Athelstan Lodge #482
    Location:: Philadelphia, PA
    E-mail:: AMASLIN@netaxs.com
    Message:: I was just raised two weeks ago, so am kind of new to things Masonic. Would like to keep in touch with other Masons (especially newly made Masons).

  192. Date: Mon, 1 May 95 11:27:24 -0400
    Name:: steingrmmur eyfjvrp kristmundsson
    E-mail:: steinek@ismennt.is

  193. Date: Mon, 1 May 95 11:59:43 -0400
    Name:: Patrick Corrigan
    Location:: Honolulu, Hawaii
    E-mail:: masonsgl@pixi.com
    Message:: Thanks for this additional site. Appreciate it. G.L. of HI will soon have a home page on the Web. Will keep you informed of progress. We have never been able to connect to thelonius.mit.edu/pub/Masonry/Misc/masonry_universal.html or any other ADR connected with "thelonius". Is there something we're doing wrong? Remember Hawaii - 1999 (host for GM of N.A. Conf) and a major world Masonic Event combined.

  194. Date: Mon, 1 May 95 14:10:22 -0400
    Name:: Ralph Botting
    Lodge:: True Blue Number 98 on the Registry of Grand Lodge, Canada
    Location:: Bolton, Ontario
    E-mail:: c/o hara@interlog.com
    Message:: Happy to meet, sorry to part, happy to meet again.

  195. Date: Mon, 1 May 95 14:54:10 -0400
    Name:: Frederick I. Waldron
    Lodge:: Boiling Spring Lodge No. 152
    Location:: Rutherford, NJ
    Office:: Past Master
    E-mail:: fwaldron@mascomnj.org

  196. Date: Mon, 1 May 95 17:12:42 -0400
    Name:: Tom Tarr
    E-mail:: ttarr@relay.nswc.navy.mil
    Message:: Pardon my previous incomplete post. My paternal grandfather was a Mason for 57 years, my paternal greatgrandfather (my father's mother's side) was also a Mason, my father was involved (I believe) in the Order of DeMolay. All these family members are now deceased. I have an interest in learning more about the Masonic Order, both for myself, and also to introduce it to my son, who is interested in all sorts of things that involve our family ancestry. Thank you for the wonderful form of access which you have provided by placing this resource on the World Wide Web. I look forward to pursuing further information on the Masons, and the types of worthy activities which they engage in.

  197. Date: Mon, 1 May 95 17:35:53 -0400
    Name:: Phillip LaDouceur
    E-mail:: tladouce@aeagle.esd189.wednet.edu [NOTE: Not an actual Net address -GD]
    Message:: If any of you could send me information on what the official Mason stand on the accusations of being a conspiracy for one world goverment, please send information to my e-mail adress. Also, any Information regarding connections with the illuminati would be nice. (I'm working on a school report for my history class.)

  198. Date: Mon, 1 May 95 21:20:33 -0400
    Name:: Richard B. Meamber
    E-mail:: rbmst8@vms.cis.pitt.edu
    Message:: The web pages were very helpful for a non-Mason who was curious about Freemasonry. One suggestion would be to make the access to short essays and comments by other Masons regarding questions more prominent in the page.

  199. Date: Tue, 2 May 95 10:51:00 -0400
    Name:: Thomas C. Hance
    Lodge:: Collinwood Lodge #582 F&AM
    Location:: Euclid, OH USA 44123
    Office:: Senior Warden
    E-mail:: us001495@interramp.com

  200. Date: Tue, 2 May 95 21:22:01 -0400
    Name:: Vernon H. Moeller
    Lodge:: Perfect Union #10, also University #1190
    Location:: San Antonio, also Austin
    E-mail:: vernonm@infinity.ccsi.com
    Message:: Gee, I thought it was "...who can best work and best degree." :-) Glad to see something about the Craft on the Net. Thanks for all your hard work!

  201. Date: Tue, 2 May 95 23:05:38 -0400
    Name:: James G. Johnson
    Lodge:: Lodi Lodge, #256
    Location:: Lodi, California
    E-mail:: mahatma@usa.net

  202. Date: Wed, 3 May 95 16:18:30 -0400
    Name:: Keith C. Parsels
    Lodge:: Yuma #17
    Location:: Yuma, AZ
    Office:: P.M.
    E-mail:: kparsel@rolle.yumaeld.k12.az.us
    Message:: I am a past master of Boynton Lodge #236, Boynton Beach, Florida now living and affiliated in Yuma AZ currently i am an Art Teacher at an elementary school, James B. Rolle school named after another Mason. I visted the Grand lodge of Mass. in 1981.

  203. Date: Wed, 3 May 95 19:14:53 -0400
    Name:: Sam Hearld
    Lodge:: DeMoss Lodge #220
    Location:: Butler, KY - USA
    Office:: Junior Warden
    E-mail:: shearld@cinti.cent.com

  204. Date: Wed, 3 May 95 21:11:56 -0400
    Name:: James A. Sims
    Lodge:: Kootenai Lodge #24
    Location:: Coeur d' Alene Idaho
    Office:: no office (I am an Entered Apprentice)
    E-mail:: sims921@uidaho.edu
    Message:: Please feel free to write me! Though I am not yet a Master Mason, I am working hard and hope to be soon.

  205. Date: Thu, 4 May 95 00:07:08 -0400
    Name:: Scott P. Pierce
    Lodge:: Gate of The Temple Lodge #422
    Location:: Springfield Missouri
    Office:: Junior Steward
    E-mail:: spp127g@nic.smsu.edu
    Message:: I'm new to the Internet but am glad I found the Freemasonry Area. Now if I can only find my way back.

  206. Date: Thu, 4 May 95 12:03:54 -0400
    Name:: Ben C. Smith, P.M.
    Lodge:: Goose Creek Masonic Lodge No. 401, A.F.M.
    Location:: Goose Creek, South Carolina 29445-0113
    Office:: Secretary

  207. Date: Thu, 4 May 95 12:18:25 -0400
    Name:: Tony Hanson
    Lodge:: Farmersville Lodge #214
    Location:: Farmersville Texas
    E-mail:: trhanson@aud.alcatel.com
    Message:: Office (214)9967533

  208. Date: Thu, 4 May 95 12:40:47 -0400
    Name:: Mark P. Beames
    E-mail:: MarkB@BDG10.NIDDK.NIH.GOV
    Message:: Out surfing on my lunch hour. What a nice service. Always been curious, now I have some answers. Found via gopher search on the 'net for the WWW address. Would like to hear from some of you! God bless!

  209. Date: Thu, 4 May 95 13:45:27 -0400
    Name:: Todd Rossman
    E-mail:: todd@ic.net
    Message:: You have a nice page for a lover of wisdom and symbols, such as I...

  210. Date: Thu, 4 May 95 15:54:17 -0400
    Name:: tony garrison
    Lodge:: davy crockett #1225
    Location:: san antonio tx
    E-mail:: tonyg@texas.net

  211. Date: Thu, 4 May 95 16:17:02 -0400
    Name:: Edward J. Parent
    Lodge:: Landmark #76 A.F.M.
    Location:: Charleston, SC
    Office:: Master
    E-mail:: parente@cofc.edu
    Message:: First time here, Just browsing. It looks interesting. Keep up the good work.

  212. Date: Thu, 4 May 95 19:08:55 -0400
    Name:: Doug Otto
    Lodge:: Georgetown #72
    Location:: Georgetown, OH
    E-mail:: otto@bobcat.ent.ohiou.edu

  213. Date: Thu, 4 May 95 22:06:36 -0400
    Name:: Allen E. Look
    Lodge:: Beukendaal #915
    Location:: Scotia, NY
    Office:: Junior Deacon
    E-mail:: lookal@css1.geips.ge.com
    Message:: Am interested in Masonic software to assist my lodge. Also any graphics to 'gussy-up' the tired newsletters. Any suggestions?

  214. Date: Thu, 4 May 95 22:13:52 -0400
    Name:: R.C.Talbott
    Lodge:: Albert Pike Lodge #303 AF/AM-Scottish Rite Valley of WICHITA, Orient of KANSAS
    Location:: Wichita, KS
    Office:: Senior Steward
    E-mail:: btalbott@southwind.net
    Message:: Greetings from the Largest Blue Lodge in the World. If in Wichita, visit our stated meetings on the 2nd & 4th Wednesdays. Great looking page, ....let's continue to turn up the -=LIGHT=-.

  215. Date: Thu, 4 May 95 22:58:59 -0400
    Name:: Lee Jackson
    Lodge:: Summerville Lodge #234
    Location:: Summerville, S.C. 29483
    Office:: MM, Scottish Rite, Omar Shrine
    E-mail:: ljackson@awod.com
    Message:: Hello to all good Fellows and Brothers, I'm new to the Internet, but looking forward to Fellowship in the Worldwide Brotherhood.

  216. Date: Fri, 5 May 95 00:41:17 -0400
    Name:: Joshua Tyler Peterson
    Message:: This post is merely a solicitation for any info available via mail. I eagerly await any correspondance from the Masonic organization. I have only recently gained awareness of this group and am starving for information. Joshua Tyler Peterson 3475 Ferry st. Eugene, Or. 97405

  217. Date: Fri, 5 May 95 02:51:31 -0400
    Location:: BANGALORE, INDIA
    Message:: Dear Sir, On behalf of the Worshipful Master and all Brethren of Lodge Bangalore, India I take this opportunity to congragulate you on the excellent job you have done to put up this information for the use of all Masons and the public at large. Bro. Jayant Joshi

  218. Date: Fri, 5 May 95 09:25:39 -0400
    Name:: Bjorn Matthiasson, Reykjavik, Iceland
    Lodge:: Edda; no. 1
    Location:: Reykjavik, Iceland
    Office:: Chief chaplain
    E-mail:: e-mail:bjorn.matthiasson@fjr.stjr.is
    Message:: I shall be pleased to contribute a note on freemasonry in Iceland, once an appropriate place is set up in an Internet freemansonry network. Similarly, I am ready to provide guidance to freemasons worldwide who wish to attend a masonic lodge meeting in Iceland. Regards, Bjorn Matthiasson.

  219. Date: Fri, 5 May 95 09:36:31 -0400
    Name:: Roger D. Hartline
    Lodge:: Union Lodge 172 F&AM
    Location:: New Orleans, LA
    E-mail:: rhartline@cap.au.af.mil
    Message:: I am looking for a source for forget-me-not pins from the German Lodge. If anyone knows a source, please e-mail me at rhartline@cap.au.af.mil

  220. Date: Fri, 5 May 95 10:16:50 -0400
    Name:: Richard L Stanton
    Lodge:: Oak Pard Lodge 864,F.&A.M.
    Location:: Montgomery,Alabama
    Office:: NA
    E-mail:: rstanton@wsnet.com

  221. Date: Fri, 5 May 95 13:05:29 -0400
    Name:: Charles Bret Martin
    Lodge:: Friendship Lodge #400
    Location:: Jenkintown, Pennsylvania
    E-mail:: bret.martin@corp.sun.com
    Message:: Any thoughts to bringing any of the Grand Lodges into a single net site? I'd suspect that they, much like the Penna Grand lodge at #1 North Broad Street in Philadelphia, are very much likely candidates to start with historical info to put up on the net. Also, key Masonic locations i.e. Alexandria - would be great locals to draw input regarding Masonry for the world to visit on the Net. I am truly glad to see that Masonry has made it into the 21st Century. Bro. Bret Martin - Friendship Lodge #400, Jenkintown, PA (now based in Calif!)

  222. Date: Fri, 5 May 95 19:29:00 -0400
    Name:: Jerry Gregoire
    Message:: Don't you hate it when you wake up in the jungle covered in mud , no money, and your pants around your ankles? sucks don't it? Have a nice day.

  223. Date: Fri, 5 May 95 21:07:48 -0400
    Name:: Peter Davis Couture
    Lodge:: Messalonskee #113
    Location:: Oakland, Maine
    Office:: Past Master
    E-mail:: dcouture@tenlots.sdi.agate.net

  224. Date: Fri, 5 May 95 21:40:04 -0400
    Name:: Daniel F. Cole
    Lodge:: Jefferson Lodge No. 42
    Location:: Jefferson City, MO
    Office:: PM, PGM-Grand Lodge of Missouri
    E-mail:: dan314@aol.com

  225. Date: Fri, 5 May 95 21:59:13 -0400
    Name:: Ognjen Honovic
    E-mail:: tiamat@southwind.net
    Message:: Do Masonry exists in Croatia? I would appreciate if you respond to me. Thank you.

  226. Date: Fri, 5 May 95 19:19:40 -0400
    Name:: philip goldman
    Message:: I have no message. I am not a Colonel, I have never been in the Air Force, and I am not retired!

  227. Date: Sat, 6 May 95 15:50:56 -0400
    Name:: Rel Silverstone
    Lodge:: Monument 657
    Location:: Indianapolis, IN
    Office:: JS
    E-mail:: RelSilver@aol.com

  228. Date: Sat, 6 May 95 16:59:09 -0400
    Name:: David Sekeres
    Lodge:: Reliance #776
    Location:: New York, N.Y.
    Office:: Senior Warden
    E-mail:: msl@its.brooklyn.cuny.edu

  229. Date: Sat, 6 May 95 22:33:56 -0400
    Name:: Mark Meade 32 degree scottish rite/oxnard ca
    Lodge:: San Buenaventura #214
    Location:: Ventura Ca
    E-mail:: mmeade@ix.netcom.com
    Message:: Hi This is great. I was just talking to our lodge brothers about starting up one of these web sites.

  230. Date: Sat, 6 May 95 01:19:24 -0400
    Name:: Matt
    E-mail:: xaviour@eden.com

  231. Date: Sat, 6 May 95 02:16:55 -0400
    Name:: Michael Scuello
    Lodge:: Reliance #776
    Location:: New York, N.Y.
    E-mail:: msl@its.brooklyn.cuny.edu

  232. Date: Sat, 6 May 95 09:33:07 -0400
    Name:: Bernard Gross
    Lodge:: Capitol #136 G.R.M., A.F. & A.M.
    Location:: Winnipeg,Manitoba, Canada
    E-mail:: rrbgros@cc.umanitoba.ca

  233. Date: Sat, 6 May 95 10:57:36 -0400
    Name:: Melissa Seims (yes i AM a woman)
    Lodge:: Why are you all mysogynists?
    E-mail:: LVTH1@york.ac.uk
    Message:: hmmmmmm Exclusion of women??? Why?

  234. Date: Sat, 6 May 95 11:42:21 -0400
    Name:: Timothy James Jones
    Lodge:: R.T. Schafer Lodge #350
    Location:: Gainesville, Florida
    E-mail:: TJ1606@aol.com
    Message:: Will be raised to Master Mason on June 7, 1995.

  235. Date: Sat, 6 May 95 11:51:33 -0400
    Name:: Jim Rhodes
    E-mail:: jrhodes@marlin.exchange.com
    Message:: Thank you for your information about Freemansons. I am researching informaion on the masons with the idea of asking to join in the near future. My Father, Gransfather, Uncle, and many aquaintences (sp) are masons and by their actions give me the impression that it is a good organization to be associated with. No only to dispell the "hype" by other parties out in the world. Your information is just what I have been looking for - honest and well written documentation. Warm regards, Jim Rhodes

  236. Date: Sun, 7 May 95 02:39:46 -0400
    Name:: Marlin Johnson
    Lodge:: Bluff Park Lodge #856 F&AM of Alabama
    Location:: Birmingham Alabama
    Office:: Junior Deacon
    E-mail:: marlin@the-matrix.com

  237. Date: Sun, 7 May 95 05:42:32 -0400
    Name:: Hesham Shawki
    E-mail:: Pie@applelink.apple.com

  238. Date: Sun, 7 May 95 17:22:11 -0400
    Name:: Nathan Dabney
    Location:: Salkt Lake City, Utah
    E-mail:: fsuw14a@prodigy.com
    Message:: Salt Lake Chapter of DeMolay...

  239. Date: Sun, 7 May 95 19:01:08 -0400
    Name:: Michael Rodgers
    Lodge:: dual member of Oasis 41 and Silver Cord 51
    Location:: Las Vegas, Nevada
    Office:: Trustee of Silver Cord and Tyler of Oasis
    E-mail:: cards@bighorn.accessnv.com
    Message:: I am in both Scotish Rite and York Rite, and First Outter Guard in Zelzah Temple. I am very active only in Oasis and Zelzah as well as in Scottish Rites I look forward to hearing from any and all of you, as I am also an avid computer user.

  240. Date: Sun, 7 May 95 22:52:46 -0400
    Name:: David Douglas
    Location:: Myrtle 89 Belleville, Michigan
    E-mail:: 71536.446@compuserve.com

  241. Date: Sun, 7 May 95 23:36:01 -0400
    Name:: Helen Palmer

  242. Date: Sun, 7 May 95 23:58:40 -0400
    Name:: Barry A. Dobyns
    E-mail:: dobyns@clueless.com

  243. Date: Mon, 8 May 95 04:07:07 -0400
    Name:: Arild Strxmsveg
    E-mail:: arild.stromsvag@etno.uib.no

  244. Date: Mon, 8 May 95 08:43:47 -0400
    Name:: Bill Brown
    Lodge:: St Cyre 121
    Location:: Auchtermuchty, Fife. SCOTLAND
    Office:: Past Master

  245. Date: Mon, 8 May 95 16:57:21 -0400
    Name:: Glenn Krouse
    E-mail:: 74471.2011@compuserve.com
    Message:: Although I am not a Mason I have found its history quite fascinating (I've read Robinson's "Born in Blood"). Currently I am a member of BPOE and interested in whether there are any WEB Pages dedicated to it ? If you know of any or Newsgroups pls let me know. Thanks

  246. Date: Mon, 8 May 95 18:01:20 -0400
    Name:: A. Dan Singer
    Lodge:: Westchester Menorah #572
    Location:: Playa Del Rey, Ca.
    Office:: Audit Commitee
    E-mail:: lmads@MCPO.medctr.ucla.edu

  247. Date: Mon, 8 May 95 19:08:25 -0400
    Name:: Neil J. McCutchan
    Lodge:: Acacia #4
    Location:: Grand Forks, ND
    Office:: PM, Currently WP Acacia #12 OES (same city)
    E-mail:: NeilJMc@aol.com

  248. Date: Mon, 8 May 95 19:20:43 -0400
    Name:: Nancy A. Female
    E-mail:: nef@wam.umd.edu
    Message:: Am taking a class called, Magic Science and Religion, we discussed Masons as it relates to the occult, ie. rituals. Is it alright if a female reads the articles on the net?? I'm not being sarcastic.

  249. Date: Mon, 8 May 95 20:41:22 -0400
    Name:: Steve Preissman
    Lodge:: Mizpah-Haddon Heights 191 & Alisal-Sequoia #321
    Location:: Haddon Heights, N.J. & Pleasanton, Ca.
    Office:: P.M.
    E-mail:: spreissm@cisco.com
    Message:: Good to see some Masonic info on the Web. Looking forward to lots more of it. sp

  250. Date: Tue, 9 May 95 19:13:18 -0400
    Name:: W. A. Wells, III
    Lodge:: Roman Eagle Lodge No. 122
    Location:: Danville, Virginia
    Office:: District Deputy Grand Master
    E-mail:: waw@ns.gamewood.net

  251. Date: Tue, 9 May 95 19:37:26 -0400
    Name:: Miguel A.Torress
    Lodge:: Constitucisn 1917 No.1
    Location:: Gran Logia Valle de Mixico; Oriente de Mixico D.F.
    Office:: Sadi Carnot St. No. 75.Mixico 4 D.F.
    E-mail:: mat@caniece.unam.mx
    Message:: Greetings For Brothers around Cyberspace.S F U ; Do you know how can I type a tree dots from my kboard? MAT.

  252. Date: Tue, 9 May 95 20:43:51 -0400
    Name:: B. Hursta
    E-mail:: bhursta@u.washington.edu
    Message:: One of my ancestors was a Mason. I'm just getting a feel for what the organization is about.

