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Letter of the month: February 1997 (2nd half)

From: "Grady Lee Honeycutt"gradyh@bellsouth.net
Organization: We're getting better.....
Date: Tue, 25 Feb 1997 12:34:24 +0000
Subject: Hiram No. 7 Newsletter Supplement
Reply-To: tomboduch@earthlink.net
February 24, 1997

Dear Brother,

After hundreds of responses to the last issue of the Hiram No. 7 Worldwide Newsletter, I am publishing this information per your request. In reading all the replies you sent to me, I have found there to be a true thirst for real information on such things as fund raisers, lodge attendance, community involvement and community recognition.

Below you will find a description of one segment of the VISION 2013 program in progress by the Grand Lodge of Tennessee. Free Masonry will be 200 years old in Tennessee in the year 2013, hence the name. This is the program that will bring Free Masonry in Tennessee into the 21 century, as you will see, by a group of very dedicated men.

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From:          Thomas Boduch tomboduch@earthlink.net>
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Organization:  Thomas Boduch, M.D.  Family Practice
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In August 1996, the VISION 2013 committee discussed the possibility of Tennessee Lodges cultivating a state wide partnership with HABITAT FOR HUMANITY as a vehicle for the local lodge to increase community involvement and their own visibility. The committee felt that the building aspect of HABITAT is a natural fit with Masonry and that the community service nature of HABITAT fits well with VISION 2013 strategies and goals. As a result of this discussion, Grand Master Alton Tollison appointed a task force consisting of Brothers Tom Boduch, Bob Daniel and Bill Whisel to develop such partnerships. These brethren subsequently developed, (and with the help of the Grand Lodge), distributed informational material, have been visiting Lodges to discuss HABITAT, and are coordinating efforts between our Lodges and the 45 Active Tennessee HABITAT affiliates.

Each of the task force members are actively involved with their local HFH affiliates as Construction Site Supervisors. Brothers Boduch and Daniel also serve their affiliates as HFH Board Members. Brother Boduch, the incoming Grand Marshal, is a Past Master of Union Lodge #38, and works with Roane County HFH. Brother Bob Daniel is a member of Mt.Juliet Lodge #642 and works with Nashville HFH. Brother Bill Whisel is a Past Master of Saint John's Lodge #332 and works with Jackson Area HFH.

HABITAT FOR HUMANITY INTERNATIONAL is a non- profit, ecumenical Christian housing ministry which seeks to eliminate poverty housing and homelessness from the world, and to make decent shelter a matter of conscience and action HABITAT helps to build both new homes and renovate older structures. Founded in 1976 by Millard and Linda Fuller, HABITAT, has helped provide safe, decent and affordable shelter for more than 50,000 needy families world wide. As of November 1996, HABITAT was the 5th largest builder in the world. At the projected rate of growth, HFHI will probably be the #1 world-wide home builder by the end of the decade.

On September 9, 1996, Millard Fuller was awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom by President Clinton who said, I do not think it is an exaggeration to say that Millard Fuller has literally revolutionized the concept of philantrophy. What makes HABITAT revolutionary is that it is operated as a Hand Up and not a Hand Out. Prior to actually owning their homes, HFHI Families must work 500 hours of sweat equity helping construct their own homes and those of other HABITAT homeowners, and subsequently, make monthly payments on a NO INTEREST mortgage.

HABITAT relies on volunteer labor for much of its efforts. The majority of volunteers work on house construction, volunteers, however, are also needed to serve on committees and to help with the administrative aspects of running a local affiliate. Though Christian oriented, HABITAT invites people from all walks of life and of all faiths to work together in partnership to help build houses with Gods people in need.

Former President Jimmy Carter has been actively involved with HFHI since 1984. A JIMMY CARTER WORK PROJECT will be held June 15 to 21 at 6 sites in eastern Kentucky and one in Tennessee (Morgan and Scott Counties). Fifty houses will be built in one week over these 7 sites. During this week, many Tennessee HFH Affiliates will also be building houses. In an attempt to make more people aware of HFHI, affiliates are seeking new volunteers and to get other groups (such as our Lodges) involved during this high profile week.

