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Letter of the month: October 1996

Date: Tue, 24 Sep 1996 08:52:09 -0400 (EDT)
To: dryfoo@MIT.EDU
From: "BADGETT INDUSTRIES INC." <badgett@voyager.net>
Subject: Devil's Night
Greetings Brother,

I hail from Wisdom #57 P.H.A. out of the Motor City of Detroit Michigan. Our Grand Master, is W.G.M. Carl Sanders. Wisdom can be found in cyberspace in the High Tech Connection Mall.

For Access type: http://www.htc-mall.com/wisdom.html

We thank all our good brethren who have browsed our site in the pass month and we greatly appreciate all of your positive, constructive, and enlightening E-mails as small band of masons have labored industriously to build our site and community block by block on a off ramp on the Internet here in Detroit.

But there is a more pressing purpose for Wisdom shining it's light in the midst of the htc-mall.com

For the past 10 years on Oct.30 our city has had a horrendous history. Each year on that day demons creep into our city and burn down structures and edifices in our community. The Media has labeled this day "Devil's Night".

Last year, '1995' Wisdom came home from the 'Million Man March' with a new sense of purpose. On that long bus ride home from Washington DC brothers obligated themselves to put end to the Media's Mark on our city "Detroit Night', to build and do business in our community, those of us who owned businesses pledged to give best service to our customers, and to somehow highlight the positive messages this town's Media never seems to want to mention. Thus the creation of the htc-mall.

This year '1996' our Grand Master Carl Sanders has again given the Hon. Dennis Archer 33, Mayor of our great city, his pledge, to again send a Masonic Message to the community but this year plan are to place 1000 able-body Masons on the streets of the 7th precinct so as again to keep the fires to a minimum . And again Our Grand Master has commissioned Wisdom #57 to coordinate this effort.

I told several Nobles of his request while attending the P.H.A. Shrine convention in Houston. Their reply to me was to pass this message onto Masons over the Internet and see who might respond.

Wisdom plans for Oct.30, are to give hourly updates of patrolling platoons of masons as they observe through out the night directly over the Internet. The Grand Master has proclaimed that the Masonic dress for the night be Masonic sweets and caps, highlighting our various Lodges and Patrol units. We suggest that any Masons who decide to travel to fellowship with Wisdom that Night please E-mail us at badgett@voyager.net. Wisdom is also requesting any P.H.A. Masons with existing Web sites contact HTC to investigate placing LINKS to our site. Please continue to browse HTC-Mall and pass the word were Wisdom can be found.

Fraternally Yours

P.M. Maurice L. Badgett, Jr.
Wisdom Lodge #57

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