  253. Date: Tue, 9 May 95 22:02:48 -0400
    Name:: David S. Gilbert
    Lodge:: Albert Pike 303
    Location:: Wichita, Kansas
    Office:: Study Club Member
    E-mail:: dgilbert@tyrell.net

  254. Date: Tue, 9 May 95 22:05:16 -0400
    Name:: Bart Rockhill
    E-mail:: Brockhill@cc.weber.edu
    Message:: I found this page as I am a seeker of truth. I grew up LDS(mormon), I have had aquaintences with people who were heavily involved in the masonic order(I don't know which one) they told me many things that because of my LDS background left me with many questions as to the connection, (was Joseph Smith a Mason?) Only now, after a long search for higher knowledge, and a heitas from orgtanized religion can I say that there is 'TRUTH & LIGHT' in all things that are good; and in the end, all truthful things will be united in a higher understanding that is knocking on our door! Peace Love & Truth to all who seek it!!!

  255. Date: Tue, 9 May 95 22:19:47 -0400
    Lodge:: Trowel Lodge #80 F&AM, PHA
    Location:: Heidelberg, Germany
    E-mail:: chappelt@ccpac.ims.disa.mil

  256. Date: Wed, 10 May 95 01:00:29 -0400
    Name:: Neil Wynes MORSE
    Office:: INNER GUARD
    E-mail:: NMORSE@SMA.GOV.AU

  257. Date: Wed, 10 May 95 01:44:25 -0400
    Name:: Douglas A. Brown
    Lodge:: Eureka #103
    Location:: Langley,B.C.,Canada
    Office:: Worshipful Master
    E-mail:: dabrown@wimsey.com
    Message:: Just joined the net about a month ago. Sure enjoying the pages on Freemasonry. Also in Scottish Rite-and the Shrine.

  258. Date: Wed, 10 May 95 04:25:13 -0400
    Name:: Ian Law
    Location:: Perth, Scotland
    E-mail:: ian.law@udcf.gla.ac.uk

  259. Date: Wed, 10 May 95 06:56:12 -0400
    Name:: Stephen Wray
    E-mail:: Stephen.Wray@vuw.ac.nz

  260. Date: Wed, 10 May 95 07:56:51 -0400
    Name:: Carlos Alexandre Gomes Lopes
    E-mail:: carlopes@lnx00.cecm.usp.br

  261. Date: Wed, 10 May 95 08:48:35 -0400
    Name:: Peter Boychuck
    Lodge:: Friendship 33
    Location:: Southington Ct
    Office:: Junor Wardon
    E-mail:: peter.Boychuck@edc.ge.com
    Message:: This is to inform you of my new E mail address

  262. Date: Wed, 10 May 95 12:31:59 -0400
    Name:: Jean-Marc FONT
    Lodge:: Rite de Misraim
    Location:: France
    Office:: Grand Conservateur & Grand Maitre ad Vitam
    E-mail:: jmfont@world-net.sct.fr

  263. Date: Wed, 10 May 95 12:35:09 -0400
    Name:: Adrian Peel
    Lodge:: Freedom 3837
    Location:: Olham (East Lancashire)
    Office:: SW
    E-mail:: apeel@ucsalf.ac.uk
    Message:: I am hoping to visit Boston Mass. in June 95. I am looking for some information as to how to organise a visit to a blue lodge during my stay for the BEMS conference. I would like to hear from any Brother who could help in this quest so that I can ask UGLE for permission to visit.

  264. Date: Wed, 10 May 95 15:38:14 -0400
    Name:: Michael K Johnson
    Lodge:: Roscoe C. Cartwright #129
    Location:: Accokeek, MD
    Office:: SD
    E-mail:: Michael_K_Johnson_at_AIT@mail.hq.faa.gov
    Message:: I have been surfing, sking, boating and swimming the net looking for something that was even remotely like this. This is a good thing. Now Masons the world over can be really "linked" together.

  265. Date: Wed, 10 May 95 19:49:42 -0400
    Name:: Jason M. Feiner
    Lodge:: Starr King #344 F & A M
    Location:: San Francisco, California
    E-mail:: sharkey@camelot.bradley.edu

  266. Date: Wed, 10 May 95 20:05:10 -0400
    Name:: Jeremy Jonsson
    E-mail:: Pjonsson@admin.lib.utah.edu

  267. Date: Thu, 11 May 95 01:08:38 -0400
    Name:: John Ruff
    Lodge:: Tempe #15
    Location:: Tempe, AZ
    Office:: Chaplin
    E-mail:: wa3rig@net99.net

  268. Date: Thu, 11 May 95 04:09:18 -0400
    Name:: Lee Kensinger
    Lodge:: Mt. Tabor #106
    Location:: Detroit Lakes MN

  269. Date: Thu, 11 May 95 11:55:30 -0400
    Name:: D. Paul H. Miller
    Lodge:: Lodge Conception No. 1679 GLoScotland
    Location:: Conception Bay South, Newfoundland, CANADA
    Office:: Worshipful Junior Warden (sic)
    E-mail:: pmiller@stemnet.nf.ca
    Message:: Also 32 degrees AASR valley of St John"s

  270. Date: Thu, 11 May 95 15:13:58 -0400
    Name:: Michael Zappe
    E-mail:: zapman@maiden-lane.org

  271. Date: Thu, 11 May 95 16:52:06 -0400
    Name:: Don Wood
    Lodge:: Eureka lodge #69
    Location:: Milan, Illinois
    Office:: Senior Deacon also District Deputy Grand Master
    E-mail:: hz88820@deere.com

  272. Date: Thu, 11 May 95 17:27:41 -0400
    Name:: Kenneth Robinson
    E-mail:: eus.eusker@memo.ericsson.se
    Message:: Very informative and interesting. Simply, a great idea!

  273. Date: Thu, 11 May 95 18:38:03 -0400
    Name:: Kerry McAndrew
    Lodge:: Lodge Caledonia of Canberra 938 UGL of NSW
    Location:: Canberra A.C.T. Australia
    Office:: PM
    E-mail:: Kerry.McAndrew@anu.edu.au

  274. Date: Thu, 11 May 95 21:50:49 -0400
    Name:: Ron Walker Jr.
    Lodge:: Harmony No. 52
    Location:: Aylesford, Kings Co. Nova Scotia, Canada
    Office:: Secretary
    E-mail:: rawalker@fox.nstn.ca
    Message:: I have just been on Internet for a short time and was attempting to see if there was a Masonic Home Page. Now that I know I will monitor it frequently and submit items if possible.

  275. Date: Fri, 12 May 95 00:58:22 -0400
    Name:: R.E. (Ray) Salmon, PM
    Lodge:: Swift Current Lodge #26, GRS
    Location:: Swift Current, Saskatchewan, Canada
    Office:: Sec./Treas.
    E-mail:: salmr@sasknet.sk.ca
    Message:: Only my thanks for your contribution to Masonic Knowledge..........

  276. Date: Fri, 12 May 95 02:20:10 -0400
    Name:: Barry Hurt
    E-mail:: bghurt@cts.com
    Message:: I am interested in becoming a Mason in Southern California

  277. Date: Fri, 12 May 95 03:01:52 -0400
    Name:: Ken Preston
    Lodge:: Qakland #16
    Location:: Oakland Oregon
    E-mail:: kenp@gears.efn.org Message:: Entered 4/1/71, Passed 5/6/71, Raised 6/17/71. Scottish Rite 32nd degree on 12/14/87. Shrine (Hillah Temple, Ashland, OR) 11/8/90. Order of the Quetzalcoatl (Mazama Teocali #39) 5/7/94. Jr. Past President of the Douglas County Shrine Club in Roseburg, Oregon and currently serving as a member of the Divan of Hillah Temple. Have been a member of National Camping Travelers, Inc. since 1987. This is a Masonic Family Camping Group. Masonic Family Camping Group. Served as Wagonmaster of our local group 1991 to 1993, as Master of Travel 1993 to 1995. Currently Oregon State Director. This organization is for card carrying Masons who enjoy camping, good food and fellowship. We are a nationwide organization. If anyone is interested, contact me.

  278. Date: Fri, 12 May 95 03:27:34 -0400
    Name:: G.T.M Stroebel
    E-mail:: gerts@mcd4330.medunsa.ac.za

  279. Date: Fri, 12 May 95 10:26:45 -0400
    Name:: Joseph K. Transou
    Lodge:: Hiram Lodge No. 40 AF&AM
    Location:: Raleigh, NC
    Office:: Secretary, P.M.
    E-mail:: transou@dg-rtp.dg.com
    Message:: Just browsing and looking at the offerings in the Masonic space. I'll be assisting the NC GL in coming on-line over the next 12 months.

  280. Date: Fri, 12 May 95 11:45:05 -0400
    Name:: Kyle Johnson
    E-mail:: pkscout@acpub.duke.edu

  281. Date: Fri, 12 May 95 14:36:21 -0400
    Name:: Phil Monks
    E-mail:: monks@itl.net

  282. Date: Fri, 12 May 95 17:30:51 -0400
    Name:: Bill Jennings
    Lodge:: Sour Lake Lodge #1002
    Location:: Sour Lake Texas
    E-mail:: wiljen@delphi.com

  283. Date: Fri, 12 May 95 20:33:26 -0400
    Name:: Raymond M. Glueck
    Lodge:: Dunwoodie Lodge #863
    Location:: Yonkers, NY
    E-mail:: glueck@shadow.net

  284. Date: Fri, 12 May 95 22:42:55 -0400
    Name:: Michael Dufresne
    Lodge:: Rideau Lodge #460
    Location:: Seeley's Bay Ontario.Canada.
    Office:: Junior Warden. Past Master 1990.
    E-mail:: Dufresne@Limestone.Kosone.Com
    Message:: Dear Bro. I have just discovered your web this evening. I send you greeting from your masonic Brothers in Canada. Keep up the good work and rest assured I shall spread the news of your efforts to my brothers at our next regular meeting.

  285. Date: Sat, 13 May 95 03:01:18 -0400
    Name:: Steven Groves
    Lodge:: Paradise Valley # 61
    Location:: Phoenix, AZ
    Office:: Jr. Deacon
    E-mail:: sgroves@primenet.com

  286. Date: Sat, 13 May 95 05:01:52 -0400
    Name:: Richard T. Robino
    E-mail:: rrobino@s-cwis.unomaha.edu

  287. Date: Sat, 13 May 95 12:02:50 -0400
    Name:: Patrick Teoh
    Lodge:: Lodge Sri Aman No.1545 S.C.
    Location:: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
    Office:: Chaplain
    E-mail:: tmmhpt@pop.jaring.my Message:: It's nice to know that there is a Freemason's page on the Net. I am been a Mason for more than ten years. Greetings and salutations from the Brethren in Malaysia.

  288. Date: Sat, 13 May 95 13:35:55 -0400
    Name:: Tom A. Gasque
    E-mail:: BPTB76A.prodigy.com

  289. Date: Sat, 13 May 95 14:20:32 -0400
    Name:: Rick Kasparek
    Lodge:: Trojan Lodge No. 548
    Location:: Marion, Iowa, USA
    Office:: None at present
    E-mail:: rick@gryffin.com
    Message:: Greeting to all my Brothers!

  290. Date: Sun, 14 May 95 10:29:26 -0400
    Lodge:: TWIN CITY LODGE NO. 509 G.R.C.
    Office:: P.G.S.
    Message:: I've enjoyed browsing here. Please say HI to David Litster from the Tin Boat, Three Legged Lake!

  291. Date: Sun, 14 May 95 10:40:38 -0400
    Name:: Robert J Thomas
    Lodge:: Pulaski Lodge #216 F.& A.M.
    Location:: Pottsville, Pa
    Office:: Secretary
    E-mail:: bthomas@postoffice.ptd.net

  292. Date: Sun, 14 May 95 11:05:03 -0400
    Name:: Charles Stewart
    Lodge:: Canongate Kilwinning No 2
    Location:: Edinburgh, Scotland
    Office:: Treasurer
    E-mail:: ?
    Message:: Very interesting info. A bit more enlightening than a recent article in UK press.

  293. Date: Sun, 14 May 95 18:34:13 -0400
    Name:: Donald L. Nunn
    Lodge:: Wasatch Lodge #1
    Location:: Salt Lake City, UT
    Office:: newly received EA degree
    E-mail:: beldin@aol.com
    Message:: I am also Chapter Advisor (aka Chapter Dad) of Salt Lake Chapter, Order of DeMolay.

  294. Date: Sun, 14 May 95 19:32:09 -0400
    Name:: Brian Moseley
    E-mail:: bcm1@cornell.edu

  295. Date: Sun, 14 May 95 20:06:07 -0400
    Name:: Art Vinson
    Lodge:: Pythagoras No 41
    Location:: Decatur. Ga.
    Office:: Sr. Steward
    E-mail:: art_vinson@hpatc1.desk.hp.com

  296. Date: Sun, 14 May 95 20:44:28 -0400
    Name:: Geoffrey Wilson
    Lodge:: MacKay #113 AF&AM
    Location:: Sydney Nova Scotia
    E-mail:: gwilson@highlander.cbnet.ns.ca
    Message:: Fraternal Greetings from Sydney N.S., Canada.

  297. Date: Sun, 14 May 95 22:54:47 -0400
    Name:: Jack Leavitt
    Lodge:: Eola #207
    Location:: Orlando, FL
    E-mail:: jack@magicnet.net
    Message:: Great to see a Masonic page. I will inform the craft in my lodge.

  298. Date: Sun, 14 May 95 23:34:34 -0400
    Name:: M.Vijendran
    Lodge:: Klang Lodge 3369 E.C
    Location:: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
    E-mail:: prem@pop.jaring.my

  299. Date: Mon, 15 May 95 00:11:23 -0400
    Name:: William Douglas Allen
    Lodge:: Prospect Lodge
    Location:: Roslindale, MA
    E-mail:: cnd@tiac.net
    Message:: Just seeing what's out here. Just went through my second degree, greetings from a fellow craft.

  300. Date: Mon, 15 May 95 09:47:12 -0400
    Name:: Claude Brodeur
    Lodge:: University Lodge No. 496, GRC
    Location:: Toronto, Ontario, Canada
    Office:: Past Master, Historian
    E-mail:: claudeb@interlog.com

  301. Date: Mon, 15 May 95 10:18:11 -0400
    Name:: WBr. John Vergalla
    Lodge:: Benjamin B. French #15
    Location:: Washington D.C.
    Office:: Past Master & Secretary
    E-mail:: johnv@bld10.niddk.nih.gov
    Message:: The list of Grand Lodge locations incorrectly has The Grand Lodge of D.C. on 13th ST Was D.C. The correct address is 5428 MacArthur Blvd., N.W. Washington , D.C. 20016-2541. I am interested in Masonic research particularly The Knights Templar and the Priory of Sion.

  302. Date: Mon, 15 May 95 12:21:53 -0400
    Name:: Timothy Touhey
    Lodge:: Balder Lodge (1053)
    Location:: Brooklyn, NY - 1st Kings District
    Office:: Jr. Deacon
    E-mail:: TTouhey@AOL.com
    Message:: Nice to see that enlightenment grows even through the electronic info. age.

  303. Date: Mon, 15 May 95 12:24:07 -0400
    Name:: Brandon Kyle Penticuff
    E-mail:: bkp@iquest.net Message:: I commend you on putting the information about the Masonic way on the Internet. My father is a mason, as is my uncle and various members of my family. In keeping with their traditions, I was never really exposed to as much information about it as I was here. Thank you for your efforts.

  304. Date: Mon, 15 May 95 13:56:48 -0400
    Name:: Willie Pitts
    Lodge:: Valley-Hi Masonic Lodge No 1407 AF&AM
    Location:: San Antonio, TX
    Office:: Past Master, Secretary
    E-mail:: wrpitts@txdirect.net

  305. Date: Sat, 13 May 95 20:11:18 -0400
    Name:: Lucian McCorkendale
    Lodge:: Greenleaf Lodge #670
    Location:: Whittier, CA, USA
    E-mail:: bmccorkendale@gwp.com Message:: I'm 83 years old, and this is the first time I've ever surfed the web. It's good to find something familiar. If you happen to know Bob Biggers, secretary of the Greanleaf lodge, please say hello from me. -Lucian

  306. Date: Mon, 15 May 95 19:58:13 -0400
    Name:: Kevin B. Henry
    Lodge:: Toppenish-Meridian #178
    Location:: Toppenish, Washington
    Office:: none

  307. Date: Mon, 15 May 95 23:14:42 -0400
    Name:: Jan Stein
    E-mail:: sprt1200@interport.net
    Message:: Interested in becoming a mason. My bro-in-law is a mason.

  308. Date: Tue, 16 May 95 01:36:18 -0400
    Name:: Gillian Bartlett
    E-mail:: gbartlet@arts.adelaide.edu.au
    Message:: Wife of 3rd Grand Principal, Royal Arch Chapter of South Australia - preparer of millions of supper plates!

  309. Date: Tue, 16 May 95 01:48:28 -0400
    Name:: Edward J. Lizewski
    Lodge:: Pine Grove Lodge # 409
    Location:: Pine Grove, PA
    Office:: Sr Master of Ceremonies
    E-mail:: fireflye@epix.net

  310. Date: Tue, 16 May 95 02:26:14 -0400
    Name:: Roscoe Thomas DeSadier
    E-mail:: robb@aloha.net
    Message:: Just trying to learn a little more before I ask.

  311. Date: Tue, 16 May 95 02:48:13 -0400
    Name:: Willaim E. Harford
    Lodge:: Avalon Lodge #657
    Location:: Bellevue, Pennsylvania
    Office:: Secretary
    E-mail:: 71644.3614.cserve.com
    Message:: Thank You All, for this doorway to the next millenium

  312. Date: Tue, 16 May 95 08:05:33 -0400
    Name:: Paul J. Wolsko
    Lodge:: Cincinatti #3
    Location:: Morristown, New Jersey
    E-mail:: pwolsko@netcom.com

  313. Date: Tue, 16 May 95 08:26:37 -0400
    Name:: Brett
    E-mail:: brett@cursci.co.uk

  314. Date: Tue, 16 May 95 08:30:26 -0400
    Name:: Martin Noruldin
    E-mail:: di409@ostrabo.uddevalla.se

  315. Date: Tue, 16 May 95 09:36:42 -0400
    Name:: Clay Hunt
    Lodge:: University Lodge #631 F. & A. M.
    Location:: Columbus, OH
    E-mail:: hchunt@infinet.com

  316. Date: Tue, 16 May 95 10:57:56 -0400
    Name:: P. L. Arango
    E-mail:: parango@pomona.edu

  317. Date: Tue, 16 May 95 15:02:15 -0400
    Name:: Ralph Beaty
    E-mail:: rbeaty@osat.nasa.hq.gov
    Message:: Are you by any chance the son of Dr. Gary Cornia of BYU?

  318. Date: Tue, 16 May 95 16:54:35 -0400
    Name:: Kevin Bittner
    Lodge:: Beth horon Lodge
    Location:: Brookline, MA
    Office:: Past Master
    E-mail:: kbittner@crd.lotus.com
    Message:: Nice to see this up on the net. I found it through alt.freemasonry, which unfortunatly is my closest tie to the Fraternity at this time.

  319. Date: Tue, 16 May 95 18:37:56 -0400
    Name:: Bro. Tim Revis
    Lodge:: Stephen Decatur #979
    Location:: Decatur, IL
    E-mail:: revis@ux1.cso.uiuc.edu Message:: Associate Bethel Guardian, Bethel #49, IOJD Grand Senior Custodian, GGC of Illinois, IOJD

  320. Date: Tue, 16 May 95 18:51:37 -0400
    Name:: Pierre Painblanc
    Lodge:: Horus (Memphis-Misraom)
    Location:: Bothey (Belgium)
    E-mail:: Pierre.Painblanc@ping.be Message:: Hello ! This is the first time I connect myself on the Net, coming back from a reunion. I really hope somebody will read this and answer ! Greetings and kisses to you all ! Pierre

  321. Date: Tue, 16 May 95 19:21:32 -0400
    Name:: Steve Clayton
    E-mail:: sjclayton@attmail.com
    Message:: Thank you for explaining what U R all about. I had no idea until now.

