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Letter of the month: July 2002

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From: "Phillip J. Spake" <pjspake@bellsouth.net>
To: <masonry-ask@mit.edu>
Subject: Greetings
Date: Fri, 19 Jul 2002 17:09:05 -0400

Mr. Dryfoos,

I just wanted to let you know what a privilege it has been to visit, learn and research Freemasonry through your website.

I am a 23 year old Fire Fighter from Georgia, and my interest in Masonry began a year and half ago when I noticed a co-worker was wearing a Masonic ring. I began to question him about the organization and doing research. Shortly there after, my interest became subdued, but it was still in the back of my mind. I switched fire departments and went to work one day with another Mason who is serving in the office of Senior Warden at his lodge. So once again, my interest renewed, and we spent a large portion of the day discussing Masonry. I was really surprised at how open and freely info flowed from him. I had always been told that the Lodge was ultra secretive, etc, so this was a shock. He told me of the standards and such that the lodge was founded, etc.

I began an extensive search of the internet, librarys and other research venues to find all I could about Masonry. Naturally, a lot of what I found was anti-masonic sites. Being from the deep south, you have probably guessed that I was raised in the Southern Baptist church. I began considering Masonry, but the more I read on the anti's sites, the more I thought that Masonry was not for me. I consider myself a logical person, so I quickly realized that these sites where really one sided.

I looked hard for sites that were on the middle ground, really looking for unbiased facts about the lodge. I began to feel better about my religous convictions after talking to a few Masons who are ministers, deacons, etc. Then I stumbled upon this website. Since that day, I have read every article on this site and many of the links you have listed.

So, one month ago next friday, the 26th, I obtained a petition and returned it completed. The Lodge, Draketown Lodge #252 voted on it that night and I will be taking the EA degree on the 26th of this month. I just wanted to say thank you for your wonderful website that is full on insight and knowledge.

Thank you,

Phillip J. Spake

BTW> I did post a message in the newsgroup alt.freemasonry (really in hopes that you trolled the group or participated, but was told you did not) and gave your website a plug. One of the gentlemen there stated that he had the pleasure of meeting you once and spoke very highly of you.

To: "Phillip J. Spake" <pjspake@bellsouth.net>
Subject: Re: Greetings
In-Reply-To: Your message of "Fri, 19 Jul 2002 17:09:05 EDT."

Dear Mr. Spake,

You have just made my day! Thank you so much for writing.

It's true that there's a lot of anti-Masonry out there, for reasons that seem very sad and pitiful to me -- people who define themselves more by what they are afraid of and what they suspect and hate than by what they love. So it's really great that you decided to think for yourself and look around to see what you could learn.

By the way, the absolute best website about the "anti's" is masonicinfo.com -- there's a link to it from my stuff, and he really has a beautiful, well-organized site.

I hope you will enjoy the ceremonies of your 1st degree, and that you will take the time afterwards to think about what you heard and saw. You will no doubt see the degrees many times in coming years, but you only get to see them for the first time once, so be sure to enjoy it.

Please give my fraternal regards to the master, wardens, and members of Draketown No. 252. They are fortunate to get such a dedicated candidate.

I look forward to greeting you as "Bro. Spake" in the near future.


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