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Hiram Worldwide Newsletter: August 1997 (SC81)

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August 1997 (SC81) 

The HWWN is YOUR Newsletter, articles from you, questions and 
requests from you, comments, opinions and articles about things that 
are working for you that you wish to share with the Fraternity.  Please 
continue to make it work, and I thank you for giving me the 
opportunity to make this Worldwide Newsletter possible. 

"Masonry makes good men better, communications make good 
Masons better." Worshipful Brother William O. Jackson Jr.

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From: T_H@emarkt.com

The interesting comments from Bro. Incorvati about Lodge numbering in
Massachusetts puts me in mind of some similar examples in Scotland.  The
first lodge in the world was set up in Kilwinning by masons who were
employed in building the Abbey there in the Middle Ages, this Lodge
having a long and distinguished history before Freemasonry became
codified in the way we see today.

Indeed the Scottish army, just after the Battle of Bannockburn, camped
nearby so, as the story goes, Bro. Robert the Bruce could instigate a
meeting of all the Bros. who fought in the battle.  When Scottish Grand
Lodge was established in Edinburgh, there was a dispute between the
Kilwinning Lodge and Grand Lodge over numbering.  Grand Lodge wanted to
be No. 1 but the Kilwinning Lodge had precedence historically and
demanded that it be No. 1.

This was eventually settled by numbering Grand Lodge No. 1 and
Kilwinning Lodge No. 0. The lodge at Kilwinning (still in it's original
site in the grounds of the Abbey) still has the title of Mother Lodge
No. 0.

On a similar but slightly different vein, Bro.  Robert Burns was Master
of a Lodge in Mauchline.  Sometime after his death, the Lodge divided in
two and now we have two Lodges who claim that Bro. Burns was their
Master.  This rivalry is of the friendliest type possible, with members
of both Lodges willing to argue their case at the drop of a hat.

Tom Hastings, Lodge Burns St Mary 505, Kilmarnock, Scotland
-- End --

From: "S. Garth Cochran" 

It has always bothered me that Masons in parts of "America" still
discriminate on the basis of colour.  We are supposed to have been
taught that it is the internal, not external characteristics that
recommend a man to Masonry.  To me, colour is an external characteristic
and Masons ought to be enjoined from considering colour as a criterion
for membership.  That being said, Woodley, let me assure you that men of
colour are indeed welcomed in the Lodges of my jurisdiction (Alberta).
For example, I am of the white colour, and my black, red and yellow (or
should I have said Afro-American, Amerindian and Oriental) Brethren
don't discriminate against me, at least not openly.  Nor would I expect
them to.  For that matter, neither do my Jewish, Catholic nor Islamic
Brethren discriminate against me for being Protestant Christian.  Nor do
my Liberal, Conservative nor New Democrat Brethren discriminate against
me for voting Reform.

I guess I am clearly of the opinion that to refuse a man on the basis of
his colour is an unMasonic act.  Woodley, please consider the thought
that every man is "freeborn."  Each of us enters the world completely
unfettered.  Slavery is something imposed upon a human being by another
at some moment after birth.

Parts of Prince Hall Masonry are being "regularized" by recognition by
such established Grand Lodges as the United Grand Lodge of England.  I
would commend to you a study of Prince Hall Masonry.  You might be
surprised at what you learn about its origins and how it went from being
a regular Lodge under the UGLoE to a clandestine movement and is now
returning to a degree of regularity by some jurisdictions.

You might find it very interesting to look over some of the materials
available from the Masonic Renewal Committee of North America.
Following instruction from the Conference of Grand Masters, they have
done considerable research on Masonry's current reality and have
developed several materials for Lodges and Brethren to use.  Your own
Grand Lodge Office may have some of these available or can certainly
provide you with an address.  Also, check out the Masonic Service
Association in Silver Springs, Maryland.  They have a wealth of
information available on these and other topics.

Keep asking questions and keep searching for answers.  If your
jurisdiction has a Research Lodge, consider joining and getting involved
in a real Masonic learning experience.

