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Letter of the month: May 2007

From: "Myers, Royce" <royce@ugs.com>
To: "A Page About Freemasonry" <masonry-ask@MIT.EDU>
Date: Wed, 2 May 2007 04:48:46 -0700
Subject: Jewelry Question

Brother Gary,

My mother gave me some Masonic jewelry from her father, most of which I've identified. He was active in OES and York Rite. Most of the jewelry (cuff links, tie clasps, etc) has one of two symbols that I have not seen -- nor have the members of my lodge.

(The mystery jewelry — click to enlarge.)

Do you or any of your legion of readers know where these symbols come from?

Royce Myers

[Well, Brothers, can anyone help Bro. Myers with his question? If you can identify either of those symbols, please contact him directly.]

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