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Letter of the month: February 2002

Date: Thu, 14 Mar 2002 14:58:13 -0500 (EST)
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       Name:: alan chadd
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Message:: I have recently found out that my farther is a
mason.Naturally having thought about it i would love to join.But
theres one problem my wifes not impressed and has said in not to
many words no.When i asked why, she replied they take your money
,and every year ask for more and where not that rich .Also spouting
other nonsence about satanic black magic.I have read up about the
craft and weighed up both sides of the argument.I still want to join
and most probably will.But my dads told me that i will have to be
interviewed by two of the brothers .As i would of expected she has
said that she will not have them ,interview us in our home.so is it
possible to have the interview at my Dads or the lodge?

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The lodge members would probably be willing to interview you anywhere,... BUT a lodge would be reluctant to take you if it will cause friction in your family. Masonry regards that family comes first. You need to work that out first. Maybe your family and the lodge can help, but you can't expect to join if your wife is dead against it.

A good web-site with info about anti-Masonry (including refutation of that "satanic" nonsense) is www.masoninfo.com.

Regarding the expense of the lodge: find out what the annual dues are and then compare that to your other expenses. That's how we decide on other things, isn't it? We say "well, if I give up one night at the pub in a month, that's X dollars (or quid) and so if I do that for three months that'll save enough to buy Y or take a trip to Z or whatever"

BUT, often when people have all kinds of different arguments against something (the money, satanic, etc) they are just dead against it and bringing reason to them doesn't have an effect on what it is that's really bothering them. You two are going to have to talk, and talk, and talk, I guess.

Is your Mum still with us? She has been married to a Mason for years now, right, so she might be the one to talk with your wife about what it's really about, from the wife's point of view, right? Or the wives of some of your Dad's lodge pals.

Good luck. Let me know how it goes.

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