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Letter of the month: March 1998

This message is dated 29 Nov 1997, but it arrived March of 1998, and when I tried to answer, my reply bounced. I hope the sender sees this and finally gets her answer.
From: <GARYCA@prodigy.net>
Subject: freemasonary
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Date: Sat, 29 Nov 1997 18:27:45 PST

What are the requirements for Womens Freemasonry and where can I join in my area? My immediate family passed away within a years time do to varying circumstances that left me questioning my existence. Five years later I realize so much more than I ever imagined. I have so much to give and such a short time on this great earth to do it. My father and his father before him have walked this path. Upon my brothers death he gave to me a new life he had not seen. I am searching for an organization so I can contribute the skills I posses but as before I am a woman and my husband is not affiliated. To whom can I turn that I can relate to?

Sincerely Yours,
Bth Carol Crgill

To: <GARYCA@prodigy.net>
Subject: Re: freemasonary 
In-reply-to: Your message of "Sat, 29 Nov 1997 18:27:45 PST."

Hi. My web-site "Pointers" page includes some links to information about Womens Freemasonry. Cat Yronwode, for one, has a good amount of information. There is also pointer to contact information made available by the United Grand Lodge of England, and you can't get more official than that.

If you re-read your message you'll see that you've given me NO INFORMATION about where you live, so I could not possibly provide you information about where you could join "in [your] area" -- even if I had any. You'll have to contact the various organizations and pointers I've suggested, and ask if they have a branch in your area. If they don't, you might have to find some like-minded women and start a lodge. (Which could be a very rewarding experience in itself.)

Best of luck, and I hope you find what you're looking for.

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