Our incoming Grand Master, M. W. John Palmer is very enthusiastic about this partnership. He feels that the partnership presents a unique opportunity for us to demonstrate to our communities that Freemasonry is about the business of making our society a better place for all of us to live. He feels that by partnering with churches and others in the community, we can act on the principles we teach within the walls of the lodge and counteract some of the false accusations which have been recently leveled at our fraternity. This should go a long way toward reestablishing the reputation and esteem that the fraternity once enjoyed among those in our society who are not members. He promises to make himself available to participate in as many local partnerships as time and scheduling will allow.

More information about HFHI can be obtained from the task force Members, your local HABITAT affiliate, the Grand Lodge of Tennessee or on line as follows:

Brother Tom Boduch       tomboduch@earthlink.net
Knoxville Habitat for Humanity      
Anderson County HFH www.korrnet.org/achabit/

When governments set the example of killing their enemies, private individuals will occasionally kill theirs.

VISION 2013 Strategies for Masonic Renewal in Tennessee in 1997

1. Continue an internal all out publicity program directed at members defining our goals, mission, and planned activities using VISION 2013 as the rallying point.

2. Revamp the format and content of blue lodge district meeting programs to reflect the principals of family participation, appendant body involvement, and better use of multimedia communication.

3. Establish statewide officer and committee training programs.

4 Emphasize new member orientation and education programs.

5. Emphasize VISION 2013 Award and increase participation of individual lodges in the award program.

6. Produce and distribute a media kit to assist local lodges in obtaining favorable publicity.

7. Grand Lodge Building enhancement fund emphasis.

8. Emphasize community involvement at the local lodge level including scholarships and the sponsoring of youth sports teams.

9. Cultivate a state wide partnership with HABITAT FOR HUMANITY as a vehicle for the local lodge to increase community involvement and their own visibility.

I'm finding that typically Masons, who are on the Internet, care about our Fraternity and want to make a difference in their communities. Bill and I have found that there are many Masons who are not active with their Lodges, but have sought out and worked with HFH on their own, observing that basically HFH puts what we teach in Masonry into action. The TN Mason article will help get the word out, but Email, I'm confident, will reach a wider group of active Masons.

(Editor's note: I am a world renown expert on my opinion, and MY opinion only, and here it is; Of all the Lodge newsletters that go out each month, including the Grand Lodge newsletters, only about 10% of those newsletters fall into the hands of ACTIVE Masons. Judging from the responses you have sent to me, this newsletter goes to better than 90% ACTIVE Masons.)

In Roane County, we've built 13 houses in the past 5 years. Our Lodge Secretary, Brother Henry Wattenbarger) and Oldest Living Past Master (he'll be 80 in September, he was WM in 1948) has helped me work on most of the houses. Often times especially on a Framing day, an inactive Brother would see Henry (he knows everyone in town and has only had 2 NPDs in 6 years--he used to be a FHA bill collector), and say hello. Henry would introduce me as the Master (I served for 2 years, and we built 8 houses during this time so this scenario happened fairly frequently); the brother would hang his head low and apologize for not coming to Lodge. He would cite lack of time, now knowing how to get back in etc. Several times over the Lunch hour, Henry would vouch for him, and we'd teach a lecture, or go over grips etc. We got some brethren to come back to lodge in this manner. Many such brethren would typically say--HFH is Masonry in action-- why don't you get the Lodge involved?

Tom Boduch, M.D.
Past Master Union Lodge #38 F&AM of TN
P.O. Box 1030, Kingston, TN 37763
FAX: 423 376 0010, VOICE: 423 882 7537

Note from the Editor (again): In trying to maintain the KISS principal and to make life easier for you, this newsletter is set up so that if you want to respond with questions, comments or just establish communications with an active Brother, hit REPLY and type in your text. All replies will automatically be Emailed to Tom Boduch, he would love to hear from you.

The Mother of all Disclaimers: Hiram No. 7, and more especially the Editor, cannot be held responsible for any typos, wrong dates, wrong figures, incorrect addresses, bad information, inclement weather, computer viruses, computer failure, dead batteries, or anything else that you do not like or disagree with.

NO RIGHTS RESERVED, you have permission to print, fax or copy anything in this newsletter that might help you or others.

Fraternally Yours,
Grady Lee Honeycutt
Sec. Hiram No. 7
Grand Lodge of Tennessee Webmaster

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