  322. Date: Tue, 16 May 95 19:54:11 -0400
    Name:: Michael (Mike) Parrish
    Lodge:: Pacific
    Location:: Or. Bellflower, CA
    E-mail:: 74512.423@compuserve.com
    Message:: This is kewl. Glad I found it!

  323. Date: Tue, 16 May 95 21:22:11 -0400
    Name:: Jerome A. Corliss
    E-mail:: JACorliss@msn.com

  324. Date: Tue, 16 May 95 23:12:35 -0400
    Name:: Wayne Malcolm
    Lodge:: Bolton Lodge No. 416 F&AM
    Location:: Atlanta, GA
    Office:: Worshipful Master
    E-mail:: 73267.1226@compuserve.com

  325. Date: Wed, 17 May 95 00:59:03 -0400
    Name:: Fred P. Valis
    Lodge:: Marin Lodge #191 F&AM
    Location:: San Rafael, Ca
    Office:: Marshal
    E-mail:: KnightKT@ix.netcom.com Message:: I can't tell you how pleased I am to see this web page. I am working with the grandlodge of California to get Masonic Lic. Plates in this state. All California Masons are invited to contact me for info. Frat, Bro. Fred P. Valis MM/KT

  326. Date: Wed, 17 May 95 01:34:08 -0400
    Name:: Clark G. Johnston
    Lodge:: Beacon #190
    Location:: Red Deer, Alberta, Canada
    Office:: Past Master
    E-mail:: glassewe@supernet.ab.ca
    Message:: Just dropped in to say hello. I'm new to the net and just starting to find my way around - looking for masonic information and new sites. looks good -keep up the good work

  327. Date: Wed, 17 May 95 07:59:51 -0400
    Name:: Oliver Martin
    Lodge:: Tropical Lodge #56
    Location:: Fort Myers, FL
    E-mail:: bayside@gate.net

  328. Date: Wed, 17 May 95 08:47:40 -0400
    Name:: Julian Perry
    Lodge:: St Mary Magdalen 1525 United Grand Lodge of England
    Location:: London
    Office:: Freemasons' Hall, Great Queen Street, London WC2B 5AZ
    E-mail:: 100537.1150@COMPUSERVE.COM

  329. Date: Wed, 17 May 95 09:09:25 -0400
    Name:: John Rudy
    Lodge:: St. John's Lodge #82 G.R.C.
    Location:: Paris ON CAN
    E-mail:: Rudyjf@mcmaster.ca

  330. Date: Wed, 17 May 95 12:47:46 -0400
    Name:: Joseph A.Avalos
    Lodge:: Texas#8/Kenedy#774/Hope#471
    Location:: San Antonio/Kenedy/Rio Grande City, TX
    Office:: P.M.
    E-mail:: Office #512-495-9595 Fax # 512-477-2445

  331. Date: Wed, 17 May 95 13:09:04 -0400
    Name:: David Wallis
    E-mail:: daw2@student.open.ac.uk

  332. Date: Wed, 17 May 95 15:13:46 -0400
    Name:: Michael Goodman
    E-mail:: mgoodman@ins.netins.net

  333. Date: Wed, 17 May 95 19:19:06 -0400
    Name:: TOM A. GASQUE
    E-mail:: BPTB76A@prodigy.com

  334. Date: Wed, 17 May 95 19:20:28 -0400
    Name:: Craig Lee Chapman
    Lodge:: Anaheim 207
    Location:: Anaheim
    E-mail:: J.Lucas@ix.netcom.com

  335. Date: Wed, 17 May 95 22:16:02 -0400
    Name:: Edward McGreehan
    Lodge:: Johnstown Connamaugh #538
    Location:: Johnstown, PA
    Office:: Past Master
    Message:: I'm visiting with my wife's nephew in Royal Oak, Michigan.

  336. Date: Wed, 17 May 95 22:16:39 -0400
    Name:: Louis C. Hurst
    Lodge:: Lancaster Lodge #54
    Location:: Lincoln, Nebraska
    E-mail:: 71165.734@compuserve.com

  337. Date: Wed, 17 May 95 22:17:21 -0400
    Name:: Edward McGreehan
    Lodge:: Johnstown Connamaugh #538
    Location:: Johnstown, PA
    Office:: Past Master
    Message:: I'm visiting with my wife's nephew in Royal Oak, Michigan. I visiting in Johnstown, PA, we meet the first Thursday of each month at 7:30.

  338. Date: Thu, 18 May 95 02:59:28 -0400
    Name:: Gary Dickey
    Lodge:: Schofield Masonic Lodge
    Location:: Wahiawa, Hawaii
    Office:: Junior Deacon
    E-mail:: Phineas@aloha.net
    Message:: I'm glad to see Masons on the Internet. I will be glad when we get some more informations on the pages of our branch organizations. I am always looking for more "light" and finding on the internet would be a great help.

  339. Date: Thu, 18 May 95 03:20:32 -0400
    Name:: Charles Elman
    Lodge:: St. Leonard Lodge No. 4982
    Location:: Southend-on-Sea, Essex, England
    Office:: Director of Ceremonies
    E-mail:: 100015,2207@Compuserve.com

  340. Date: Thu, 18 May 95 07:40:22 -0400
    Name:: Richard G Gunn
    Lodge:: The Roman Eagle Lodge CLX ( No 160 )
    Location:: royal Mile beside Edinburgh Castle Edinburgh Scotland
    Office:: senior deacon
    E-mail:: none

  341. Date: Thu, 18 May 95 08:37:15 -0400
    Name:: Eligio Amthauer
    Lodge:: Goethe N:91
    Location:: Concepcisn, CHILE
    E-mail:: eamthaue@renoir.die.udec.cl

  342. Date: Thu, 18 May 95 09:25:39 -0400
    Name:: Fred Mosekjaer Madsen
    Lodge:: St. Clemens & The Four Roses
    Location:: DK-8000 Aarhus, Denmark
    E-mail:: fred@daimi.aau.dk

  343. Date: Thu, 18 May 95 09:45:14 -0400
    Name:: Donald E. Glencross
    Lodge:: Maugus Hill
    Location:: Natick, Massachusetts
    Office:: Senior Deacon
    E-mail:: don@control.com

  344. Date: Thu, 18 May 95 10:20:03 -0400
    Name:: Bob Peete
    Lodge:: Saint Paul Lodge, Trinity Lodge
    Location:: Ayer Mass. Clinton Mass.
    Office:: Secretary (St.Paul) Master (Trinity Lodge)
    E-mail:: rpeete@gwmail.sanders.lockheed.com
    Message:: This is another good way for Masons to meet. If you would like to visit either of my lodges, please feell welcome. St.Paul meets on the 3rd Monday of the month. Trinity meets on the first Tuesday. Drop me a line if in the area.

  345. Date: Thu, 18 May 95 10:29:37 -0400
    Name:: Patrick de La Fertes
    E-mail:: ifar622@doc.cc.utexas.edu

  346. Date: Thu, 18 May 95 11:57:12 -0400
    Name:: Kirby Matthews PM - Secretary Denton #404 NC
    E-mail:: EDMW17a@prodigy.com

  347. Date: Thu, 18 May 95 15:00:33 -0400
    Name:: Buzz Grabo
    Lodge:: PARSONS LODGE # 222
    Location:: AUSTIN TEXAS
    Office:: Senior Warden

  348. Date: Thu, 18 May 95 15:35:50 -0400
    Name:: James Arnold
    Lodge:: Imperial #543 GRC
    Location:: Toronto, Ontario, Canada
    E-mail:: jarnold@cid.aes.doe.ca
    Message:: Very nice to find a Web page about Free Masonary

  349. Date: Thu, 18 May 95 16:02:08 -0400
    Name:: Shelby Haley
    Lodge:: Rainbow Girl!!! Orono Assembly #38
    Location:: Orono, Maine
    Office:: Grand Chaplain & Historian, P.W.A. Orono # 38 (three times)
    E-mail:: Shelby_Haley@voyager.umeres.maine.edu
    Message:: I think its great that you have a freemasonry page. Just wish there was something with The International Order of the Rainbow for Girls since we are your "daughters." If I could do one, but I am just learning the system.

  350. Date: Thu, 18 May 95 20:03:09 -0400
    Name:: James Roberts
    Lodge:: Cleveland Lodge #470 F&AM
    Location:: Cleveland Mississippi
    Office:: Jr. Warden
    E-mail:: CUAI@aol.com
    Message:: member of AASR NJ Allentown PA member of AAOMNS Wahabi Jackson MS Member Philalethes Society Waiting for membership to SCRL

  351. Date: Thu, 18 May 95 21:14:04 -0400
    Name:: Morris Lum
    Lodge:: Capital City Lodge No. 499
    Location:: Sacramento, California
    E-mail:: MLUM@ix.netcom.com
    Message:: Looks good my brother. An article in the Scottish Rite Journal started me to look on the net for other brothers. Just didn't occur to me to look before...dumb me.

  352. Date: Thu, 18 May 95 22:32:10 -0400
    Name:: Bojan Nenadic
    E-mail:: kokan@iafrica.com
    Message:: ...THEE QUESTION: What are my chances of ever being approached by a mason to join The Brotherhood? thanx anyway :-)

  353. Date: Thu, 18 May 95 23:05:53 -0400
    Location:: 809 EAST 42nd Place Chicago,il 60653
    Office:: same
    Message:: just looking

  354. Date: Fri, 19 May 95 00:05:30 -0400
    Name:: Edwin D. Foster
    Lodge:: Albert Pike No. 33
    Location:: Washington, D.C.
    Office:: P.M.
    E-mail:: foster@ncw.net
    Message:: Also member of Paramuthia Lodge No. 25, Athens, OH and have petitioned for affiliation with William H. Jett Lodge No. 285, Wenatchee, WA; member of S.R. in D.C. and Mt. Vernon Chapter & Triangle Council in D.C.

  355. Date: Fri, 19 May 95 00:42:40 -0400
    Name:: Mr. Philander S. Hopkins
    Lodge:: Mount Olive Lodge No. 298
    Location:: Jackson, Mississippi, U S A
    E-mail:: phopkins@freud.inst.com or cs994361.jsums.edu
    Message:: This is a good way to spread much knowledge. Good job my fellow brothers.

  356. Date: Fri, 19 May 95 00:43:30 -0400
    Name:: Alfred A. Boseman II, 33o
    Lodge:: E. Jerry Williams Lodge #141 F&AM (Prince Hall Affiliated)
    Location:: Oxon Hill, MD
    Office:: Worshipful Master
    E-mail:: abosmen@worldweb.net

  357. Date: Fri, 19 May 95 11:18:41 -0400
    Name:: Slawomir KOSIELINSKI
    E-mail:: kosiel@atm.com.pl

  358. Date: Fri, 19 May 95 11:24:31 -0400
    Name:: Timothy Reed

  359. Date: Fri, 19 May 95 13:21:24 -0400
    Name:: Valeriano Chiaravalle
    Lodge:: Raul Palermi
    Location:: Milano (ITALIA)
    E-mail:: valex@micronet.it

  360. Date: Fri, 19 May 95 15:16:21 -0400
    Name:: Matthew F. Flynn
    Lodge:: King Solomon Lodge #584
    Location:: Dunmore, Pennsylvania
    Office:: Past Master
    E-mail:: laclibsys.647stf2
    Message:: I am interested in reading about any and all information on the Cradt, including York and Scottish Rite as well as other kindred spirits such as the Rosicrucuian movement and its relationship with Freemasonry.

  361. Date: Fri, 19 May 95 16:01:50 -0400
    Name:: Jonathan Davis
    E-mail:: jmsdavis@utxsvs.cc.utexas.edu

  362. Date: Fri, 19 May 95 17:08:29 -0400
    Name:: Michael R. Payne
    E-mail:: payne@raptor.lmc.cc.mi.us
    Message:: I've wanted to learn more about masonry. I have brother in a lodge, and he won't tell me anything

  363. Date: Fri, 19 May 95 17:08:51 -0400
    Name:: John E. Simon
    Lodge:: Jubilee Lodge #746, F. & A.M.
    Location:: Whiteland, Indiana
    Office:: Past Master and Trustee

  364. Date: Fri, 19 May 95 18:02:32 -0400
    Name:: Jim Spence
    Lodge:: Integrity
    Location:: Morley, Leeds, Yorkshire, England
    E-mail:: jspence@cix.compulink.co.uk

  365. Date: Fri, 19 May 95 23:21:02 -0400
    Name:: Ted Witwicki
    E-mail:: tedw@chch.planet.co.nz
    Message:: I resigned from Ahurewa lodge No 181. This lodge is situated at Dunsandel which is about half an hour drive south of Christchurch New Zealand. I am a Master Mason.

  366. Date: Fri, 19 May 95 23:27:47 -0400
    Name:: Graham J. Layton
    Lodge:: St.Andrew's Lodge #53 A.F.&A.M. GLQ
    Location:: Montreal, Quebec
    E-mail:: glayton@cam.org

  367. Date: Sat, 20 May 95 00:51:27 -0400
    Name:: matt welker
    Lodge:: Roanoke AF&AM
    Location:: Roanoke, IN
    E-mail:: matt@electrogig.com

  368. Date: Sat, 20 May 95 03:52:38 -0400
    Name:: Alan Brown
    Lodge:: Minerva
    Location:: Birkenhead, England
    E-mail:: ablink@demon.co.uk

  369. Date: Sat, 20 May 95 07:18:24 -0400
    Name:: Robert McCloskey
    E-mail:: RMCCLOS@IBM.NET

  370. Date: Sat, 20 May 95 08:22:08 -0400
    Name:: Gerard Cannoo
    Lodge:: Fish Hoek No. 1390 Scottish Constitution
    Location:: Fish Hoek, Cape Town, South Africa
    Office:: Master
    E-mail:: gccannoo@active.co.za

  371. Date: Sat, 20 May 95 14:23:13 -0400
    Name:: JAMIE R. W. SNYDER
    Lodge:: UNITY 130
    Location:: SIOUX FALLS SD
    E-mail:: ON AOL JRWS

  372. Date: Sat, 20 May 95 14:23:39 -0400
    Name:: David A. Aponte
    Lodge:: Fairweather Lodge #82
    Location:: Tacoma, Washington
    E-mail:: daponte@compumedia.com

  373. Date: Sat, 20 May 95 14:26:31 -0400
    Name:: Leon "Ron" Rowe
    E-mail:: rowel@tempest.adsnet.net

  374. Date: Sat, 20 May 95 15:58:41 -0400
    Name:: George F. Winters
    Lodge:: Nelson C. Bledsoe #74
    Location:: Tucson, AZ
    E-mail:: GeorgeW363@aol.com

  375. Date: Sat, 20 May 95 18:10:04 -0400
    Name:: Curzio Batini
    Lodge:: La Fenice
    Location:: Italy - Rome
    Office:: Entered Apprentice
    E-mail:: mc1932@mclink.it

  376. Date: Sat, 20 May 95 18:46:55 -0400
    Name:: Dennis M Rodgers
    E-mail:: dennis.rodgers@wdn.com

  377. Date: Sat, 20 May 95 23:39:34 -0400
    Name:: Steve Ketcham
    Lodge:: Beulah #578
    Location:: Mt. Vernon, IN
    E-mail:: Sketcham@indiana.edu

  378. Date: Sun, 21 May 95 02:02:17 -0400
    Name:: David Levitt
    E-mail:: levitt@interval.com
    Message:: Dr Foo! - Thanks for your hospi6ality.

  379. Date: Sun, 21 May 95 04:01:38 -0400
    Name:: Alberto Lenz
    Lodge:: In Labore Virtus
    Location:: Zurich (Switzerland)
    E-mail:: alenz@mus.ch

  380. Date: Sun, 21 May 95 04:29:39 -0400
    Name:: Philippe Gramer
    Lodge:: Humanite Future
    Location:: Paris - FRANCE
    E-mail:: 100015.3443@Compuserve.com

  381. Date: Sun, 21 May 95 09:22:20 -0400
    Name:: Glen Houting, Sysop of E-Max Evolving Services (616) 847-9004
    E-mail:: emax@novagate.com

  382. Date: Sun, 21 May 95 10:29:31 -0400
    Name:: Robert Eamon Graham
    Lodge:: Society of Brigit, Low Country Lodge Number One
    Location:: Charleston, SC
    Office:: Worshipful Master
    E-mail:: eamon6000@aol.com

  383. Date: Sun, 21 May 95 13:14:50 -0400
    Name:: Bernard Durgin
    Lodge:: ezpost
    Location:: Tucson, AZ
    Office:: Senior Deacon, PM, Jerusalem Daylight #66, Tucson, AZ
    E-mail:: ezpost@primenet.com
    Message:: It is indeed refreshing to see Masonry utilizing the marvelous information sharing potential of Internet. Hope to contribute something of value.

  384. Date: Sun, 21 May 95 15:27:54 -0400
    Name:: Graham Brown
    Lodge:: King Solomon #41, AF & AM, GRA
    Location:: Cochrane, Alberta, Canada
    Office:: SS
    E-mail:: gabrown@freenet.calgary.ab.ca

  385. Date: Sun, 21 May 95 16:29:07 -0400
    Name:: Carl Eustace
    Lodge:: St. Andrew #1139
    Location:: St.John's, NF, Canada
    Office:: None this year
    E-mail:: ceustace@nlnet.nf.ca
    Message:: Welcome to the net brethren. It is true that the sun never sets upon masonary, you can even find it in cyberspace.

  386. Date: Sun, 21 May 95 17:39:05 -0400
    Lodge:: WALNUT COVE LODGE #629 AF&AM
    Location:: WALNUT COVE, N.C.
    E-mail:: 73236,2134@COMPUSERVE.COM

  387. Date: Sun, 21 May 95 18:33:29 -0400
    Name:: Edward Purcell
    E-mail:: purcell@aloha.net

  388. Date: Sun, 21 May 95 18:58:46 -0400
    Name:: Fran Holt-Underwood
    Lodge:: Atlanta Lodge #583 Le Droit Humain, International Co-Freemasonry
    Location:: Atlanta, GA
    Office:: W.S.W. & Treasurer
    E-mail:: fbhuleaf@ix.netcom.com
    Message:: Glad to find you! Interested in discussion of Women In Masonry in any & all forms -- after all, we've been in for over 100 years now through French masonry. With H. G. W.!

  389. Date: Sun, 21 May 95 19:36:05 -0400
    Name:: Dr Daniel Farhey
    Lodge:: Jacob Caspi #56
    Location:: Haifa, Israel
    E-mail:: daniel.farhey@uc.edu
    Message:: Visiting post-doc scholar at the University of Cincinnati, Dept of Civil & Env. Eng. Working on structural engineering research. Active in Blue Lodge, Scottish Rite, and York Rite.

  390. Date: Sun, 21 May 95 20:28:33 -0400
    Name:: John Lovar

  391. Date: Sun, 21 May 95 20:55:55 -0400
    Name:: Ron Stupart
    Lodge:: Delta 634
    Location:: Aurora, Ontario Canada
    E-mail:: 73677.2653@COMPUSERVE.COM

  392. Date: Sun, 21 May 95 20:57:50 -0400
    Name:: Douglas R. Oosting
    Lodge:: J. Wendell Fargis No. 356
    Location:: Neptune Beach, FL
    Office:: Sr. Deacon
    E-mail:: dragon@jaxnet.com

  393. Date: Sun, 21 May 95 20:59:10 -0400
    Name:: Harold Benson
    Lodge:: Caledonia Lodge #637
    Location:: Toronto, Ontario, Canada
    Office:: Past Master
    E-mail:: benson@barint.on.ca

  394. Date: Sun, 21 May 95 21:05:08 -0400
    Name:: Alan Hummel
    Lodge:: Evening Star #43
    Location:: Winterset, IA
    E-mail:: KE3OK@ins.infonet.net
    Message:: Hi Just took my 1st degree last week. I should have done this years ago as I am now 35. My Dad and Grandfather are Masons. I'm studying for my 2nd as much as possible.

