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Letter of the month: March 2003

Date: Mon, 17 Mar 2003 23:46:07 -0500
       Name:: Trina Michel
     E-mail:: trinamichel@hotmail.com
Lodge Loc'n:: 
       RQFC?: Yes
  RQFC-topic: What do the compass, square, and "G" represent in the
	      masonic symbol?
RQFC Details: I am doing an Anthropology project on Cemetery symbols and
              I am having a hard time trying to find what the compass,
	      square, and "G" represent.  I would really appreciate to
              find out from a mason what these actually mean.
sent by: trinamichel@hotmail.com


The square is a builder's square, and lets a builder or stonemason or builder measure and verify perfect right angles (90 degrees). In Masonry, this is a symbol of our ability to use the teachings of conscience and morality to measure and verify the rightness of our actions. It is a symbol of the Golden Rule. After all, to deal "squarely" with someone is to treat them honestly, as we ourselves would want to be treated.

The compasses are used by builders to draw circles and lay off distances along a line. In Masonry, this is a symbol of our intention to draw a proper boundary around our desires and to remain within that boundary line. It is a symbol of self-control, which is the foundation of morality and wisdom.

The letter G stands for a number of things. The first is "Geometry" -- which means the artful order of the universe, which is Humanity's first instructor in the arts and sciences.

Pretty cool, huh?

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