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Letter of the month: April 1999

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Date: Wed, 14 Apr 1999 10:03:43 EDT
Subject: Meaning of Titles
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Dear Sir:

Many Masons have "titles" or "degrees" such as R:.W:. etc. Can you be so kind as to tell me the exact name of these titles and any heirachy in Freemasonry.

Thank you.

Patrick E. McCarthy
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To: Win1992@aol.com
Subject: Re: Meaning of Titles 
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What you are referring to are titles:

Bro. Brother: usual title for any Mason.
Wor. Worshipful: title for master of a lodge or past master (means "respected" NOT "someone who is worshipped")
or Rt Wor.
Right Worshipful: title for a deputy grand master, district deputy, or other grand lodge officer.
M.W. Most Worshipful: title for the grand master of a grand lodge (in the US each state has its own grand lodge. in some other countries there is one for the entire country.)

Those are not degrees. The degrees in Masonry are

  • Entered Apprentice (1st)
  • Fellow Craft (2nd)
  • Master Mason (3rd)

Other bodies under the Masonic umbrella (Scottish Rite and York Rite) have their own degrees with impressive names, and different titles for their memebers and officers ("Companion" "Excellent Companion" "Illustrious" etc).

You can go to my Pointers page for info about those organizations.

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