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Letter of the month: March 1998

Subject: VISION 2013/HFH News
Date: Tue, 3 Mar 98 14:16:19 -0400
From: Tom Boduch 


Yesterday something very exciting happened. Grand Master John Palmer was in Knoxville at a ground breaking ceremony for the first Masonic sponosored and built HABITAT FOR HUMANITY house! The house is being built in partnership with Knoxville HFH, for a family of 5. Please visit the main home page at www.gmwp.org for a picture of the event and more details.

The first GRAND MASTER'S WORK PROJECT house will be built in Partership with Blount County HFH this summer beginning in July. Brother Larry Price is the volunteer coordinator.

Union Lodge #38 (my home lodge) will be hosting a fund raising golf marathon at the South West Point Golf Course in Kingston on Tuesday May 12--the same day as the District 19 Meeting--to help raise sponsorship money. This is a different type of event. Golfers play at least 100 holes of golf in one day. Prior to the event, they seek pledges of a certain sum of money per hole played (.25 per hole = $25 donation for 100 holes played). We still need Golfers, Caddies, Event Partners and PLEDGES for our hard working golfers. (Golfers, Caddies and Event Partners (help golfer raise pledges) may win awards for their efforts)

To make a pledge on line, please visit <http://www.gmwp.org/pledge.html>. This page contains a profile of each golfer. Additional golfers will be added in the next few weeks. Please note that thus far, one non-Mason will be a participating golfer!

I am glad I can share this great news with each of you and look forward to seeing you at Grand Lodge later this month.

Thank you.


      A       +---------------------------------------------+   O    O
     / \      |Tom Boduch, M.D., Past Master Union Lodge #38|    \  /
   \/   \/    | 1997 Grand Marshal, M. W. Grand Lodge of TN |     \/
   /\ G /\    |    Director, GRAND MASTER'S WORK PROJECT    |     /\
  /  \ /  \   |            <http://www.gmwp.org>            |    /  \
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