  395. Date: Sun, 21 May 95 21:06:22 -0400
    Name:: Brad Ellis
    E-mail:: bellis@grfn.org
    Message:: Just checking it out.

  396. Date: Sun, 21 May 95 23:19:19 -0400
    Name:: Helio Da Costa
    Lodge:: Kerrisdale Lodge no.117
    Location:: Vancouver, B.C. Canada
    Office:: Past Master
    E-mail:: helio.dacosta@deepcove.com

  397. Date: Mon, 22 May 95 00:58:16 -0400
    Name:: Tim Gartman
    Lodge:: Lebanon Lodge
    Location:: Saint Paul, MN
    E-mail:: lunalux@bitstream.net

  398. Date: Mon, 22 May 95 01:34:24 -0400
    Name:: Marlon Darnell Behn
    E-mail:: hbbio150@huey.csun.edu
    Message:: Hi! I am a student at California State University, Northridge; and I am interested in the craft of Masonry. So, please send me any information you can, or that you see fit to the address above.

  399. Date: Mon, 22 May 95 03:08:46 -0400
    Name:: Evar Balodis
    Lodge:: Kildonan Lodge No.131
    Location:: A.F.&A.M. GR.MANITOBA
    Office:: Chaplain
    E-mail:: balodis@MINET.gov.MB.CA

  400. Date: Mon, 22 May 95 06:40:15 -0400
    Name:: Sean Somersall-Weekes
    E-mail:: Sean@Sweekes.Demon.co.uk
    Message:: I am very interested to find out more information regarding lodges in th U.K. Are you aware of any plan for all lodges to use th WWW?

  401. Date: Mon, 22 May 95 08:49:57 -0400
    Name:: Philip Jenkins
    E-mail:: JPJ1@PSUVM.PSU.EDU

  402. Date: Mon, 22 May 95 09:10:40 -0400
    Name:: Rob Heppell
    Lodge:: Confederation Lodge A.F.& A.M. #116 GRBC
    Location:: Victoria, BC
    Office:: Senior Deacon
    E-mail:: 76171,344

  403. Date: Mon, 22 May 95 16:43:00 -0400
    Name:: Len Smith
    Lodge:: Allen Lodge #1435
    Location:: Allen, Texas USA
    Office:: Junior Warden
    E-mail:: lens@c3180svr.ssr.hp.com
    Message:: Hope to soon (next month) be Senior Warden. Am member of the Dallas Scottish Rite Consistory, Alla Grotto, Eastern Star, McKinney York Rite, and last but not least a Senior DeMolay.

  404. Date: Mon, 22 May 95 18:26:45 -0400
    Name:: Michael David Lewis
    E-mail:: Slimsdemon@aol.com
    Message:: Curiosity finlay go tto me and I have found what I've been looking for. E-mail me some more information about Masonry.

  405. Date: Mon, 22 May 95 18:35:30 -0400
    Name:: Ryan O'Donnell
    E-mail:: dwyer@idirect.com

  406. Date: Mon, 22 May 95 20:13:29 -0400
    Name:: Malcolm McQuirter
    E-mail:: Malcolm_McQuirter@actiontech.com
    Message:: I am interested in becoming a Maxon and I live in San Francisco. Could you recommend a lodge to me?

  407. Date: Mon, 22 May 95 20:57:53 -0400
    Name:: Christopher Arend
    E-mail:: scrip@neosoft.com

  408. Date: Mon, 22 May 95 21:25:37 -0400
    Name:: Tom Stanis
    E-mail:: StanisT@Delphi.com

  409. Date: Mon, 22 May 95 21:52:41 -0400
    Name:: David Douglas
    Location:: Myrtle 89 Belleville, MI
    E-mail:: 71536.446@compuserve.com

  410. Date: Mon, 22 May 95 22:06:18 -0400
    Name:: Mark Gowan
    E-mail:: r6g022@crown.net

  411. Date: Mon, 22 May 95 22:15:59 -0400
    Name:: Charles S. Feinstein
    Lodge:: Kempsville #196
    Location:: Virginia Beach, VA
    E-mail:: Chuck1@pinn.net

  412. Date: Mon, 22 May 95 22:44:04 -0400
    Name:: P. Douglas Cheape
    Lodge:: Schofield Lodge (HI-no numbers)
    Location:: Wahiawa, Hawaii
    E-mail:: Doug@ilhawaii.net
    Message:: 1987 - master

  413. Date: Tue, 23 May 95 01:29:03 -0400
    Name:: Robert M. (Bob) Wheeler
    Lodge:: Port Angeles # 69
    Location:: Port Angeles, WA
    Office:: Past Master (1982)
    E-mail:: wheeler@olympus.net

  414. Date: Tue, 23 May 95 02:01:56 -0400
    Name:: David J. Greiner
    E-mail:: ad283@rgfn.epcc.edu
    Message:: Great page, it's already useful, and I'm not a Mason yet :> Soon though, hopfully!!

  415. Date: Tue, 23 May 95 03:27:21 -0400
    Name:: Betty L. Leininger
    Lodge:: Friendship Chapter #4 OES
    Location:: Kaiserslautern Germany
    Office:: Surpeme Deputy Intl Order of the Rainbow for Girls Past Matron
    E-mail:: leiningb@usafe15.ramstein.af.mil
    Message:: It's wonderful to see information about masonery on the WWW!! Perhaps there will be a Rainbow home pages someday.

  416. Date: Tue, 23 May 95 05:06:38 -0400
    Name:: Pablo Pellegrini
    E-mail:: ppell@tibalt.supernet.ab.ca
    Message:: I appreciate the opportunity to get familiar with Masonry.

  417. Date: Tue, 23 May 95 09:50:45 -0400
    Name:: Luis M. Enriquez
    E-mail:: cm703633@campus.ccm.itesm.mx

  418. Date: Tue, 23 May 95 09:56:46 -0400
    Name:: Matthew E. Crawford, Jr.
    Location:: Pasadena, CA
    E-mail:: ntmp85a@prodigy.com

  419. Date: Tue, 23 May 95 10:12:11 -0400
    Name:: William S. Davis
    Lodge:: Skerrett 343
    Location:: Cochranville, PA
    Office:: Junior Master of Ceremonies

  420. Date: Tue, 23 May 95 10:44:37 -0400
    Name:: Bill Schauf
    E-mail:: bill.schauf@sbbs.com

  421. Date: Tue, 23 May 95 11:27:25 -0400
    Name:: Patrick W Dabbs
    Lodge:: Charles T Morton No. 232 AF&AM
    Location:: Norfolk Va.
    Office:: SD
    E-mail:: pdabbs@mars.acom.mil

  422. Date: Tue, 23 May 95 13:23:24 -0400
    Name:: Dan Voils
    Lodge:: Brownsburg Lodge #241
    Location:: Brownsburg Indiana, USA
    Office:: Currently Senior Steward, Secretary starting 1-1996
    E-mail:: danvoils@indy.net

  423. Date: Tue, 23 May 95 13:52:05 -0400
    Name:: Barry Shield
    Lodge:: Lee Bryce Lodge No 142
    Location:: Mt Perry Queensland Australia
    Office:: secretary
    E-mail:: bms15k@ozemail.com.au
    Message:: Our Lodge is a small country Lodge of 27 members. opened in 1903, a time when Mt Perry was a flourishing copper mining town with 17 pubs, we now have 1 pub, the present publican is a member of our Lodge. I am enjoying my second year as Lodge secretary. Would like to hear about your Lodge.

  424. Date: Tue, 23 May 95 13:59:07 -0400
    Name:: Cleatus Estes
    Lodge:: Constantine #13
    Location:: Bonham, Tx. 75418
    Office:: N\A
    E-mail:: unavailable at the present

  425. Date: Tue, 23 May 95 14:05:00 -0400
    Name:: Dan Petroff
    Lodge:: Patmos #70
    Location:: Ellicott City,MD
    Office:: Juinor Deacon
    E-mail:: dpet3040@aol.com

  426. Date: Tue, 23 May 95 17:16:17 -0400
    Name:: Franklin Frias
    E-mail:: Frankyf@ix.netcom.com.

  427. Date: Tue, 23 May 95 19:37:24 -0400
    Name:: Joseph C. Deak Sr.
    Lodge:: no
    E-mail:: Rockford @ ix.netcom.com

  428. Date: Tue, 23 May 95 20:06:24 -0400
    Name:: John F. Losey Jr.
    Lodge:: Daylight Lodge #232 F&A.M. of Washington
    Location:: Seattle, WA U.S.A.
    E-mail:: loseyj@tahoma.cwu.edu
    Message:: Thank you for providing this page. It helps to spread the Light to the rest of the world.

  429. Date: Tue, 23 May 95 20:15:38 -0400
    Name:: John Stelling
    Lodge:: Azure Lodge #533
    Location:: Anaheim, California
    Office:: Senior Warden (Master 1996)
    E-mail:: ivan@krynn.nwac.sea06.navy.mil

  430. Date: Tue, 23 May 95 22:42:44 -0400
    Name:: Dick Lodge
    Lodge:: Crestwood Anchor Lodge No 443 AF&AM
    Location:: St. Louis, MO
    Office:: P.M.
    E-mail:: dlodge@mo.net

  431. Date: Wed, 24 May 95 08:05:00 -0400
    Name:: Anthony Robert Davidson
    Lodge:: Lodge Castle Dour #1276
    Location:: Aberdour,Fife,Scotland.
    Office:: EX SW
    E-mail:: 100543.2262@compuserve.com.

  432. Date: Wed, 24 May 95 09:16:57 -0400
    Name:: Peter Kalkman
    Lodge:: woden valley
    Location:: canberra australia
    E-mail:: kalkman@acslink.net.au

  433. Date: Wed, 24 May 95 14:30:13 -0400
    Name:: mike martone
    Lodge:: A.F. & A.M #243
    Location:: Chincoteague, va
    E-mail:: martone@grace.wff.nasa.gov

  434. Date: Wed, 24 May 95 14:30:32 -0400
    Name:: Doug Tupper
    Lodge:: Mother Lodge is New Caledonia #11, Pictou,Nova Scotia
    Location:: I am actually living in Edmonton and havn't affiaiated yet
    E-mail:: dtupper@env.gov.ab.ca or 74353.3723@compuserve.com
    Message:: I have been on the Compuserve Forum but have not used this site yet.I look forward to doing so.

  435. Date: Wed, 24 May 95 17:30:54 -0400
    Name:: ROD THREATT
    Lodge:: ADELPHIA LODGE #213 F&AM
    Office:: NA
    E-mail:: U2905@EMAIL.MOT.COM

  436. Date: Thu, 25 May 95 03:37:31 -0400
    Name:: Matt Saunders
    E-mail:: mms@csua.berkeley.edu

  437. Date: Thu, 25 May 95 03:41:23 -0400
    Name:: Daniel Zuber
    Lodge:: Linden Lodge #637
    Location:: Columbus, Ohil
    E-mail:: zuber.1@osu.edu

  438. Date: Thu, 25 May 95 04:54:12 -0400
    Name:: Michael C. Vergallen
    E-mail:: mvergall@innet.be
    Message:: I think this site gives poeple who have misconceptions about maconry a clear picture about what it is

  439. Date: Thu, 25 May 95 13:57:02 -0400
    Name:: Patrick Tuin
    E-mail:: Puin@utelscin.el.utwente.nl

  440. Date: Thu, 25 May 95 18:59:30 -0400
    Name:: Joe English
    E-mail:: jeng1@cml.com
    Message:: What is the hidden influence behind the press, behind all the subversive movements going on around us? Are there several Powers at work? Or is there one Power, one invisible group directing all the rest?

  441. Date: Thu, 25 May 95 21:33:01 -0400
    Name:: Sandy Donald and Brian Gilchrist
    Lodge:: Moravian Lodge #431
    Location:: Cargill, Ontario. Canada.
    Office:: Worshipful Master and Seretary (respectively)
    E-mail:: donalds@maple.net
    Message:: Greetings from Moravian Lodge. We would love to here from fellow masons around the world, please send Email to me at donalds@maple.net. Please take care, The craft is alive and well in Ontario. Sandy and Brian

  442. Date: Thu, 25 May 95 21:34:03 -0400
    Name:: Michael Huck
    Lodge:: St. John's Lodge No. 435 F.& A.M.
    Location:: Reading, Pennsylvania
    Office:: Worshipful Master, 1995
    E-mail:: M.Huck@ix.netcom.com

  443. Date: Thu, 25 May 95 23:25:20 -0400
    Name:: Alex J. Calder
    Lodge:: Sydney Lodge No. 84
    Location:: Box 394, Sydney, Nova Scotia, Canada
    Office:: Junior Warden
    E-mail:: acalder@fox.nstn.ca.ns
    Message:: I'm glad that I found this section. Our lodge is going to celebrate its 90th Anniversary on June 10,1995. The event will take place at the Delta Sydney Hotel on the evening of June 10. I am also interested in contacting any other masons. Great to see this page

  444. Date: Fri, 26 May 95 00:08:13 -0400
    Name:: Yukiharu Hadeishi
    E-mail:: yhadeish@biomed.med.yale.edu

  445. Date: Fri, 26 May 95 01:04:35 -0400
    Name:: Daniel German
    E-mail:: pachd@aol.com
    Message:: I am currently working on a book about the Rite of Memphis and would appreciate any insights or experience.

  446. Date: Fri, 26 May 95 12:23:54 -0400
    Name:: Wayne Stevenson
    Lodge:: Foothills Lodge #174
    Location:: 7704 - 39 Avenue N.W. Calgary, Alberta
    Office:: Registrar
    E-mail:: stevensw@cadvision.com
    Message:: I would like to hear from you if there is any way that I can help with your WWW pages. Also, Please feel free to contact me if anyone would like more information on the Calgary area.

  447. Date: Fri, 26 May 95 12:50:17 -0400
    Name:: Louis Santenac
    E-mail:: (to be created, i'll recontact you then...)
    Message:: I've heard from one of yours that you are working for a better world. If that's right, and I hope so, I urge you to do your best and work fast : the wordly situation is critical. I could humbly propose you to favorize the expansion and development of global communication, through Internet, for example. The world counts on men like you...

  448. Date: Fri, 26 May 95 12:57:47 -0400
    Name:: Douglas E. Stetson
    Lodge:: Union Lodge
    Location:: Milton
    Office:: Sr. Steward
    E-mail:: dstetson@crd.lotus.com

  449. Date: Fri, 26 May 95 15:40:41 -0400
    Name:: Alan E. Rorie1
    E-mail:: arorie1@tinker.hofstra.edu

  450. Date: Fri, 26 May 95 16:34:03 -0400
    Name:: Ernest Rockwell
    E-mail:: twomey@cmsuvmb.cmsu.edu

  451. Date: Fri, 26 May 95 16:46:00 -0400
    Name:: Victor Doma
    E-mail:: vdoma@inforamp.net

  452. Date: Fri, 26 May 95 17:34:19 -0400
    Name:: Tony Perry
    Location:: 85 Fulton Street, North Babylon, LI 11703
    Message:: Send any additional information about the masons. Thank you.

  453. Date: Fri, 26 May 95 17:46:00 -0400
    Name:: William Courson
    E-mail:: crosswix@netcom.ix.com
    Message:: This is certainly a graphically splendid and most informative website. As one whose interest in freemasonry has only just been rekindled after a number of years, I'm happy to have had a "re-education" by perusing your Masonic resources. Many thanks.

  454. Date: Fri, 26 May 95 17:57:38 -0400
    Name:: Mary Harvey
    E-mail:: mharvey@spelink.spe.org
    Message:: I am a Past Grand Worthy Advisory of the Grand Assembly of Texas, Intl. Order of the Rainbow for Girls searching for other past grand officers of the Grand Assembly of Texas.

  455. Date: Fri, 26 May 95 18:28:31 -0400
    Name:: Redentor Manuto
    Lodge:: Liberty Lodge #299
    Location:: Santa Clara, CA.
    E-mail:: 75254.23@compuserve.com

  456. Date: Fri, 26 May 95 19:20:17 -0400
    Name:: levan kerenckiladze
    E-mail:: leon@uvvm.evic.ca until Aug., 1995

  457. Date: Fri, 26 May 95 21:03:36 -0400
    Name:: LFS
    E-mail:: LFSmith@gatech.edu
    Message:: All of You Are Satan Worshippers! You Need to Give Your life to JESUS CHRIST!!

  458. Date: Fri, 26 May 95 21:48:44 -0400
    Name:: Scott W. McDonald
    Lodge:: Doric Lodge #424, GRC
    Location:: Ajax, Ontario, Canada
    Office:: Inner Guard
    E-mail:: 74273,413@compuserve.com
    Message:: Each one, teach one.

  459. Date: Fri, 26 May 95 21:57:43 -0400
    Name:: Bill Herron
    E-mail:: bill.herron@daytonoh.attgis.com
    Message:: Just traveling through. Just thought I would check out what it's all about. Finally asked my brother about joining I thought maybe he would ask me boy was I wrong. I guess I might have waited another 4 years.

  460. Date: Fri, 26 May 95 22:35:15 -0400
    Name:: Raymond M Powell III
    Lodge:: Richmond Lodge # 25 F&AM Richmond, Ky.
    Location:: 217 S. Porter Dr. Richmond, Ky.
    Office:: Past Master
    E-mail:: phppowel@acs.eku.edu

  461. Date: Sat, 27 May 95 01:43:23 -0400
    Name:: Jack O'Leary
    Lodge:: LA LUZ #3
    Location:: SAN JOSE, COSTA RICA
    E-mail:: merlyn@sol.racsa.co.cr

  462. Date: Sat, 27 May 95 04:59:47 -0400
    Name:: Bill Pardoe
    E-mail:: bill@pardoe.demon.co.uk

  463. Date: Sat, 27 May 95 10:25:54 -0400
    Name:: Bernard Durgin
    Lodge:: Jerusalem Daylight Lodge #66
    Location:: Tucson, AZ
    Office:: Senior Deacon, Past Master
    E-mail:: ezpost@primenet.com

  464. Date: Sat, 27 May 95 10:59:17 -0400
    Name:: Norman Lederma
    Lodge:: Monument Lodge No. 657
    Location:: Indianapolis, Indiana
    Office:: Secretary
    E-mail:: nhl@trader.com

  465. Date: Sat, 27 May 95 13:00:36 -0400
    E-mail:: fernandofigueir@telepac.pt

  466. Date: Sat, 27 May 95 15:34:45 -0400
    Name:: W.B. John F. Chiocchi

  467. Date: Sat, 27 May 95 15:38:36 -0400
    Name:: W.B. John F. Chiocchi
    Location:: Lincoln, NE USA
    E-mail:: EYGN72B@prodigy.com
    Message:: Past Master of Liberty Lodge # 300 A.F.& A.M. Greetings Brethren

  468. Date: Sat, 27 May 95 16:18:51 -0400
    Name:: Steve Barringer
    Lodge:: DeSoto Lodge
    Location:: Desoto Illinois
    E-mail:: barringr@uiuc.edu
    Message:: Can you tell me of any other places on the net such as alt. or ANYWHERE that masons can be reached for conversation or what ever. thank you

  469. Date: Sat, 27 May 95 19:34:57 -0400
    Name:: Paul Knappett
    Lodge:: St. Paul
    Location:: Kettering, UK
    Office:: WM elect (Installation Nov.'95
    E-mail:: pknappet@rmplc.co.uk

  470. Date: Sat, 27 May 95 20:37:35 -0400
    Name:: Cliff Matson
    E-mail:: cmatson @ comox.island.net

  471. Date: Sat, 27 May 95 21:40:23 -0400
    Name:: Dr. Roger M. Firestone
    Lodge:: Ancient Landmark #5, MN; Dawson #16, DC
    Location:: I live in Oakton, Virginia
    Office:: Sr. Warden (Dawson #16), Musician/Ed. Ofcr. (Henry #57, VA)
    E-mail:: m0165%tnc.uucp@uunet.uu.net, rfire@calv1.cray.com, others
    Message:: I have a good deal of information on Freemasonry pointed to by my home page; use the URL http://www.ccsf.caltech.edu/~rfire/index.html#Freemasonry to get there.

