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Letter of the month: October 1999

From: "A. Questioner"
To: masonry-ask@MIT.EDU
Subject: Following  my family in becoming a Mason
Date: Fri, 22 Oct 1999 00:05:25 PDT

Dear Sir,

With all due respect I submit to you this question. I would greatly appreciate a reply.

Many generations of my family have been Masons. Recently my brother has joined the fellowship and I have discussed with him about joining.

I have even visited the temple in my city. I also have displayed in my home the certificate and apron of my grandfather. I was very close to my grandfather and wish to follow in his footsteps. He was a man of many qualities that I so admired. Many of those qualities, I search so hard to find in my fellow man. In todays fast pace, money orientated world, folks are quick to forget the basics. I long for a brotherhood of like minded followers where I may further my spiritual journey and become a better man. Also with my experience and many contacts I can help the temple build the membership.

So here is the challenge. I am a 35 year old successful prominent professional. I am in nine year monogamous relationship. I am gay. My brother tells me that this is a problem. I don't understand why as I deal with many people everyday and quite frankly think that my personal life is no ones business.

Could you please tell me what is the Masonic Order policy on this situation.

Quite frankly this is the only thing blocking me from joining.

I thank you kindly,

A. Questioner

To: "A. Questioner"
Subject: Re: Following my family in becoming a Mason 

Whether or not there's a "problem" depends entirely on where you live and the attitudes of the lodge you might petition.

Masons are supposed to be "moral".

Now in some parts of the country, as I'm sure you know, people would NOT judge your "morality" by your gender preference, while in other places to be gay is to be considered "perverted and immoral" by definition. As I'm sure you also know, there's no point in arguing about this with someone; opinions are pretty much fixed.

Since Masons tend to be a conservative older bunch in many parts of the country, that might be a challenge for you.

But no matter what anyone might tell you, there is ABSOLUTELY NOTHING in the ancient landmarks of Masonry that forbids the membership of gay men. But Masons who already have their own prejudices against gays will be able to read those prejudices into Masonry's stance on "personal morality".

So, if your being gay is a "problem" with the people in your brother's lodge, then you just need to find a lodge where it isn't a problem.

How much difficult that will be probably depends on where you live. If you'll reply and tell me what city you live in or near, I'll see if I can't offer further advice.

Best of luck.

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