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Dear Bro. Gary

I appreciate the prompt and insightful return to my email. I agree with everything you said concerning masonry and what it stands for. Maybe I came off a little new age and I apologize for that as it was not my intention (it was 3:30am when I wrote it).

The counter point that I would like to make is concerning the statement about not enough evidence supporting the Templar theory. If you were to read older volumes of masonic lore, that would be a valid assumption. Today's historian has a vast range of options in which to examine both recorded and circumstantial evidence like none has been able to do before. More modern day historians are validating the Templar story as the puzzel pieces fall into place. The picture that is presented is of course Rosslyn Chapel(7 miles S. of Edinburgh, Scotland).

I won't go into all the details, but a few points should be made.

With out a dought I beleive that the construction of Rosslyn chaple was the birthplace of Freemasonry. I do not discount the operative aspect, but the situation needs to be reversed. Speculative masonry preceeded the operative element. When Sir Willam St.Clair began his plans for its construction, he ran into the problem of employing the stone masons who would be the ones to construct everthing, including the secret chabers below, and keep the secret intrusted him. To solve the problem he brought the workforce in on the plan and swore them to keep the knowlege safe untill such a time that it could be reveeled. Thus the birth of Freemasonry. The actual contents of the vaults are scrolls, discovered by the original Templar Knights, that reveals the true history of the life and teachings of Jesus and the politcal motivation behind the mesiah movement.

As far as I'm concerned, Rosllyn Chaple needs to be deeply studied by all masons in order to understand its true sidnificants in regards to world history. Fraternaly
Bro.Robert Neckarl

Dear Bro. Necker,

Well yes, that's the theory. If or when someone finally digs up the hidden chambers of Rosslyn, here's what will happen:

  1. Someone will claim that no hidden chambers were found.
  2. Others will claim that #2 is lying for their own reasons.
  3. Some people will claim that the chamber was found, and that the secret documents were found and that they prove what you say, but that certain "high order" leaders are keeping the documents secret "until Mankind is ready for the information they contain"
  4. Some other people will claim that no such documents were found
  5. Others will claim that the #4 group found the documents and don't want to let anyone know they have them
  6. Several versions of the alleged documents will be published (although access to the the "original manuscripts" will be restricted to those of the appropriate "high degree". All of the alleged publications will be denounced by one of the above other groups as fake.
  7. The different versions of the alleged documents will read like most of the "lost gospels" and "lost years of Jesus" books that have already been written, with nothing in them that could be verified by outside sources.

I think that might cover most of the major variations.

In short, I am a little familiar with the legends around Rosslyn and Wm St. Clair, but I am still not anywhere near convinced. But I am familiar enough with the ways of the world to be sure that any "proof" that appears will only add more uncertainty to the questions. Best wishes,

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