  472. Date: Sat, 27 May 95 21:48:11 -0400
    Name:: robert powell jr.
    Message:: my adress is 2916 woodington dr. winston-salem nc 27103

  473. Date: Sat, 27 May 95 22:08:35 -0400
    Name:: William Charles Hutchings
    Lodge:: Victoria Columbia #1
    Location:: Victoria, British Columbia
    Office:: 650 Fisgard St.
    E-mail:: hutch@islandnet.com
    Message:: Hello from a past District Deputy Grand Master. I welcome any information from sojouring brothers.

  474. Date: Sat, 27 May 95 22:32:59 -0400
    Name:: Rick Green
    E-mail:: Rick.Green@Nashville.com

  475. Date: Sat, 27 May 95 23:36:58 -0400
    Name:: Graeme Robinson
    Lodge:: Werona-Pymble 590
    Location:: Sydney, Australia
    E-mail:: graemer@acslink.net.au

  476. Date: Sat, 27 May 95 23:41:12 -0400
    Name:: Maciej Babinski
    Location:: Illinois Math and Science Academy
    E-mail:: badger@imsa.edu

  477. Date: Sun, 28 May 95 02:02:19 -0400
    Name:: steve
    E-mail:: neal
    Message:: my father was a mason. i am interested in joining. what do i do? i dont know any masons in the san francisco/oakland area. would appreciate some help. thank you steve neal

  478. Date: Sun, 28 May 95 02:48:04 -0400
    Name:: Juraj Lisiak
    E-mail:: jlisiak@direct.ca

  479. Date: Sun, 28 May 95 09:22:33 -0400
    Name:: John H. Mouw
    E-mail:: mouwg@mail.firn.edu
    Message:: I enjoyed this FAQ about FreeMasonery. Very clear and consise. Alot of work!! Thanks again, John

  480. Date: Sun, 28 May 95 10:03:35 -0400
    Name:: Robert L. Tucker
    Location:: Stow, Ohio
    E-mail:: cbnr22a@prodigy.com
    Message:: Nice to visit your page. I am the WM of Adoniram Lodge #517, Akron, Ohio.

  481. Date: Sun, 28 May 95 11:03:24 -0400
    Name:: R.T. (Dick) James
    Lodge:: Doric 58
    Location:: Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
    Office:: Nil
    E-mail:: rtj@warp.atcon.com
    Message:: Warm Greetings from Halifax, Nova Scotia, this 28 May, 1995, at 1200hrs Atlantic. Note that while I live in Halifax, my Mother Lodge is 1400k away. My lodge days date back to 1977. I have not wanted to stray from home even though I now live in Nova Scotia. Keep my dues up to date, (finally) and stay in touch with my old Master. It has taken me almost two months to find a Brother on the Internet. This is wonderful. Hopefully I will hear from you. Best Regards from the East ... coast of Canada. rtj/

  482. Date: Sun, 28 May 95 15:52:28 -0400
    Name:: THOMAS J. TANNER SR. D.D.G.M.
    Lodge:: GOOSE CREEK 401
    Location:: GOOSE CREEK S.C.
    E-mail:: ttanner@awod.com

  483. Date: Sun, 28 May 95 16:05:45 -0400
    Name:: Lane Smith
    Lodge:: Schofield Lodge
    Location:: Wahiawa, HI
    E-mail:: stuka@fwb.gulf.net

  484. Date: Sun, 28 May 95 16:53:17 -0400
    Name:: John Jensen
    E-mail:: op-t-sof@jax.jaxnet.com

  485. Date: Sun, 28 May 95 21:41:05 -0400
    Name:: James G. Odom
    Lodge:: Herring #1224
    Location:: Waco, Texas
    Office:: Senior Warden
    E-mail:: us007182@interramp.com

  486. Date: Sun, 28 May 95 22:09:25 -0400
    Name:: Debbi Baird
    E-mail:: dabaird@map.com
    Message:: I have been studying "New Age" material for most of my life. Freemasonry is one of the areas I've been meaning to get around to. Thanks for the forum and the opportunity to learn.

  487. Date: Sun, 28 May 95 22:23:41 -0400
    Name:: Edward J. McNamee III
    Lodge:: Jerusalem 506
    Location:: Tacony, Philadelphia, PA
    E-mail:: gopone@postoffice.ptd.net

  488. Date: Sun, 28 May 95 22:45:37 -0400
    Name:: R. Dan Cogley
    Lodge:: GROVEPORT LODGE #240
    Location:: GROVEPORT, OH
    Office:: S. STEWARD
    E-mail:: 75776.1563@COMPUSERVE.COM

  489. Date: Mon, 29 May 95 01:18:49 -0400
    Name:: David Page
    Lodge:: 176 Mozaic
    Location:: Calgary AB
    E-mail:: david.page@bbs.logicnet.com
    Message:: The internet should revitalize Masonary. Keep it up.

  490. Date: Mon, 29 May 95 05:56:14 -0400
    Name:: Matthew Beckstrom
    Lodge:: Missoula #13
    Location:: Missoula, Montana
    Office:: Not sure.
    E-mail:: geddy@selway.umt.edu
    Message:: I really don't know what to say except "HI" so Hi.

  491. Date: Mon, 29 May 95 09:46:00 -0400
    Name:: Claud Mick III
    Lodge:: Garden City #587
    Location:: Garden City, Mi
    E-mail:: Pickring@aol.com
    Message:: I found this while surfing looking for some Masonic Graphics -- Please E-mail back locations if you know of some. Thank You, Brother Mickey

  492. Date: Mon, 29 May 95 11:26:30 -0400
    Name:: Jonah Sievers
    E-mail:: jonah@hrz1.pcnet.uni-oldenburg.de
    Message:: i am just interested in freemasonry shalom jonah

  493. Date: Mon, 29 May 95 13:17:40 -0400
    Name:: Gigliuto Giovanni
    Lodge:: Vita Nova n. 635
    Location:: Catania - Grande Oriente d'Italia
    Office:: Past Master
    E-mail:: edtorre@mail.tau.it

  494. Date: Mon, 29 May 95 15:05:08 -0400
    Name:: Michael Grenley
    Lodge:: NA
    Location:: NA
    Office:: NA
    E-mail:: wbones@jammed.com
    Message:: Hello

  495. Date: Mon, 29 May 95 18:43:17 -0400
    Name:: Thomas L. Williams
    Lodge:: Love Field #1274
    Location:: Dallas, Texas
    E-mail:: sirtom@ix.netcom.com

  496. Date: Mon, 29 May 95 19:02:27 -0400
    Name:: Tom Norris
    Lodge:: Concord#30 F&AM
    Location:: Concord MI
    E-mail:: Tom_Norris@Jackson.cc.mi.us

  497. Date: Tue, 30 May 95 10:09:46 -0400
    Name:: Sharon Smith
    E-mail:: ssmith4@kentlaw.edu
    Message:: I am an Eastern Star interested in networking with other sisters.

  498. Date: Tue, 30 May 95 12:26:59 -0400
    Name:: Matt O'Brien
    Lodge:: Andrew Jackson
    Location:: Alexandria, VA
    E-mail:: mobrien@bah.com

  499. Date: Tue, 30 May 95 13:20:25 -0400
    Name:: Leslie E. Reynolds
    Lodge:: St. John's #63 A.F.& A.M. G.R.C.
    Location:: Carleton Place, Ont., Canada
    E-mail:: leslie@inasec.ca
    Message:: I was glad to find this site (I'm relatively new to both the the Craft and the Internet) and look forward to meeting other brethren out there in cyberspace.

  500. Date: Tue, 30 May 95 14:47:55 -0400
    Name:: Waldek Troc
    E-mail:: psi@ikp.atm.com.pl

  501. Date: Tue, 30 May 95 15:11:12 -0400
    Name:: Rick Kasparek
    Lodge:: Marion Lodge #548
    Location:: Marion Iowa
    E-mail:: rick@gryffin.com
    Message:: Gary... may I point to the Grand Lodge of Washington from GLoWWW?

  502. Date: Tue, 30 May 95 17:56:26 -0400
    Name:: Brian Rountree
    Lodge:: Mystery Lodge 174
    Location:: Thompson, Manitoba, Canada
    Office:: Treasurer
    E-mail:: rountree@minet.gov.mb.ca

  503. Date: Wed, 31 May 95 03:29:26 -0400
    Name:: Stewart J Sutherland
    Lodge:: Civic 604 IC
    Location:: Durban, South Africa
    Office:: Past Master
    E-mail:: stewart@umfolozi.ntech.ac.za
    Message:: Fraternal greetings to all Freemasons everywhere from the Worshipful Master and Brethren of Civic Lodge, Durban, South Africa. I would appreciate hearing from you.

  504. Date: Wed, 31 May 95 09:48:54 -0400
    Name:: Bob Turley
    Lodge:: Good Hope 4856 & Chapter
    Location:: London
    Office:: SD
    E-mail:: bob@erebor.demon.co.uk
    Message:: I am visiting N.California last 2 weeks of june and am hoping to visit whilst there

  505. Date: Wed, 31 May 95 15:30:11 -0400
    Name:: David H. Golding
    Lodge:: Philo-Mount Sinai #968
    Location:: Fayetteville, NY
    Office:: Senior Deacon
    E-mail:: Poetdream@aol.com

  506. Date: Wed, 31 May 95 19:15:24 -0400
    Name:: Donald Mosier
    Lodge:: Kingston
    Location:: Cedar Rapids IA
    Office:: W.M.
    E-mail:: demosier@crems.cca.rockwell.com

  507. Date: Wed, 31 May 95 20:19:25 -0400
    Name:: Roberto Salvador Escobedo Garcia.
    Lodge:: Logia Melchor Ocampo #56
    Location:: Escobedo 414 Nte. Monterrey, N.L. Mixico
    Office:: Rep. Dominicana 510 Col V. Hermosa, Monterrey, N.L. Mixico
    Message:: Saludos fraternales de mi madre logia, deseando tener comunicacion perisdica con alguna publicacion referente al pueblo massnico internacional (Sorry, but I cannot write my message in english because I dont dominate very well the language).

  508. Date: Wed, 31 May 95 21:08:50 -0400
    Name:: Gary Dumbauld
    Lodge:: East Denver 160
    Location:: Denver, CO
    E-mail:: dumbaul@ibm.net

  509. Date: Thu, 1 Jun 95 04:39:39 -0400
    Name:: B A Berg
    Lodge:: St. Michael No 17 Norway
    Location:: Txnsberg Norway

  510. Date: Thu, 1 Jun 95 06:13:39 -0400
    Name:: Prof.Dr.Altay Birand Dept.of Civ.Eng.Middle east.Tech Univ.Ankara/Turkey
    Lodge:: Tolerans/Ankara
    Location:: Ankara/Turkey
    Office:: none
    E-mail:: abirand@rorqual.cc.metu.edu.tr
    Message:: I would like to thank you for such an outlet. I have been a Bro.for 29 years. Would like to correspond if it is ok.

  511. Date: Thu, 1 Jun 95 08:00:09 -0400
    Name:: Carl H. Doan JW
    Lodge:: Mt. Moriah #28
    Location:: Bordentown, New Jersey USA
    Office:: Junior Warden

  512. Date: Thu, 1 Jun 95 18:11:20 -0400
    Name:: Tom Christensen
    Location:: Norway
    Message:: Thanks for the info, I've always wanted to know what freemasononry is.

  513. Date: Thu, 1 Jun 95 20:34:11 -0400
    Name:: Bill Radcliff
    Location:: Tampa FL A.W. Windhorst #185 F&AM
    E-mail:: Prodigy ptdh39a

  514. Date: Thu, 1 Jun 95 20:56:30 -0400
    Name:: Ronnie E. Lee
    Lodge:: Caledona
    Location:: Bakersfield California
    Office:: Senior Deacon
    Message:: Great job on building this page. Looking forward to visiting it regularly. Thanks Ronnie E.Lee

  515. Date: Thu, 1 Jun 95 22:53:07 -0400
    Name:: Paul Rose
    Lodge:: Queens Lodge, 578 GRC
    Location:: 126 Johnson Street, Kingston, Ontario, CANADA
    Office:: J.S.
    E-mail:: paulrose@limestone.kosone.com
    Message:: I've just started on the Internet and thought I'd search on Freemasonry - here I am. I was delighted to find all this masonic material on the NET. I look forward to an email from you, fraternally paul...

  516. Date: Thu, 1 Jun 95 23:09:13 -0400
    Name:: Stephen Smith
    E-mail:: VUZY20A@PRODIGY

  517. Date: Thu, 1 Jun 95 23:17:01 -0400
    Name:: Paul A. Simpson
    Lodge:: Tucson Lodge #4
    Location:: Tucson, AZ
    Office:: WM 1995
    E-mail:: homers@primenet.com
    Message:: Originally gre up in Brockton, MA. Father was a Past Master of Baalis Sanford Lodge in Brockton

  518. Date: Thu, 1 Jun 95 23:39:27 -0400
    Name:: Jim Sullivan
    Lodge:: Abilene Lodge 551
    Location:: Abilene, TX
    E-mail:: jsully@gate.net
  519. Date: Fri, 2 Jun 95 00:42:37 -0400
    Name:: Ted Straub
    E-mail:: pp001796@interramp.com

  520. Date: Fri, 2 Jun 95 02:11:37 -0400
    Name:: Larry R. LaCost Jr
    Lodge:: Long Beach Lodge #327
    Location:: Long Beach, CA
    Office:: Senior Stewart
    E-mail:: llacost@ix.netcom.com
    Message:: Thank you for putting this page up!

  521. Date: Fri, 2 Jun 95 03:18:41 -0400
    Name:: Bro Stephen Burgoyne
    Lodge:: St. Michael's Lodge No.8643(EC)
    Location:: Sandton, South Africa
    Office:: Secretary
    E-mail:: sburgoyne@lia.infolink.co.za

  522. Date: Fri, 2 Jun 95 06:39:14 -0400
    Name:: ALAN M. MAXTED
    Office:: PM
    E-mail:: alan@talbot.u-net.com

  523. Date: Fri, 2 Jun 95 08:59:51 -0400
    Name:: Philippe R. Langlet
    Lodge:: Disciples de Sadi-Carnot
    Location:: Limoges, France
    Office:: None
    Message:: I make studies on the rituals, and especially comparisons between French and English and Amrecican rituals. I would be very glad to receive some research material at the following address : BP 1153 - France 87053 Limoges Cedex With fraternal thanks

  524. Date: Fri, 2 Jun 95 13:28:26 -0400
    Name:: Bob Dashman
    Lodge:: Austin Lodge #12, AF+AM
    Location:: Austin, Texas
    Office:: Senior Steward
    E-mail:: mrbob@infinity.ccsi.com
    Message:: I've been pretty active on the Masonry forum on Compuserve. I am new to the WWW, and am gled to find your page. I look forward to returning here ona regular basis. S+F, Bob

  525. Date: Fri, 2 Jun 95 13:53:29 -0400
    Name:: Mariusz Matusiak
    E-mail:: polbook@via.at
    Message:: Best wishes

  526. Date: Fri, 2 Jun 95 17:35:42 -0400
    Name:: V Luc Chase
    E-mail:: luc@dircon.co.uk

  527. Date: Wed, 31 May 95 11:51:17 -0400
    Name:: David S Soriano
    Lodge:: Union Lodge # 334 Bradford, Pa.
    Location:: Bradford, Pa.
    Office:: Inner Guard
    E-mail:: soriano@unixs.cis.pitt.edu
    Message:: Hello to all brother masons!I have been on Compu-serve forum and s w yout fort forum. Here I am!

  528. Date: Sat, 3 Jun 95 03:23:59 -0400
    Name:: J. Patrick Corrigan, Grand Secretary, Grand Lodge of F&AM of Hawaii
    Lodge:: Hawaiian Lodge
    Location:: Honolulu, Hawaii
    Office:: Grand Secretary of the Grand Lodge of Hawaii
    E-mail:: masonsgl@pixi.com
    Message:: Please check out our fledgling page at http://www.pixi.com/~masonsgl. Our Pearl Harbor Lodge has an existing pointer to this site, and the Grand Lodge page will have one as well. Aloha.

  529. Date: Sat, 3 Jun 95 16:22:35 -0400
    Name:: Tom A. Gasque
    E-mail:: BPTB76A@prodigy.com
    Message:: I have just been installed as Secretary to Mount Zion Lodge #50 (P.H.A) in Hackensack, N.J. and would appreciate any and all aids that you may know about that are available.

  530. Date: Sat, 3 Jun 95 16:54:05 -0400
    Name:: John Ingianni
    Lodge:: Oak Plains Lodge 789
    Location:: Sacramento Ca.
    E-mail:: Jaingianni@pplant.ucdavis.edu
    Message:: This is a first for me as my Son-in-Law helped me to get here. I'll look arounnd awhile

  531. Date: Sat, 3 Jun 95 18:51:57 -0400
    Name:: Clyde Stanley Hall
    Lodge:: Green Valley #71 & Wallace Hughston #1393
    Location:: Green Valley AZ & El Paso TX
    E-mail:: stanhal@azstarnet.com
    Message:: Was cruising around the internet and surprised to find you here. Will look into this location more often. Stan Hall Green Valley AZ

  532. Date: Sat, 3 Jun 95 20:39:39 -0400
    Name:: Jack dennis O'Leary
    Lodge:: La Luz #3
    Location:: San Jose
    Office:: Primer Vigilante
    E-mail:: merlyn@sol.racsa.co.cr
    Message:: Greetings Brethren, Need to know the ftp sites to download files on the works of Albert Pike and also materials in spanish. Sincerely Jack O'Leary

  533. Date: Sat, 3 Jun 95 20:47:37 -0400
    Name:: Juan de Dios BAHAMONDE
    Lodge:: EUREKA
    Location:: HABANA, CUBA
    E-mail:: merlyn@sol.racsa.co.cr
    Message:: HERMANOS, Saludos de Costa Rica!!! Actualmente busco trabajo en cualquier pais. Soy un constructor maestro de obras. Preferiblemente en los Estados Unidos. Cualquier ayuda agradecere. Sinceramente Juan

  534. Date: Sat, 3 Jun 95 20:50:08 -0400
    Lodge:: TROWEL LODGE # 80, F&AM,PHA

  535. Date: Sun, 4 Jun 95 04:02:52 -0400
    Name:: Hal Welke
    Lodge:: Dominion #117
    Location:: Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
    E-mail:: halwelke@freenet.edmonton.ab.ca

  536. Date: Sun, 4 Jun 95 08:20:31 -0400
    Name:: Robert A. Whitwell
    Lodge:: Argus #133
    Location:: Kingston, Nova Scotia, Canada
    Office:: Senior Warden
    E-mail:: whitwell@fox.nstn.ca
    Message:: I'm also a member of Valley Chapter #16 Royal Arch Masons. I'm on the education committee in Blue Lodge and would like any stories or Masonic information that any Brothers may wish to forward on. I am willing to do the same.

  537. Date: Sun, 4 Jun 95 09:36:34 -0400
    Name:: Nigel Gee
    Lodge:: Windsor Forest
    Location:: Wokingham, Berkshire, England
    E-mail:: keyplan@luna.co.uk
    Message:: It is a credit to our American brothers that they take the time to put so much good quality material on the Internet. We shall catch up with them in due course I hope. Email messages from any brother would be most welcome.

  538. Date: Sun, 4 Jun 95 13:15:56 -0400
    Name:: Steven Diamond
    Lodge:: Oak Plains Lodge No. 789
    Location:: Sacramento, CA
    E-mail:: diamondz@calweb.com

  539. Date: Sun, 4 Jun 95 17:08:27 -0400
    Name:: Kirk Ellern
    Lodge:: Reno Logde #13
    Location:: Reno, NV
    Office:: Guy who sits in the back
    E-mail:: kirk@reno-brewing.reno.nv.us
    Message:: Thought the FAQ Page was great. I printed it to give to our secretary and keep for our records.

