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Freemasonry and the Roman Catholic Church -- Summary

Bro. Bill Madison has supplied this comprehensive collection of Papal announcements on Freemasonry, along with a time-line and other helpful context.

                        The Craft and The Church

                             [Bill Madison]
             [Wyoming Lodge AF&AM, Melrose, Massachusetts]
          [Albert Pike Lodge #1169 AF&AM, San Antonio, Texas]

                            August 20, 1995

This ZIP file contains basic text files which trace the relationship
between the Roman Catholic Church and Freemasonry. It is offered here
without further comment.

The files in this archive:

READ-ME.HTML         Description of the files in this archive. This file.

BULL-???.???        Files containing those papal bulls which have
                    directly or indirectly affected Freemasonry. The
                    three ambiguous characters which are part of the
                    name are an index of the bull falling within a given
                    year. Those forming the extension are the last three
                    digits of the year of publication.

DECL-???.???        As above, but Conciliar declarations.

PLET-???.???        As above, but pastoral letters.

BULLS.LST           A complete list of all major Church documents
                    affecting Freemasonry. All are included in this
                    archive, except as noted.

TIMELINE.TXT        Chronological map of the subject history. Full text
                    versions (as of the date of this file) of items
                    flagged with a double asterisk (**) are included.
                    All other items are included only in abstract.

L-TAXIL.TXT         While Leo Taxil is not, strictly speaking, a direct
                    part of this history, he has influenced it perhaps
                    more than any other single individual. This
                    biography by Alec Mellor traces the growth of
                    Taxil's hoax and provides some insight to his
                    possible motives. Captured from the INTERNET,
                    alt.freemasonry Newsgroup.

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