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Emulation -- Notes

From "NOTES ON RITUAL AND PROCEDURE" from the Emulation Ritual Book:

"Emulation Working takes its name from the Emulation Lodge of Improvement whose Committee is the custodian of this particular ritual and by whose authority this ritual book is published. The Lodge of Improvement meets at Freemasons' Hall, Great Queen Street, London, weekly on Fridays from October to June and demonstrates the ceremonies and lectures according to Emulation working."

"The Emulation Lodge of Improvement for Master Masons, to give it its full title, first met on 2 October 1823. it was formed specifically for Master Masons so as to provide instruction for those who wished to make themselves ready for Lodge office and succession to the Chair. The founders came principally from the Burlington and Perseverance Lodges of Instruction, the first formed in 1810 and the other in 1817, both of whom had taught the new ritual approved by Grand Lodge in June 1816 but who tended to concentrate on the work of the First Degree and to instruct candidates."

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