  540. Date: Mon, 5 Jun 95 05:39:26 -0400
    Name:: Abdias Marin

  541. Date: Mon, 5 Jun 95 09:19:40 -0400
    Name:: Wor. Carl H. Gylfphe, Jr.
    Lodge:: Wyoming
    Location:: Melrose, MA
    Office:: Master
    E-mail:: GYLFPHE@ll.mit.edu
    Message:: It's Great to have the Craft represented on the Net. Call me at 181-4880.

  542. Date: Mon, 5 Jun 95 10:52:31 -0400
    Name:: David L. Hinds, P.M, Capital Lodge No.54 AF&AM, Cheyenne, Wyoming
    Lodge:: Capital lodge No. 54
    Location:: Cheyenne, wyoming
    Office:: Past Master
    E-mail:: dhinds@Wyoming.com
    Message:: Greeting's from Capital Lodge No.54. Another Past Master of out lodge has been on the net for masonic information. He is attempting to create a similar page for the lodges in Wyoming. His name is Bill Smith. Any sort of Masonic information is great as it spreads the word to our wonderful work. I have been involved in Masonry my whole life. A past Master Councilor in the Order of DeMolay to Past Master of my Blue Lodge, York rite, Scottish Rite and the Shrine. Brotherly Love to all. Keep up the good work.

  543. Date: Mon, 5 Jun 95 11:30:41 -0400
    Name:: Rudolf K|nzli
    Lodge:: Gnosis #159
    Location:: Besangon, France
    Office:: Treasurer
    E-mail:: Rudolf.Kunzli@imp.ch
    Message:: That we never will give up the search for the light!

  544. Date: Mon, 5 Jun 95 16:52:12 -0400
    Name:: Tony Wilson P.M.
    Lodge:: O.D. Smith Lodge #33 F.& A.M.
    Location:: Oxford Mississippi
    Office:: P.M. - chief cook and bottle washer
    E-mail:: abwilson@sunset.backbone.olemiss.edu
    Message:: Thanks for the opportunity to access other brothren through the web. I was in the Boston area last year and wanted to do some visiting but didn't have any contact.

  545. Date: Mon, 5 Jun 95 18:00:43 -0400
    Name:: A. Darin Peccanty
    E-mail:: st35102@vm.cc.latech.edu
    Message:: Thank you for the information that I found here....I plan to ask about joining

  546. Date: Mon, 5 Jun 95 18:42:46 -0400
    Name:: Jimmy McNeil
    Lodge:: Woodstock, St George's, plus various side degree Lodges
    Location:: Pinelands Masonic Centre, Ringwood Drive, Pinelands Cape, South Africa
    Office:: Organist
    E-mail:: jimlad@iafrica.com
    Message:: We have quite a number of Lodges that meet at the above address and we are lucky in the sense that we have the opportunity of meeting Freemasons from the English Constitution, as well as the Irish, the Scottish and the South African Constitutions. My mother Lodge, Woodstock No. 2379 E.C. celebrated it's centenary in September 1990 and I am proud to have played a major part in the commemoration.activities. Unfortunately, I don't as yet have any way of sending any graphics. I am newly on the net.

  547. Date: Mon, 5 Jun 95 19:20:20 -0400
    Name:: Peter J. Dellarco
    Lodge:: Charity and Relief Lodge No.72 AF&AM
    Location:: Mystic, Connecticut
    Office:: JD
    E-mail:: DELLAPJ@AOL.com

  548. Date: Mon, 5 Jun 95 22:00:53 -0400
    Name:: GOASDOUE Vincent
    Lodge:: LE SPHINX n0119
    Location:: LILLE (France)
    E-mail:: 100544.2466@compuserve.com
    Message:: Hi ! And congratulation with your good work

  549. Date: Mon, 5 Jun 95 22:08:58 -0400
    Name:: Charles R. Broderick, Jr
    Lodge:: Lehigh Lodge No. 326
    Location:: Trexlertown, PA
    E-mail:: broderick1@llnl.gov
    Message:: I now live in San Ramon, CA and am a member of the Oakland Consistory. I am always interested in hearing from other masons.

  550. Date: Mon, 5 Jun 95 23:00:31 -0400
    Name:: Robert Ramsay Jr.
    Lodge:: Thistle Lodge # 96
    Location:: Verdun (Montreal), Quebec
    E-mail:: Microburst@NetAxis.qc.qa

  551. Date: Tue, 6 Jun 95 00:14:44 -0400
    Name:: Charles J. Killian
    E-mail:: ckill@es_m7.xerox.com

  552. Date: Tue, 6 Jun 95 02:05:33 -0400
    Name:: andrew grace
    E-mail:: andrew@perth.wgc.com.au

  553. Date: Tue, 6 Jun 95 04:28:16 -0400
    Name:: Ian Barnett
    Lodge:: Flumen Luminis No. 47 Grande Loge National Francaise
    Location:: Versonnex France (near Geneva, Switzerland)
    E-mail:: barian@sl3.msm.cern.ch

  554. Date: Tue, 6 Jun 95 04:47:01 -0400
    Name:: Brent K Anderson
    Lodge:: El Dorado Lodge #26
    Location:: Placerville CA
    Office:: Senior Warden
    E-mail:: Brent_K_Anderson@ccm.intel.com

  555. Date: Tue, 6 Jun 95 12:58:18 -0400
    Name:: John Glover
    Lodge:: Paradise Valley #61
    Location:: Phoenix, Arizona
    Office:: Past Master (1975) Williams-Grand Canyon #38 Williams, AZ
    Message:: This is a terrific idea. Fraternal greetings to all!

  556. Date: Tue, 6 Jun 95 16:20:28 -0400
    Location:: BOWIE, MD.
    Office:: JUNIOR WARDEN
    E-mail:: (SHAWR@AM@ZEUS)

  557. Date: Tue, 6 Jun 95 22:09:54 -0400
    Name:: Paul D. Dangreau
    Lodge:: Pacific Grove Lodge 331 F&AM
    Location:: P.O. Box 331 Pacific Grove CA 93950-0331
    Office:: Candidates Coach
    E-mail:: PDD&DLD@aol.com
    Message:: Happy to see Freemasonry on the net! PDD

  558. Date: Wed, 7 Jun 95 07:48:35 -0400
    Name:: Donald L. Alexander
    Lodge:: Portage Lodge #340
    Location:: Portage, MI
    Office:: Junior Warden
    E-mail:: donald.alexander@wmich.edu

  559. Date: Wed, 7 Jun 95 11:10:13 -0400
    Name:: Russell Stewart Breed
    Lodge:: Brotherhood No. 370, F. & A. M.
    Location:: San Francisco, CA
    Office:: Senior Steward
    E-mail:: rsb3@pge.com
    Message:: I am gathering information on Masonry via the Internet to include in an article for our Tresselboard.

  560. Date: Wed, 7 Jun 95 12:14:15 -0400
    Name:: Ashley Underwood
    Lodge:: Pomegranate #95
    Location:: St. Louis, Missouri, USA
    Office:: District Deputy Grand Master, Missouri Masonic District 61-D
    E-mail:: AshleyU@aol.com
    Message:: Greeting to all Brethren on the Web. May the tenets of Brotherly Love, Relief, and Truth be with you always.

  561. Date: Wed, 7 Jun 95 12:40:03 -0400
    Name:: Michael Watson
    Lodge:: West Milton #577
    Location:: West Milton, Ohio
    Office:: Junior Grand Warden, Grand Lodge of Ohio
    E-mail:: mike.watson@daytonoh.attgis.com

  562. Date: Wed, 7 Jun 95 13:16:01 -0400
    Name:: Steve Setzer
    E-mail:: ssetzer@bix.com

  563. Date: Wed, 7 Jun 95 20:09:45 -0400
    Name:: Jim Puglia
    E-mail:: puglia@goodnet.com

  564. Date: Thu, 8 Jun 95 01:28:45 -0400
    Name:: Brian Oates
    Lodge:: Geelong Lodge of Installed Masters #789
    Location:: Geelong Victoria Australia
    Office:: Secretary
    E-mail:: briano@ne.com.au
  565. Date: Thu, 8 Jun 95 05:56:25 -0400
    Name:: Marlon D. Behn
    E-mail:: mbehn@huey.csun.edu
    Message:: Hi! I am a young student at Cal. State, Northridge who is in the quest to understand Masonry.In the quest I have found many different brands to the one craft of Masonry (Scotish Rites, Yorkers, Shriners, Prince Haul, F & A.M.'s A.F. & A.M.'s). I guess what I am asking, is if you can provide me with any additional information on the different brands that are out there, and why there are so many. A Very Interested Student M.D.B.

  566. Date: Thu, 8 Jun 95 08:01:03 -0400
    Name:: Peter Boychuck
    E-mail:: Peter.boychuck@edc.ge.com
    Message:: I am on your list now, however my E-Mail adress changed so the above is now correct

  567. Date: Thu, 8 Jun 95 08:12:12 -0400
    Name:: Wor. Jacky R. Brady PM
    Lodge:: Dorchester Masonic Lodge #369
    Location:: Charleston, South Carolina
    E-mail:: Bradyj@citadel.edu

  568. Date: Thu, 8 Jun 95 10:34:48 -0400
    Name:: Roger M. Hubbard
    E-mail:: rmhubbrd@rsal.unomaha.edu
    Message:: i am a curious person, was once asked to join DeMolay, but was very nervous/concerned about "the vows", even though i was invited by friends that i did trust.

  569. Date: Thu, 8 Jun 95 12:49:12 -0400
    Name:: Donald L. Stults
    Lodge:: Pentalpha Lodge #564 F&AM
    Location:: Indianapolis, Indiana
    Office:: Sen. Deacon (PM Lodge of Two Bridges, Zweibruecken, Germany)
    E-mail:: dstults@cleveland.dfas.mil

  570. Date: Thu, 8 Jun 95 13:38:01 -0400
    Name:: David O. Fields
    Lodge:: Diamond Lodge #83
    Location:: Black Diamond, WA
    Office:: Senior Deacon
    E-mail:: CedarC@aol.com

  571. Date: Thu, 8 Jun 95 14:48:50 -0400
    Name:: Bob Johnson
    E-mail:: rjj@ecsvax.uncecs.edu

  572. Date: Thu, 8 Jun 95 15:59:43 -0400
    Name:: Donald C. Boulanger
    Lodge:: Joppa #362
    Location:: Shreveport, LA
    Office:: DDGM #30, GL of the Philippines
    E-mail:: bouland@ix.netcom.com
    Message:: I have been looking for this location for the last 6 months - even though I am not certain it even existed at that time!

  573. Date: Thu, 8 Jun 95 17:27:18 -0400
    Name:: Paul Derman
    Lodge:: Amicable Lodge No. 25 AF&AM
    Location:: Baltimore, Maryland
    Office:: c/o Paul Derman, PM Secretary, 9 Willwood Ct, Balto, Md 21209
    E-mail:: pderman@mail.bcpl.md.us
    Message:: I had to use Yahoo to search. What is your exact url? Thanks

  574. Date: Thu, 8 Jun 95 19:35:51 -0400
    Name:: Antonio Ramirez
    E-mail:: al660921@campus.gda.itesm.mx

  575. Date: Fri, 9 Jun 95 00:36:31 -0400
    Name:: Clyde Amos
    Lodge:: Pacific Grove 331
    Location:: Pacific Grove CA.
    Office:: Master
    Message:: Fraternal Greetings! You can leave any messages for me with brother Dangreau. We meet on the first thursday of every month. Were just taking a break from practice. Next Thursday we will be initiating two new Masons. If you're in the Monterey area stop by.

  576. Date: Fri, 9 Jun 95 06:00:58 -0400
    Name:: Arni Leosson
    Lodge:: EDDA #1
    Location:: Reykjavik, Iceland
    Office:: YW
    E-mail:: arnil@rvik.is
    Message:: Brothers, Here is my new e-mail address: <arnil@rvik.is> I'm still looking for info. about Strasburgh Freemasonry (1740-1770) so please contact me if you can help, any little bit could go a long way! Arni Leosson, EDDA #1, Reykjavik, Iceland = arnil@rvik.is

  577. Date: Fri, 9 Jun 95 09:38:16 -0400
    Name:: Leamon Hinkle
    Lodge:: Pinnacle #661
    Location:: Middlesboro, KY 40965
    Office:: None
    E-mail:: akenaton@ix.netcom.com
    Message:: Thanks my brothers. I have been seeking more light for some time on the net. Just discovered Lycos, and found much. Hope I can be of some help. Please feel free to email me for any requests. I have just finished by Scotish Rites, and plan to petition York soon. Fraternally thine, Leamon Hinkle

  578. Date: Fri, 9 Jun 95 17:47:36 -0400
    Name:: Pedro Fontainhas
    E-mail:: Pedro.Fontainhas@individual.puug.pt

  579. Date: Fri, 9 Jun 95 21:05:00 -0400
    Name:: Robert W. Pastor, P.M.
    Lodge:: Port Tampa Lodge #153
    Location:: Tampa, FL
    Office:: District Instructor
    E-mail:: pastorr@mail.firn.edu

  580. Date: Fri, 9 Jun 95 21:13:04 -0400
    Name:: Ron MacQuarrie
    Lodge:: Golden Beaver Lodge No. 528
    Location:: Timmins Ontario Canada
    E-mail:: ron@vianet.on.ca
    Message:: Greatings Brethren from Northern Canada

  581. Date: Sat, 10 Jun 95 02:22:48 -0400
    Name:: Gregg Wilson
    E-mail:: gwilson@teleport.com

  582. Date: Sat, 10 Jun 95 02:45:00 -0400
    Name:: Scott L. Sorensen
    E-mail:: scott14 @ix.netcom.com

  583. Date: Sat, 10 Jun 95 07:50:49 -0400
    Name:: Alexander Antic
    E-mail:: alantic@ibm.net
    Message:: Very informative pages. I will keep on looking for Freemasonry activity in Switzerland. Of course, I would be very grateful if anybody could give me a cue. Regards, Alexander Antic alantic@ibm.net or alantic@MSN.com

  584. Date: Sat, 10 Jun 95 16:58:58 -0400
    Name:: Daniel Diazdelavega
    Lodge:: Cuauhtemoc num 54
    Location:: Monterrey,N.l. Mixico
    E-mail:: ddiaz@cid.infosel.com.mx
    Message:: Brothers: "Saludos " from orient Monterrey N.L. We want

  585. Date: Sun, 11 Jun 95 02:14:55 -0400
    Name:: David Michael Leininger
    Lodge:: Randolph 1268
    Location:: Schertz Texas
    Office:: Past Chaplain (1975)
    E-mail:: leiningd@pobox.com or leiningd@usafe15.ramstein.af.mil or 75114.667@compuserve.com
    Message:: Mark well all fellow MMM (I received the MMM yesterday in Frankfurt Germany)

  586. Date: Sun, 11 Jun 95 04:01:28 -0400
    Name:: Thomas G. Hunter, PM White Plains Lodge #473, White Plians, NY
    Lodge:: White Plains lodge #473
    Location:: White Plains, NY
    Office:: Past Master
    E-mail:: tghunter@aol.com

  587. Date: Sun, 11 Jun 1995 12:21:00 +0300
    Name:: Timo Hahtala
    Lodge:: Tammerkoski 64
    Location:: Tampere, Finland
    Office:: Assistant Secretary
    E-mail:: ttg@sci.fi
    Message:: Hi Gary ! I haven't forgot my promise of article about Finnish masonry - my profane work has taken my time. However, I'll do it to you during the summer... Brotherly Timo

  588. Date: Sun, 11 Jun 95 14:01:49 -0400
    Name:: Jerry Weatberry
    Lodge:: Westwood #512
    Location:: OKC. Oklahoma
    Office:: Chaplain, PastMaster.
    E-mail:: wbry1@aol.com

  589. Date: Sun, 11 Jun 95 16:03:31 -0400
    Name:: John P. Baker
    Lodge:: Chandler Lodge #34
    Location:: Chandler, Az
    Office:: Master
    E-mail:: johnpaul@getnet.com Message:: First time visitor to this site....looking around..hope that you have great success.

  590. Date: Sun, 11 Jun 95 16:33:43 -0400
    Name:: Derek Ross Alexander Fisher
    Lodge:: The Portobello Lodge No 226
    Location:: Edinburgh, Scotland
    Office:: Past Master
    E-mail:: derek@portsetn.demon.co.uk Message:: Fraternal greetings to you all - nice to know we can communicate via the 'net.

  591. Date: Sun, 11 Jun 95 17:39:09 -0400
    Name:: jacobs marc
    E-mail:: marc.jacobs.@ping.be
    Message:: i have a rathr large collection of old books about the freemasonry. By old i mean between 1700 and 1850. I would love to hear from you if any other people have the same interests. It would facilitate some research for me.

  592. Date: Sun, 11 Jun 95 17:59:17 -0400
    Name:: Jason Michael LaChance
    E-mail:: jlachanc@comp.uark.edu

  593. Date: Sun, 11 Jun 95 18:08:08 -0400
    Name:: Ken Mellan
    Lodge:: Colorado Springs 76
    Location:: Colorado Springs, Co
    E-mail:: MellanKP@LFS.LORAL.COM
    Message:: Hello from sunny colorado. If in the area please contact through the lodge secretary.

  594. Date: Sun, 11 Jun 95 18:26:20 -0400
    Name:: Bro. Larry J. Swanson
    Lodge:: Charleswood Lodge # 163
    Location:: Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
    Office:: Inner Guard
    E-mail:: laswanso@minet.gov.mb.ca

  595. Date: Sun, 11 Jun 95 19:06:58 -0400
    Name:: Estyn Edwards
    E-mail:: jacke@freenet.edmonton.ab.ca

  596. Date: Sun, 11 Jun 95 19:18:24 -0400
    Name:: Jeff Dotterer
    Lodge:: McHenry Lodge #158 AF&AM
    Location:: McHenry, Illinois
    Office:: Senior Steward
    E-mail:: dotterer@cig.mot.com
    Message:: I've been looking for something like this, I was wondering where you guys were hiding ;^) Ancient Accepted Scottish Rite Valley of Freeport, Illinois Tebala Temple A.A.O.N.M.S. of Rockford, Illinois

  597. Date: Sun, 11 Jun 95 22:26:49 -0400
    Name:: William Lindsey
    Lodge:: Macdonald #324
    Location:: Independence Mo
    Office:: Junior Deacon
    E-mail:: shanor@sky.net

  598. Date: Sun, 11 Jun 95 22:27:08 -0400
    Name:: Walter Rudzki
    E-mail:: wrudzki@wchat.on.ca

  599. Date: Mon, 12 Jun 95 09:14:02 -0400
    Name:: Dana W. Schultz
    Lodge:: Host #6
    Location:: High Bridge, New Jersey
    Office:: Junior Warden
    E-mail:: dschultz@attmail.com

  600. Date: Mon, 12 Jun 95 11:16:16 -0400
    Name:: Bill Shumate
    Lodge:: Gothic #852
    Location:: Belleville, Il
    E-mail:: Shumatew@mhs.safb.af.mil

  601. Date: Mon, 12 Jun 95 13:04:34 -0400
    Name:: Hans R. Van de Berg
    E-mail:: HANS_R_Vandeberg_at_usnus14@abbsmtp.abb.com

  602. Date: Mon, 12 Jun 95 14:15:45 -0400
    Name:: Richard H. Walter
    Lodge:: Germania Corinthian Union #11
    Location:: Livingston, NJ
    E-mail:: richwalt@interactive.net

  603. Date: Mon, 12 Jun 95 16:26:46 -0400
    Name:: Paul Dorman, Jr.
    Lodge:: Fellowship Lodge #84, AF & AM
    Location:: Smithfield, NC 27577
    Office:: Past Master, Trustee
    E-mail:: shallco@nando.net

  604. Date: Mon, 12 Jun 95 20:04:23 -0400
    Name:: Bro. Marty Brockman
    Lodge:: Bedford Lodge No. 638
    Location:: Toronto District 6, G.R.C.
    Office:: Sec. Wor.Bro. Gerry Lipperman, 71-299 Mullen Dr. Thornhill
    Message:: I am looking for a way to converse with other brethren in the IRC. I am currently a S.D. at Bedford and in 3+ years I will be in the East. Happy to meet, Sorry to part, Happy to meet again...

