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Letter of the month: February 2005 -- Reply

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From: "Jason Orton" <jorton@lemoorenet.com>
To: <masonry-ask@mit.edu>
Subject: February 14th Letter of the Month Philippe Peynsaert 
Date: Mon, 28 Feb 2005 09:35:48 -0800

Dear Brother Dryfoos,

In regards to the letter from Philippe Peynsaert, I do not think there is anything that you could offer in response to this individual that would convince him that there was no Masonic conspiracy on the dollar bill. This gentleman has obviously been reading too much Davinci Code and other Dan Brown novels.

Nearly every part of the dollar bill he brings up has historical significance for the U.S. The number 13 is not pagan but is in reference to the original 13 colonies that came together. Had Benedict Arnold (before becoming a traitor) succeeded in conquering Canada during the American Revolution the number 14 would probably be on the dollar bill. MDCCLXXVI is 1776 in reference to the year 1776 which is of some historical significance to the history of the U.S.

E Pluribus Unum Latin for "One out of Many" has nothing to do with some secretive new world order but has everything to do with 13 (50 today) sovereign states united together into one nation, the U.S. I have tried to explain to my contacts from Europe that the individual states were originally conceived as sovereign entities and that the Federal Government had little power or influence in early American history. Aside from those powers granted in the Constitution along with a very liberal interpretation of the Interstate Commerce clause, the Federal government has very little say in what an individual state does. Generally, what power the Federal Government has over states is in the form of tying money allocations to certain behaviors by the states. =20

This concept is difficult for many in the U.S. to understand and even harder for those not living here. The "many" in E Pluribus Unum are the states and the "one" are the states coming together and resulting in The United States of America. Nothing, once again, sinister here but great fodder for a Dan Brown novel.

I could go on but Mr. Peynsaert is bound and determined to see some great conspiracy where there is none. Most freemasons can barely organize a Saturday BBQ for the lodge members and families let alone be a part of some world wide conspiracy or new world order. Heck, I've gotten lost riding in the car with 32 degree masons just trying to find the lodge building in a neighboring town!

This sort of hysteria is not just limited to Mr. Peynsaert and his views of the dollar bill. One need only look to the wackos who see the cartoon character of Spongebob as some promotion of the homosexual agenda in a kids' cartoon. Maybe you could suggest that he take a visit to Area 51 while he is at it or the new Denver Airport which is purportedly some secret meeting place for aliens and the New World Order.

I thoroughly enjoy your web site and usually get a kick out of reading some of the letters. In this case I think the Mr. Peynsaert may be baiting you and the readers of your web site in which case, I bit. The letter writer seems to have acquired all of his talking points from an anti-Masonic web site. You could go through his letter and refute his assertions point by point but it would probably not make any difference. There is some interesting information refuting the conspiracy garbage in the Great Seal at Ed King's Anti-Masonry Points of View web site (http://www.masonicinfo.com/greatseal.htm).

I really enjoy your web site and check it out often. You have posted a lot of good information. Keep up the good work.

Fraternally yours,

Jason Orton
Master Mason
Welcome Lodge No. 255
Lemoore, CA

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