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Guestbook Clarification...

You probably already know these things, but I have been receiving enough e-mail complaints and requests, from visitors unfamiliar with a traditional guestbook, to make this page necessary.

It seems obvious, but just to be clear:

  1. If you submit a guestbook entry
    • it will be posted on-line,
    • in the guestbook,
    • at this web-site; and then,
    • search engines (the ones that find and list everything on the internet) will find and list your entry.
  2. If you do not want your name to appear on-line, or if you do not want search engines to be able to find your name, please do not sign the Guestbook.
  3. The web-master and editor of this site does not maintain the Guestbook as a database: there are no "updates" "removals" "alterations" "address changes" et cetera.
  4. However, if you do understand all of that, and you do wish to send a greeting to the Masonic world, and leave a friendly note or comment regarding your visit to this website, the Please Sign the Guestbook.
  5. If this is okay to you, please select
    "I Agree" to go to the Guestbook.
    If you DO NOT AGREE with the terms as stated, please select "I Disagree."

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