  605. Date: Mon, 12 Jun 95 21:18:46 -0400
    Name:: Bro. Larry J. Swanson
    Lodge:: Charleswood Lodge # 163
    Location:: Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
    Office:: Inner Guard
    E-mail:: laswanso@minet.gov.mb.ca
    Message:: Just surfing for fellow brothers. Peace and Harmony to you always.

  606. Date: Mon, 12 Jun 95 22:10:32 -0400
    Name:: Cabell F. Cobbs,
    Lodge:: Staunton 13, AF&AM
    Location:: Staunton, VA
    Office:: Past Grand Master (1989, Va.), PM, PHP, PC, KYCH, ETC.
    E-mail:: 74107.3412@compuserve.com
    Message:: Glad to find you on the Net. But why are we indexed in the Whole Net Catalogue under Occult, etc.? Thought we might be and tried it. Have a good day, CC

  607. Date: Mon, 12 Jun 95 22:43:50 -0400
    Name:: David A. Olivares
    Lodge:: Army Lodge #1105
    Location:: San Antonio, Texas
    Office:: Past Master
    E-mail:: daoliv@txdirect.net
    Message:: I have been surfing the net for about three months and did not know that there were Masonic home pages. Glad to see you here. Keep up the great work.

  608. Date: Tue, 13 Jun 95 01:59:41 -0400
    Name:: Kumar Pillai
    E-mail:: kumarp@lna.oz.au

  609. Date: Tue, 13 Jun 95 09:48:26 -0400
    Name:: chris davidson
    E-mail:: barkingowl@aol.com

  610. Date: Tue, 13 Jun 95 11:06:26 -0400
    Name:: Amparo
    E-mail:: arally@mednet.med.miami.edu
    Message:: I'm glad I found this site. I never knew anything true about the Freemasons, only ever hearing bizarre rumors which seemed pretty outlandish. This helps clear things up-- Thanks!

  611. Date: Tue, 13 Jun 95 12:02:11 -0400
    Name:: Thomas Posz
    Lodge:: Fideas Lodge #246
    Location:: Sanborn, MN 56083
    E-mail:: tposz@ccnet.com

  612. Date: Tue, 13 Jun 95 12:52:45 -0400
    Name:: Andrew T Hennessey
    E-mail:: pegasus@easynet.co.uk
    Message:: Dr George Oliver says that Masonry came from the stars. I may be interested in joining - although I don't consider myself to be Profane in the spiritual sense of the word !

  613. Date: Tue, 13 Jun 95 12:56:46 -0400
    Name:: Rodney Orpheus
    Lodge:: Makhashanah Lodge OTO
    Location:: Hamburg Germany
    Office:: WM
    E-mail:: RodneyO@eworld.com
    Message:: Great pages, thanks for taking the time to put this together...

  614. Date: Tue, 13 Jun 95 13:27:39 -0400
    Name:: Ralph T. Stetson III
    Lodge:: King Cyrus and Lamoille #6
    Location:: Reading, MA and Fairfax, VT
    Office:: Junior Steward - Lamoille #6
    E-mail:: ralphkd1r@aol.com
    Message:: Very interesting page keep up the good work

  615. Date: Tue, 13 Jun 95 17:18:50 -0400
    Name:: William P. Hoffmark
    Lodge:: Liberty #7
    Location:: Taipei, Taiwan, Republic of China
    Office:: None
    E-mail:: Bhoffmark@kelco.com

  616. Date: Tue, 13 Jun 95 18:08:16 -0400
    Name:: Barrie Melvin
    Lodge:: Yarborough # 244 and also De Carteret # 3459 plus others
    Location:: all in the Province of Jersey, Channel Islands, Great Britain
    E-mail:: barrie@itl.net
    Message:: Very pleased to see that Freemasonry is now in the internet. I look forward to many informative visits to this site.

  617. Date: Tue, 13 Jun 95 19:12:20 -0400
    Name:: Tregg D. Hartley
    Lodge:: Yorktown #205
    Location:: Yorktown, Va.
    E-mail:: RogueET@aol.com
    Message:: Thank you for maintaining such a sight.

  618. Date: Tue, 13 Jun 95 21:10:43 -0400
    Name:: James Popowytsch
    Lodge:: Allemania #740
    Location:: QUEENS NY
    E-mail:: N/A

  619. Date: Tue, 13 Jun 95 21:15:21 -0400
    Name:: Ken Collin
    Lodge:: Mystery Lodge 174
    Location:: Thompson Manitoba Canada
    E-mail:: wl-sysop-n-s@society.com
    Message:: Greetings Brethern, from Northern Manitoba. All is wonderful in the East.

  620. Date: Tue, 13 Jun 95 22:49:36 -0400
    Name:: Charles C. McCorkle
    E-mail:: mccorkle@scsn.net

  621. Date: Tue, 13 Jun 95 23:52:10 -0400
    Name:: Marc D. Rohloff
    Lodge:: Robinson Locke #659
    Location:: Toledo, Ohio
    Office:: Past Master
    E-mail:: ringring@crc.com

  622. Date: Wed, 14 Jun 95 07:19:02 -0400
    Name:: Paulo Barata
    E-mail:: emmk.2240@ofis.unisys.com
    Message:: I've always been interested in this subject, which for many years was top-taboo around here. I find the information interesting and looking forward to learn more about it.

  623. Date: Wed, 14 Jun 95 12:58:27 -0400 Name:: Joerg Heber
    E-mail:: sz0572@rzmail.rrze.uni-erlangen.de

  624. Date: Wed, 14 Jun 95 13:40:33 -0400
    Name:: Jeff Hargrave
    Lodge:: Edgewater Lodge #159
    Location:: Edgewater, CO
    Office:: Junior Steward
    E-mail:: jhargrav@denffpa1.mnet.uswest.com

  625. Date: Wed, 14 Jun 95 13:52:00 -0400
    Name:: William P. Hoffmark
    Lodge:: Liberty #7, F & A M
    Location:: Taipei, Taiwan, Republic of China
    E-mail:: Bhoffmark@kelco.com
    Message:: Also a member of Lakeside Lodge #760, F&AM, Lakeside, California, Taipei Bodies, AASRFSJ, Taipei, Taiwan and Al Bahr Temple, AAONMS, San Diego, California.

  626. Date: Wed, 14 Jun 95 16:08:47 -0400
    Name:: Lorenzo Farris
    E-mail:: farris@dmark.llnl.gov

  627. Date: Wed, 14 Jun 95 18:08:28 -0400

  628. Date: Wed, 14 Jun 95 20:03:18 -0400
    Name:: Jeff White
    Lodge:: Merritt Island Lodge #353 F&AM
    Location:: Merritt Island, Florida
    Office:: Past Master (1984), Past District Deputy Grand Master (1986)
    E-mail:: Jeffreyfw@aol.com

  629. Date: Wed, 14 Jun 95 21:05:59 -0400
    Name:: Vaughn Combs
    Lodge:: Baron Steuben 264
    Location:: Lee Center, NY 13363
    E-mail:: combs@cliff.cs.rl.af.mil
    Message:: Hi ... was just surfing and thought I would show my dad your page. He is also a mason (actually he is a past master, and past commander-in-chief of consistory) Take Care, vtc

  630. Date: Wed, 14 Jun 95 22:21:56 -0400
    Name:: Joe S. Isom
    Lodge:: St. Columba
    Location:: La Plata, MD
    Office:: None
    E-mail:: isomj@cpcug.org

  631. Date: Thu, 15 Jun 95 10:37:23 -0400
    Name:: Jonah Sievers
    E-mail:: jonah@hrz1.pcnet.uni-oldenburg.de
    Message:: REQUEST FOR CORRESPONDENCE I am intersted in freemasonry and looking for essays, halachic studies and responsa about the position of judaism (Orth., Reform, Cons.) on Freemasonry

  632. Date: Thu, 15 Jun 95 12:04:44 -0400
    Name:: Cameron D. Moffatt Jr.
    Lodge:: Hiram Lodge No. 6
    Location:: Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada
    Office:: Senior Deacon
    E-mail:: Camm@gov.nb.ca
    Message:: I hope to consult this source of information to obtain "Further Light" in Free Masonry

  633. Date: Thu, 15 Jun 95 14:54:11 -0400
    Name:: William J. Bradberry
    Lodge:: Liberty Lodge Number 7
    Location:: Grand Lodge of China - Taipei Taiwan
    E-mail:: wbrad@uog9.uog.edu

  634. Date: Wed, 14 Jun 95 20:38:53 -0400
    Name:: Jennifer A. Ray
    E-mail:: futuredoc@aol.com
    Message:: Well Done Page : )

  635. Date: Thu, 15 Jun 95 16:44:04 -0400
    Name:: Dwayne Kennemore
    E-mail:: dwayne.kennemore@fw.ast.com
    Message:: Very interesting page, and the pictures are terrific. I would like to become a Freemason, but I am only eighteen.

  636. Date: Thu, 15 Jun 95 17:55:15 -0400
    Name:: John Marshall
    E-mail:: jmarshall@rdc.ab.ca
    Message:: Not a mason yet, but working on it.

  637. Date: Thu, 15 Jun 95 21:04:57 -0400
    Name:: Joseph E. Zedar
    Lodge:: PEERLESS LODGE #195 F&AM
    Location:: 71 WEST 23RD STREET NYC, NY 10010
    E-mail:: joezedar@ix.netcom.com
    Message:: Thank you for providing this information to those of us in the Fraternity. Your work is greatly appreciated.

  638. Date: Thu, 15 Jun 95 23:04:21 -0400
    Name:: Bernard Woods Past Master
    Lodge:: Victoria Lodge 2360
    Location:: Southport England
    E-mail:: chaworth@barint.on.ca

  639. Date: Fri, 16 Jun 95 01:33:12 -0400
    Name:: Don Tolin
    Lodge:: Casper Lodge 15 AF&AM
    Location:: Casper, Wyoming
    E-mail:: dont@trib.com
    Message:: Nice job with the Masonic information on the INTERNET! I was also looking for something on the INTERNET on Job's Daughters, as I have two. In the FAQ, saw info on DeMolays, but nothing on Job's Daughters. Perhaps, we can get one started!

  640. Date: Fri, 16 Jun 95 10:35:00 -0400
    Name:: Chuck Quintero
    E-mail:: cquinter@motown.ge.com
    Message:: Hi! I'm MIT '83. Introduced to Masonry by Gary Bradley (Mizpah - Haddon Heights #191, Haddon Heights, NJ).

  641. Date: Fri, 16 Jun 95 10:41:06 -0400
    Name:: Les Tomkinson
    Lodge:: Concord 9953 / York 236 / (Province of Yorkshire N & E England)
    Location:: Both lodges in York, England
    Office:: Junior Deacon in Concord
    E-mail:: les@eliteco.demon.co.uk
    Message:: Nice to see Masonry on the Net! Fraternal greetings to all visiting (and resident!) brethren.

  642. Date: Fri, 16 Jun 95 11:01:34 -0400
    Name:: John Yates
    Lodge:: Wichita Falls 635 / Megargel 1038
    Location:: Wichita Falls / Megargel, Texas
    Office:: Past Master
    E-mail:: jyates@wf.net

  643. Date: Fri, 16 Jun 95 12:23:31 -0400
    Name:: Stephen Nash
    Lodge:: Palma vituti
    Location:: Aldershot Hampshire U.K

  644. Date: Fri, 16 Jun 95 23:35:06 -0400
    Name:: William Shankle
    Lodge:: O.D. Smith Lodge #33
    Location:: Oxford, MS
    E-mail:: wshankle@sunset.backbone.olemiss.edu

  645. Date: Sat, 17 Jun 95 16:33:37 -0400
    Name:: Bernard Durgin
    Lodge:: Jerusalem Daylight 66
    Location:: Tucson, AZ
    Office:: PM, SD
    E-mail:: ezpost@primenet.com
    Message:: I am what you might call a "right wing conservative" who is challenging the AZ Grand Lodge (Liberal) on all their attempts to lessen the value of Masonry, the latest being their "Open Solicitation" program, based on the Amway sales program (a business enterprize being conducted within the Grand Lodge).

  646. Date: Sun, 18 Jun 95 08:48:01 -0400
    Name:: David J. Gillen
    Lodge:: Centerville Lodge #648
    Location:: North Syracuse, New York
    E-mail:: gillend@aol.com

  647. Date: Sun, 18 Jun 95 09:02:57 -0400
    Name:: Alan Norris
    Lodge:: BOULDER #25 West Australian Constitution
    Location:: Kalgoorlie-Boulder
    Office:: MM
    E-mail:: anlec@iinet.net.au

  648. Date: Sun, 18 Jun 95 09:30:33 -0400
    Name:: Hakan Falk
    Lodge:: Karnan, Provincial Lodge of Skane
    Location:: Helsingborg, Sweden
    Office:: Senior Warden
    E-mail:: hfalk@academy.bastad.se
    Message:: Brethren! I have a request about rituals of the Strict Observance Rite. Can someone help me find authentic and/or reconstructed rituals of the Scottish Degrees and of the Knight Degrees of that partcular Rite? Fraternally Hakan Falk

  649. Date: Sun, 18 Jun 95 10:25:04 -0400
    Name:: Rafik Bazikian, P.E.
    Lodge:: Pentalpha No. 194
    Location:: Germantown Maryland
    Office:: Tyler
    E-mail:: bazikian@cais.com
    Message:: I am a beginer user of the internet and a surprised how much information exist on Free Masonary on the net. I will appreciate listing of other sites. Masonary yours' Rafik

  650. Date: Sun, 18 Jun 95 13:39:25 -0400
    Name:: Arcangelo Franco
    E-mail:: Franco@www.eniware.interbusiness.it

  651. Date: Sun, 18 Jun 95 14:07:43 -0400
    Name:: Duncan H. Whiteman.
    E-mail:: wduncan@ran.es
    Message:: Such connectivity! I would like to learn.. any pointers, please rsvp. Thank you!

  652. Date: Sun, 18 Jun 95 16:21:25 -0400
    Name:: Terry E. Heeter
    Lodge:: Pike Lodge No. 355 F.& A.M.
    Location:: Kenosha, Wisconsin
    Office:: Senior Warden
    E-mail:: theeter@ix.netcom.com
    Message:: I see some masonic .gif files scattered around and do not seem to be able to download or save them after they appear on my screen. I am not having problems with those contained in a zip file. Just the single ones by themselves. I am using Netcruiser. Is there something I am not doing correct. I would like to use some of them since I have the wonderful job of doing the Tresleboard each month. I think they would ad an extra touch. Thank you.

  653. Date: Sun, 18 Jun 95 17:27:08 -0400
    Name:: brian r haugen
    E-mail:: bhaugen@direct.ca

  654. Date: Sun, 18 Jun 95 18:26:31 -0400
    Name:: John G. Paras
    Lodge:: Wasatch Lodge # 1
    Location:: Salt Lake City, Utah
    E-mail:: John.Paras@m.k12.ut.us
    Message:: It is nice to see a list of fellow brothers

  655. Date: Sun, 18 Jun 95 19:55:29 -0400
    Name:: Brent A. Rupnow
    E-mail:: rupnow@scf.usc.edu

  656. Date: Sun, 18 Jun 95 21:30:06 -0400
    Name:: Bruce T. Marshall
    Lodge:: Prospect Lodge, AF & AM
    Location:: Roslindale (Boston), MA 02131
    Office:: Presiding Master
    E-mail:: bruce@shore.net

  657. Date: Mon, 19 Jun 95 00:14:42 -0400
    Name:: Steven L. Guffy
    Lodge:: Wm. H. JETT #285
    Location:: Wenatchee,Wa
    Office:: Jenior Warden
    E-mail:: steveg@ncw.net
    Message:: I am presently the director of our Masonic Center, also a 32' Scottish Rite and am on our speech therapy board. I recently went thru the York Rite and am a Knights Templar also.I am a member of the MASADA SHRINE Temple. I am a HAM radio operator and my call sign is KB7HEF Kilo-bravo-7-he-exposes-film, wich leeds into my other profession, I am a photographer, I use a Canon A2 and Pentax 645 and 6X7. I enjoy motorcycles too

  658. Date: Mon, 19 Jun 95 10:43:57 -0400
    Name:: W. Brad Bembry
    Lodge:: Laclede Lodge #83
    Location:: Lebanon, Missouri
    Office:: Senior Deacon
    E-mail:: wbembry@mail.llion.com
    Message:: I would like to recieve information on the Royal Order of Jesters the Ancient Egyptian Order of Sciots , and Knight Masons.I have also recntly read a book that talked about Paladian Masonry and would like info on this.

  659. Date: Mon, 19 Jun 95 16:08:04 -0400
    Name:: Randall J. Massey
    Lodge:: Barneveld #319
    Location:: Barneveld, WI 53507
    Office:: same
    E-mail:: rjmassey@facstaff.wisc.edu

  660. Date: Mon, 19 Jun 95 23:03:03 -0400
    Name:: Jim Firbank
    Lodge:: Alliance Lodge #193 A.F.& A.M. of British Columbia
    Location:: Vancouver, British Columbia
    E-mail:: Jim_Firbank@mindlink.bc.ca
    Message:: If I can be of some assistance to you regarding either Job's Daughters or DeMolay in beautiful British Columbia, please drop me a line.

  661. Date: Mon, 19 Jun 95 23:15:16 -0400
    Name:: Webster Thorwald Hansen
    E-mail:: AzGriffon@aol.com

  662. Date: Tue, 20 Jun 95 13:32:49 -0400
    Name:: aiellid@darden.gbus.virginia.edu
    Lodge:: Widow's Sons' #60
    Location:: Charlottesville, Virginia
    Office:: Education Officer
    E-mail:: yes
    Message:: I am interested in various aspects of Esoteric Masonry, any information will be helpful. Also, any Lodges that seem to have a trend toward subjects of this nature. With kindest regards , I am Donald Aielli

  663. Date: Tue, 20 Jun 95 10:42:21 -0400
    Name:: Albert Zipp
    E-mail:: azipp@bmt.cent.com

  664. Date: Tue, 20 Jun 95 16:04:47 -0400
    Name:: Nelson King FPS
    Lodge:: The Philalethes Society
    Office:: Editor
    E-mail:: 71202.22@CompuServe.Com
    Message:: Keep up the good work.

  665. Date: Tue, 20 Jun 95 16:23:12 -0400
    Name:: Tony B. Loving
    E-mail:: lovingtb@aol.com
    Message:: Hello all, I would love to receive any additional information that may be available regarding the Prince Hall area (History, Ohio Representation, and any other information). Please send me EMAIL at my LOVINGTB@AOL.COM account. Thank You, Tony

  666. Date: Tue, 20 Jun 95 16:35:55 -0400
    Name:: Wor. Jeffrey Arnold
    Lodge:: Hammatt Ocean Lodge
    Location:: Saugus, MA
    Office:: Master 1993-1995
    E-mail:: worjeff@usa1.com

  667. Date: Tue, 20 Jun 95 17:50:23 -0400
    Name:: Mark Johnson
    Lodge:: Albert Pike #303
    Location:: Wichita, Kansas
    E-mail:: mark.johnson@symbios.com or 76670.1775@compuserve.com

  668. Date: Tue, 20 Jun 95 18:03:44 -0400
    Name:: LEO B. FEE JR.

  669. Date: Wed, 21 Jun 95 13:25:53 -0400
    Name:: Danny O'Shay
    Lodge:: Alma, Lodge#244
    Location:: Alma, Michigan
    E-mail:: ai366@detroit.freenet.org

  670. Date: Wed, 21 Jun 95 15:58:57 -0400
    Name:: Rick Kempen
    Lodge:: La Bien Aimee, no. 2
    Location:: Amsterdam, The Netherlands
    E-mail:: r.kempen@inter.nl.net
    Message:: It is indeed grand to see the Light shining on the Net! It just feels great to be able to wish everyone Hail, Blessing and Prosperity.

