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Web-editor's note: I am a little reluctant to post a letter as a Bad Example, but I get quite a few like it these days, and it is quite discouraging. Answering a letter that requires research or requests information takes effort, and to have a personally-written reply bounce because the writer sends an incorrect e-mail address is frustrating.

Perhaps the brother involved will see his letter here and get the information he needs after all.

Brethren, please be careful about e-mail addresses.

Letter of the month: March 1997

Date: Mon, 3 Mar 97 19:52:51 EST
From: MAILER-DAEMON@MIT.EDU (Mail Delivery Subsystem)
Subject: Returned mail: User unknown
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To: <dryfoo@MIT.EDU>

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From: dryfoo@MIT.EDU
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To: Jim West <jim270@nmsu.edu>
Subject: Re: past member 
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Date: Mon, 03 Mar 1997 19:52:50 EST

} Date: Mon, 03 Mar 1997 17:28:30 -0800
} From: Jim West <jim270@nmsu.edu>
} To: dryfoos@MIT.EDU
} Subject: past member
} Dear Bro.
}   I was a member of UNITY LODGE # 851 in MUNICH, Germany, it closed in 
} the early 70's and the records of my membership somehow were lost, I have 
} tried to contact the officers of the AMERICAN GRAND LODGES OF GERMANY 
} without much sucsess, could/would you assist me in getting the names of 
} officers in germany that could search the records so I can get my 
} membership current.
}   It has been several yrs. since I have tried to get the infomation,
}  I became frustrated when I was unable to recieve word one way or 
} another.
}   Also, I was a member of the YORK RITE there in Munich. Also I held the 
} chair of CHAPLIN in Unity #851.
}     please E-Mail me ASAP the info. if you will at JIM270@NMSU.EDU OR 
}                                  THANK YOU
}                               JAMES L. WEST
}                               327 TERRY DR.
}                               LAS CRUCES, N.M.
}                               (505) 526 1438

Dear Bro. West,

Unfortunately, I don't happen to have that information readily available.

What I can do is forward your letter to the Grand Secretary of the Grand Lodge of Massachusetts. His office is a fund of useful information and a hive of industry. Perhaps he will be able to assist you.

Since you currently live in Las Cruces, Masonic protocol may dictate that his office communicate with you _through_ the Grand Lodge of New Mexico, even if you are not a member of a lodge there. You might consider contacting the Grand Lodge of New Mexico yourself, introducing yourself, and asking them to assist you, especially since it would most likely be with a New Mexican lodge that you would eventually affiliate. They can be reached at:

The Grand Lodge AF&AM of New Mexico 1638 University Blvd. N.E. P.O. Box 25004 Albuquerque, NM 87125-0004 505.243-4931

Please keep in touch and let me know how you make out.

fraternal good wishes,

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