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Letter of the month: July 1999

Date: Mon, 19 Jul 1999 12:57:27 -0400
From: Jeannie <janthony@doe.mass.edu>
To: masonry-ask@MIT.EDU
Subject: Installment Ceremony

I am to be planning an "Installation Ceremony" for my newly married husband. He is to be the Master of his Lodge in September. Is this a party I am to be planning for everyone or is this reserved to only members of his Lodge? I don't want to sound uninformed during preparation of this important day for him. What protocol should I follow. Any information is very much appreciated.

To: Jeannie <janthony@doe.mass.edu>
Subject: Re: Installment Ceremony 

This could depend a lot on local customs in his lodge, or whatever state or country you are writing from, or which branch of Masonry.

Around here, the installation is like a regular lodge meeting, only at some point we "recess" our proceedings and open the lodge room up to the public. Ladies and other non-Mason guests can come in and be seated. There is a formal ceremony of Installation of the officers.

In some jurisdiction, the new Master's wife presents him with his gavel, in others, his officers do that. You and your husband should speak to the secretary of your lodge or to some of the past masters.

This is not some secret thing that they are springing on you and hoping you will read their minds to get the protocol correct. Just ask the people who will know the most: your husband, the lodge secretary, an experienced past master.

Best wishes to you and you husband. He will be pretty busy for the next year or so, at least!

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