  671. Date: Wed, 21 Jun 95 16:56:00 -0400
    Name:: Jabob Ericson
    E-mail:: http://www.utah.com
    Message:: Would like to learn more about the original Knights Templar, and their situations during the crusades.

  672. Date: Wed, 21 Jun 95 16:59:45 -0400
    Name:: G. William "Buzz" Grabo
    Lodge:: Parsons Lodge #222
    Location:: Austin Texas
    Office:: Worshipful Master Elect
    E-mail:: grabobl@thecb.texas.gov

  673. Date: Wed, 21 Jun 95 21:07:05 -0400
    Name:: Art deHoyos
    Lodge:: McAllen Lodge No. 1110 AF&AM
    Location:: McAllen, Texas
    Office:: Past Master
    E-mail:: ArtdeHoyos@AOL.COM

  674. Date: Thu, 22 Jun 95 01:11:00 -0400
    Name:: David E. Pritchard
    Lodge:: Martin Lodge #624
    Location:: Waterloo IA
    E-mail:: dragon@forbin.com

  675. Date: Thu, 22 Jun 95 03:12:58 -0400
    Name:: Rick Hanson
    Lodge:: St. David's Lodge #302
    Location:: St. Thomas, Ontario, Canada
    Office:: Senior Warden (for 19 more hours) :)
    E-mail:: rick.hanson@onlinesys.com
    Message:: I would like to correspond with some brethren regarding ways to make our monthly bulletin more interesting and more likely to be read.

  676. Date: Thu, 22 Jun 95 13:58:41 -0400
    Name:: Henk P. Troost
    Lodge:: ACACIA No. 56
    Location:: Rotterdam - Nederland
    E-mail:: troost@euronet.nl
    Message:: Frat. Gr. to all ! Let's meet on the Net & work global Welcome any response & frat. discussion

  677. Date: Thu, 22 Jun 95 14:08:47 -0400
    Name:: Rick Stoneberg
    Lodge:: Prince Frederick Lodge #142
    Location:: Prince Frederick, Maryland
    Office:: Junior Warden
    E-mail:: Rick_Stoneberg@sptc.nesea2400.navy.mil
    Message:: Nice to see a familiar place for travellers to come to !! Thank You to all who have made this home page possible !!

  678. Date: Fri, 23 Jun 95 09:42:26 -0400
    Name:: Douglas O. Fegenbush
    Lodge:: North Park Lodge #646, St. Luke Lodge #761
    Location:: Indianapolis, IN
    Office:: PM(3 times), Presently Senior Grand Warden, Grand Lodge Ind.
    Message:: Just surfing the web to see what's available. As time permits, I study Masonic history and philosophy.

  679. Date: Fri, 23 Jun 95 11:32:13 -0400
    Name:: Maurizio BAttelli
    Lodge:: Kipling Lodge # 88 REGULAR GRAND LODGE OF ITALY
    Office:: segretary
    E-mail:: c21battelli@vaxca1.unica.it

  680. Date: Fri, 23 Jun 95 12:45:27 -0400
    Name:: Bro. Marcus L. McIntosh
    Lodge:: Tuscan Lodge #44 P.H.A.
    Location:: Carbondale, Illinois 61820
    E-mail:: sjohnso3@ux4.cso.uiuc.edu Temporary address for the summer.

  681. Date: Fri, 23 Jun 95 15:04:15 -0400
    Name:: Don Currie
    Lodge:: Lodge Caxton #1607 Scottish Constitution
    Location:: Johannesburg, Gauteng, South Africa
    Office:: PM
    E-mail:: don.currie@digitec.co.za
    Message:: Fraternal greetings to ALL the brethern on the web

  682. Date: Fri, 23 Jun 95 17:21:49 -0400
    Name:: David Norman
    E-mail:: Stormin@dircon.co.uk
    Message:: Just browsing out of interest.

  683. Date: Fri, 23 Jun 95 18:43:06 -0400
    Name:: Fadil A. Lee
    E-mail:: flee@npcts.edu

  684. Date: Fri, 23 Jun 95 21:28:25 -0400
    Name:: Scot Denhalter
    E-mail:: sdenhalt@xmission.com
    Message:: I read an assertion that the term "son of the widow", now commonly associated with Masonry, may have a Manichaean origin. The comment was made without reference, and the author is now dead. I am hoping someone knows of a source(s) which attempts to make this connection. Let me thank in advance anyone who can help me with this research.

  685. Date: Sat, 24 Jun 95 10:36:18 -0400
    Name:: John D.H. Sallans
    Lodge:: Temple #666
    Location:: Bellevile, Ontario, Canada
    Office:: Junior Steward for 1995
    E-mail:: sallans@connect.reach.net

  686. Date: Sat, 24 Jun 95 12:51:47 -0400
    Name:: Richard Parrish
    Lodge:: Los Gatos/George E. Tutt Lodge # 292
    Location:: Los Gatos, CA
    Office:: Senior Steward
    E-mail:: rick_parrish@radius.com
    Message:: Just wanted to see what was out here about Masonry. Nice to see some Friendly faces. If anything interesting comes up that may be good to know about, feel free to send me a message.

  687. Date: Sat, 24 Jun 95 14:23:53 -0400
    Name:: W.Brad Bembry
    Lodge:: Laclede Lodge#83
    Location:: Lebanon,Mo
    Office:: S.D.
    E-mail:: wbembry@mail.llion.org
    Message:: I would like to find info relating to the Order of Jesters, Order of Sciots, Knight masons, and info concerning Paladian Masonry. Addresses of the organizations, and sources of ritual would be helpful. Also I am trying to locate the Shrine Ceremonial Ritual.

  688. Date: Sat, 24 Jun 95 17:27:53 -0400
    Name:: de Bosset Jean
    Lodge:: Le Progrhs #22
    Location:: O:. Lausanne - CH
    E-mail:: @compuserve.com.100350.1774

  689. Date: Sun, 25 Jun 95 15:50:21 -0400
    Name:: John Muzina Jr.
    Lodge:: Wilson Lodge # 714
    Location:: Dravosburg, PA
    E-mail:: chico51@oak.westol.com
    Message:: A brother told me of a talk given about the different symbols on the back of a dollar bill and would like some idea as to meaning and origin of these symbols and their relationship to freemasonry

  690. Date: Sun, 25 Jun 95 16:47:00 -0400
    Name:: Peter Harris
    Lodge:: Lake Saskatoon #106
    Location:: Wembley, Alberta Canada
    Office:: IPM
    E-mail:: wpharris@terranet.terranet.ab.ca

  691. Date: Sun, 25 Jun 95 17:06:55 -0400
    Name:: Neil Weller
    Lodge:: Prince George Lodge #178, GLBC
    Location:: Prince George, BC, Canada
    Office:: Past Master
    E-mail:: nweller@netbistro.com.bc.ca
    Message:: Past Grand Superintendent, District #10, Royal Arch Masons of BC & Yukon; Past Provincial Grand Prior, Northern BC, Sovereign Great Priory of Canada, Knights Templar Member of Gizeh Temple, A.A.O.N.M.S, Burnaby, BC. Also a member of Cariboo Lodge #4, Nechako Lodge #86, Mackenzie Lodge #186, A.F.& A.M. and Cariboo Lodge of Perfection, New Caledonia Chapter Rose Croix, A.& A.S.R., Valley of Prince George.

  692. Date: Sun, 25 Jun 95 17:33:22 -0400
    Name:: Mario Ghezzi
    Lodge:: R.Kipling.N.22 - Regular Grand Lodge of Italy
    Location:: Arezzo - Italy
    Office:: WM
    E-mail:: mghezzi@ar.ats.interbusiness.it
    Message:: Enjoy this electronic Masonry !

  693. Date: Sun, 25 Jun 95 21:13:11 -0400
    Name:: Thomas A. Smith II
    Lodge:: Poland Lodge No. 766
    Location:: Poland, OH
    E-mail:: thomas@cisnet.com
    Message:: I'm interested in any information, historical or current, of masons in the field of chemistry.

  694. Date: Mon, 26 Jun 95 00:22:55 -0400
    Name:: Michael Coombs
    Lodge:: Silver Gate Lodge of Free and Accepted Mason's #296
    Location:: San Diego, CA 92104-3598
    Office:: 3795 Utah St
    E-mail:: mikec@aloha.com

  695. Date: Mon, 26 Jun 95 09:28:23 -0400
    Name:: Kjell Brynildsen
    Lodge:: St. Olaus t.d.h. leopard
    Location:: Oslo,Norway
    E-mail:: kjellbQtelepost.no
    Message:: I am looking for Brethren to correspond with on masonic subjects. If my internet adress dont work,please try telefax (norway) 64942915 (private fax)

  696. Date: Mon, 26 Jun 95 12:31:34 -0400
    Name:: Andy Espinosa
    E-mail:: stddae01@shsu.edu Message:: I am currently in the proccess of doing my petition for the Forrest lodge #19 in Huntsville Texas. When I finish it, I am looking foward to visiting with other masons on the Internet.

  697. Date: Mon, 26 Jun 95 13:13:46 -0400
    Name:: Burrell (Bud) Corbett
    Lodge:: Poquoson Lodge
    Location:: Hunts neck road, Poquoson, VA 23662
    E-mail:: bcorb@infi.net Message:: Thanks for putting this page on the Net. Please include me on any mailing lists that become available. E-mail welcome! Til we meet again, May GOD hold you in the palm of His hand

  698. Date: Mon, 26 Jun 95 18:17:41 -0400
    Name:: Nigel Utting
    Location:: Island of Jersey, UK
    E-mail:: nemco@itl.net

  699. Date: Mon, 26 Jun 95 22:01:56 -0400
    Name:: Dan King
    Lodge:: Gillette Blue Lodge #28
    Location:: Gillette, Wyoming
    Office:: None
    E-mail:: danking@vcn.com
    Message:: A BIG HOWDY from here in Wyoming!!! If any of you have questions on DeMolay, send some mail my way...

  700. Date: Mon, 26 Jun 95 22:16:04 -0400
    Name:: Bro.Scott Bartlett P.M.
    Lodge:: Lodge Newfoundland Kilwinning No 1754 S.C. AF &AM
    Location:: St. John's Nfld Canada
    Office:: Secretary
    E-mail:: sbartlet@voyager.newcom.net
    Message:: Nice to be able to converse with so many knowledgable masons.

  701. Date: Mon, 26 Jun 95 23:54:15 -0400
    Name:: steven guffy
    Lodge:: Jett# 285
    Location:: Wenatchee,Wa
    Office:: Junior Warden
    E-mail:: steveg@ncw.net

  702. Date: Tue, 27 Jun 95 06:52:53 -0400
    Name:: Brian King
    Lodge:: Hyde Park Bankers 193 South Australian Constitution
    Location:: Adelaide South Australia
    Office:: S.W.
    E-mail:: bking@adelaide.on.net
    Message:: You will be hearing more from us in South Australia.Am studying the "Landmarks of the Craft at this point in time 3rd Principle in the Royal Arch,C of G in Knight Templar,JD in Mark Lodge and 18th Deg in Rose Croix

  703. Date: Tue, 27 Jun 95 07:11:27 -0400
    Name:: Wor. Bro. Ewart B. Stronach
    Lodge:: Lodge Tritarian No 978 United Grand Lodge of Australia
    Location:: Sydney, Australia
    Office:: Immediate Past Master
    E-mail:: stronach@ozonline.com.au
    Message:: Fraternal Greetings to all from AUSTRALIA!!

  704. Date: Tue, 27 Jun 95 09:32:39 -0400
    Name:: Mike Losacco
    Lodge:: Glen Ellyn #950
    Location:: Wheaton, IL
    Office:: Senior Warden
    E-mail:: mlosacco@ix.netcom.com

  705. Date: Tue, 27 Jun 95 14:28:07 -0400
    Name:: James J. Lee
    Lodge:: SIMI VALLEY LODGE #806
    Location:: CA
    Office:: NONE AT THIS TIME
    E-mail:: leej@csmc.edu

  706. Date: Tue, 27 Jun 95 17:07:35 -0400
    Name:: jason halsey
    Lodge:: stanford-le-hope #3217
    Location:: essex, uk
    Office:: mm
    Message:: to absent friends

  707. Date: Tue, 27 Jun 95 21:53:11 -0400
    Lodge:: GULF BEACH 291 F&AM
    E-mail:: ralphv2450@aol.com
    Message:: I would like to extend fraternal greetings to all Brothers and interested friends.

  708. Date: Tue, 27 Jun 95 21:56:57 -0400
    Name:: Roger Clark
    Location:: Buena Park #357, CA
    E-mail:: MBKW06A@Prodigy.com

  709. Date: Tue, 27 Jun 95 22:37:21 -0400
    Name:: ANDREW J. RICE
    Location:: TUSLER-SUMMIT LODGE NO.263
    E-mail:: TCVG45A@PRODOGY.COM

  710. Date: Wed, 28 Jun 95 06:44:57 -0400
    Name:: Gabriel Savulescu
    Lodge:: "Cervantes", N. 960, Grand Logde A.F.A.M v.D
    Location:: Bonn, Germany
    Office:: Dyroffstr. 2, 53113 Bonn
    E-mail:: a2001527@rrz.uni-koeln.de
    Message:: Mesage: Greetings to all brothers over the world. Frati Romani, Marea Loja Nationala din Romania, fondata in 1880 si-a redeschis activatitea. Totii fratii dispusi sa lucreze, sunt bine primiti. Pentru relatii suplimentare contactati-ma prin e-mail.

  711. Date: Wed, 28 Jun 95 08:46:05 -0400
    Name:: Steven Allen Zuhlke
    Lodge:: Pentalpha #564
    Location:: Indianapolis, Indiana
    Office:: Senior Steward
    E-mail:: stevez@in.net
    Message:: I am very interested in learning about Prince Hall Masons and how the two Masonic bodies co-exist in a society where by nature there is conflict in organizations where blacks & whites are segregated.

  712. Date: Wed, 28 Jun 95 15:34:35 -0400
    Name:: Richard Redd
    Lodge:: Norton Moses #336
    Location:: Leander, Texas, U.S.A
    Office:: Master
    E-mail:: rredd@ccsi.com

  713. Date: Wed, 28 Jun 95 19:39:54 -0400
    Name:: Bro. Mark Simmons
    Lodge:: New Jerusalem #1
    Location:: Chicago IL USA
    Office:: Jr. Warden
    E-mail:: MSimm357@AOL

  714. Date: Wed, 28 Jun 95 21:17:36 -0400
    Name:: Oscar Inigo Genera
    Lodge:: Coahuila de Zaragoza 13-26
    Location:: Saltillo, Coahuila Mx.
    Office:: Bravo 335 N. z.p. 25280
    E-mail:: oinigo@fenix.its.mx
    Message:: A.:L.:G.:D.:A.:D.:U.: Please receive a Cordial Greetings from my Lodge and we are very Interested in receiving your correspondance also over here. many thnk4s.

  715. Date: Thu, 29 Jun 95 00:27:29 -0400
    Name:: Jim Hensley
    E-mail:: Merlydd@aol.com

  716. Date: Thu, 29 Jun 95 01:28:45 -0400
    Name:: Steve Bloomquist
    Lodge:: Perry-Ionic Lodge #796
    Location:: Wexford, PA USA
    Office:: Junior Master of Ceremonies
    E-mail:: bloomqst@nauticom.net
    Message:: Greetings to my brethren worldwide. I am always willing to discuss masonic matters! Member of: Perry-Ionic Lodge #796, Shiloh Royal Arch Chapter #257, Tancred Commandery #48 K.T. all located in Wexford, PA!

  717. Date: Thu, 29 Jun 95 03:39:33 -0400
    Name:: Alan BEAMES
    Lodge:: WHYALLA 158
    Location:: Whyalla South Australia
    E-mail:: alanbeam@tafe.sa.edu.au

  718. Date: Thu, 29 Jun 95 08:26:42 -0400
    Name:: Mike Hilton
    Lodge:: Chico-Leland Stanford Lodge #111
    Location:: Chico,California
    Office:: sideliner
    E-mail:: Email:mhilton@oavax.csuchico.edu
    Message:: Sr Demolay,MM,Scottish Rite,Ben Ali Shrine.The Net is a wonderful and useful tool for the quest for further light.I am looking forward to visiting some other lodges in the future.See you brother Master Masons at the Oklahoma Indian Degree next month at Placer County Fairgrounds!Greetings to El Dorado Lodge in Placerville and WM Haney!

  719. Date: Thu, 29 Jun 95 20:26:21 -0400
    Name:: Jason Goodburn-Moffitt
    E-mail:: Jason_Goodburn-Moffitt
    Message:: Fascinating stuff. I'm always curious about how Masonry, Christianity, Catholocism, and the Ancient Mysteries have blended and intermingled throughout history.

  720. Date: Thu, 29 Jun 95 22:45:53 -0400
    Name:: tom willoughby
    Lodge:: Waverley lodge 361
    Location:: Guelph Ontario Canada
    E-mail:: fish@sentex.net

  721. Date: Fri, 30 Jun 95 05:53:24 -0400
    Name:: Cliff Jenkins
    Lodge:: Le Progres
    Location:: Makiki
    Office:: Chaplin
    E-mail:: Arion@pixi.com
    Message:: Excellant graphics. . . Keep up the great work!!

  722. Date: Thu, 29 Jun 95 23:56:19 -0400
    Name:: Steven Wilson
    Lodge:: none, visiting, curious
    Location:: San Antonio TX
    E-mail:: infolust@texas.net
    Message:: Interesting page. Thank you for making these resources available. I am curious about masonry. I've seen references to masonry that link it to belief systems and pholosophies I respect. Normally I tend to shy away from religious or theological organizations, but my curiousity is sufficient this time for me to at least investigate. Again, Thank you. Sincerely, Steven Wilson infolust@texas.net

  723. Date: Fri, 30 Jun 95 13:17:07 -0400
    Name:: Alexander C. Beckers
    E-mail:: orion_b@conan.ids.net

  724. Date: Fri, 30 Jun 95 16:06:03 -0400
    Name:: Andrei C. Wilson
    Lodge:: Olive Branch Lodge #37 F&AM (PHA)
    Location:: New Iberia,LA
    E-mail:: AndreiW@engr.subr.edu.
    Message:: To the east, my bretheren, to the east!!! I am happy to see a page where bretherens can dwell together in unity! E-mail me so that I can meet my bretherens who are traveling in an easternly path like I am! Hope to hear from you soon!

  725. Date: Fri, 30 Jun 95 18:47:33 -0400
    Name:: Alan Harper Jones
    Lodge:: Russell Lodge
    Location:: Arlington, Massachusetts, USA
    Office:: Junior Warden (Senior Warden elect)
    E-mail:: Alan_Jones@mail.stil.scitex.com

  726. Date: Fri, 30 Jun 95 20:19:58 -0400
    Name:: Ken Mitchell
    Lodge:: Simi Valley #806
    Location:: Simi Valley, Ca. 93062
    Office:: marshall
    E-mail:: mitchell@earthlink.net
    Message:: Past Master 1994, and Father of Grand Hope 1995, Intl. Order of Rainbow for Girls in California

  727. Date: Fri, 30 Jun 95 23:20:21 -0400
    Name:: Tom Veatch
    Lodge:: Unity #273
    Location:: Clearwater, Kansas
    Office:: Senior Warden
    E-mail:: 71513.3525@Compuserve.com
    Message:: Just dropped by - found this under a listing for Paganism/Wicca that was returned by a Web Crawler search on Freemasonry. Still haven't figured out how Freemasonry got attached to that subject.