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Letter of the month: February 2001

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Subject: Questions
Date: Wed, 7 Feb 2001 15:45:51 -0500 


I am a recent F.A.&.M 3rd Degree, proud member of H. York Harrison Lodge #32, PHA.

My questions:

Question 1:

On some Masonic certificates I see the year written something like this:

A.D. 1999 A.L. 5999

I already know (or assume Masonically) that "A.D.." is Latin for "anno Domini" (in the year of the Lord), but none of my lodge brothers can tell me what "A.L." means or why the years are several thousand before the present. No one knows the reason for it being placed on Masonic documents either.

Question 2:

I would like to know why the NORTH is never considered an important direction (except as a cornerstone corner for EA's to sit). I understand the other directions because we refer to them all the time. I wouldn't think of trying to change anything in Masonry, but one would think that the NORTH would be a very good direction for inclusion. After all, it is always looked to for direction in travel, used by compasses and navigational purposes.

Can you shed some light (or a good reference) for me on these subjects?


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To: "Robinson, Gerald E. (AIT)" <Gerald.E.Robinson@msg.ameritech.com>
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Dear Bro. Rob,

Those are two really good questions, and things that all lodges should be teaching their new initiates.

(1) "A.L."

Dates on lodge certificates and other documents are frequently given, as you note, as "A.L." which is Latin for "Anno Lucis" or "year of light". This commemorates "that august and sublime event" when the Great Architect said "Let there be Light," and there was Light, symbolic of the light that we are all seeking after.

An earlier generation of bible scholars created a chronology (time-line) of biblical dates, and placed the creation in the year 4004 BCE.

For symbolic purposes, Masonry adopts that line, but simplifies the calculation to add exactly 4000 years to the common date to get the date A.L. So, as you point out, 1999 A.D. would be 5999 A.L., and this is currently the year 6001 "Anno Lucis."

(2) "North"

In the Preston-Webb ritual as we use here in Massachusetts, there is actually an explanation of this, given to the Entered Apprentice by the Senior Warden. Here is a fuller explanation than the one given there.

Because of the tilt of the Earth on its axis, the noon-time sun reaches a different height in the sky at different times of the year. You have certainly noticed this: in winter, the sun is low in the southern sky even at noon, while in summer, the sun is much higher in the sky at noon, but still a little south of directly overhead.

Look on any globe and you will see two special latitude lines marked at about 23 1/2 degrees north and south of the Equator. They are called the "Tropic of Cancer" and the "Tropic of Capricorn" respectively. (They used to teach all this in grade school geography, but I think now they skip it to fit in more computer classes or DARE programs or something.)

Any place on Earth that is between those two "tropics" will sometimes see the noon-time sun south of the "zenith" (the point directly overhead), and sometimes north of that point. But any place north of the Tropic of Cancer will always see the noon-time sun south of the zenith. Even on the longest days of the year, when the sun gets highest in the skies, it will never be north of directly overhead.

So, our ritual points out that since King Solomon's Temple was north of that 23 1/2 degrees (actually Jerusalem is about 31 3/4 degrees) the noon-time sun was NEVER north of overheard. That meant that although the sun could shine into the windows on the east, south, and west of the Temple, it never shone into the north windows, and so never lit the north side of the sanctuary.

For this symbolic reason, we put our three principal officers in the East, West, and South, but not in the North.

} ..After all, [north] is always looked to for direction in
} travel, used by compasses and navigational purposes.

Incidentally, that wasn't always the case. Older maps were frequently arranged with the East at the top, and we still remember that today, because whenever we turn a map to line it up with our surrounding, we still say that we "orient" the map, and "orient" or course, means "the East".

Thanks for writing.

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