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Letter of the month: February 1997

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}     Name:: Lawrence White
}    Lodge:: Bonover
} Location:: Anglesey UK
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}   E-mail:: 101447.2431@compuserve.com
}      RQFC?: Yes
} RQFC-topic: Are Catholics really Welcome
}  Message:: Personally I have no prejudices against any creed or colour but ha
 | ve heard so many rumours regarding Catholic mason's I would therefore like t
 | o here/see other peoples views or perceptions
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To: 101447.2431@compuserve.com Subject: Re: Masonic Visitors Guest Book In-Reply-To: Your message of "Sun, 16 Feb 1997 14:03:31 EST." <9702161903.AA17121@arachnophobia.MIT.EDU> -------- Dear Mr. White,

Yes. Catholics are welcome by Masons into Masonry.

There have been times and places where Catholics have been instructed by their Church not to become Masons. There were a series of Papal Bulls against Masonry in the 1700s and 1800s. Occasionally even today, a particular bishop or cardinal will make a declaration against joining Masonry.

The relevance or bindingness of these declarations and recommendations is not a policy from any Masonic body, and so is considered by Masonry something for each individual would-be applicant to investigate and understand for himself. As we say here in the States, "check your local listings."

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