Well, 'nuff said. Perhaps we can meet in Lodge someday.  You sound like
a Brother I want to meet.

S. Garth Cochran
IPM, Fiat Lux Lodge of Research No. 1980
PM, Calgary Lodge No. 23, Grand Lodge of Alberta
-- End --

From: Richard Green 

This may be somewhat of a history lesson replying to otruitt@juno.com
but I thought that the paper work ending the Civil War had been signed
back in the 1860's therefore freeing all African-Americans or whatever
the politically correct name for our fellowmen of African heritage is
now.  Masonry in Massachusetts not only accepts but welcomes these men
into our ranks.  Since slavery has been abolished I guess we are all now
freeborn so you can figure it from there.  Massachusetts Masonry has
also voted to recognize Prince Hall Lodges as regularly constituted
Lodges and about time since it was Massachusetts Masons who granted
Prince Hall Masons their first charter.  Since the ranks of Masonry are
seeing a decline in membership, I don't see any lodge denying anyone who
is of good moral character and meets our other requirements from joining
a lodge.  From a Massachusetts Mason and Past Master (of German decent
not that it matters).

-- End --

From: AZGMASTER@aol.com (Past Grand Master of Arizona)

To: Jon DePoe - Your article really hits the mark.  Only disagreement is
on the subject of the youth groups.  They are in far more trouble than
we are.  Talk about "Old fashioned and hide bound."  They're so far off
the mark in hitting today's youth that it will take an entirely new
generation of leaders to change them.  Unfortunately, unless freemasonry
can get the 35-45 year olds to join in greater numbers, there will be an
ever shrinking pool of children to draw from and an older and out of
touch pool of leadership.

To: John Thompson of AZ Tucson #4 on One Day Classes John, you sound
like the oldest 27 year old in history.  Don't confuse our method of
having men join our Lodges with what freemasonry is all about.  You
belong to a unique Lodge that is one of the more progressive in AZ.
Most of the others are dying on the vine.  We need new and vital members
in greater numbers to offset those that are dying off.  Otherwise we
will become irrelevant to society, and that is worse than disappearing
as an organization.  Men can be great participatory Masons without
having to go through our antiquated process of joining through long and
drawn out, and in most cases, extremely poor ritual work process.  Get
with the program of Freemasonry as it is being practiced in most of the
other jurisdictions in the US.  Love to talk to you further about it.

-- End --

From: Barry Kornspan 

(From the Editor: This article was taken from the New Jers-emason
Newsletter, Barry Kornspan Editor and WebMaster, Many Thanks)

NEWS From the World of Freemasonry

The Board of Custodians of the GRAND LODGE OF NORTH CAROLINA recently
passed unanimously the following resolution.

WHEREAS, racial discrimination is abhorrent and unacceptable, and

WHEREAS, Freemasonry and the Grand Lodge of North Carolina teach the
principles of friendship, morality and brotherly love, and

WHEREAS, Freemasonry regards the internal and not the external
qualifications of a man, and WHEREAS, the right of visitation is a
Masonic landmark recognized in this Grand Jurisdiction, NOW

THEREFORE, the Board of General Purposes of the Grand Lodge of Ancient,
Free and Accepted Masons of North Carolina RESOLVES that racial
discrimination is abhorrent, unacceptable and unMasonic.

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that no board, committee, commission, subordinate
lodge, or associated Masonic body in this Grand Jurisdiction shall
maintain any racially discriminatory guidelines, practices, or policies.

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that the master of a Masonic lodge in this Grand
Jurisdiction shall not consider the race of any brother from a
recognized lodge in deciding who may visit in his lodge.

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that the master of a Masonic lodge in this Grand
Jurisdiction shall not consider any objection to such a visitation that
he believes is based on race.

To many of you, this may sound like much ado about nothing, but to a
southern Mason, it's a HUGE step in the right direction.

Dan Weatherington PM MPS
Wilson (NC) 712

News from New Jersey:

The 1st Masonic District of New Jersey will hold its 4th Annual 'Degree
in the Quarry' at the base and amidst the impressive backdrop of
Limecrest Quarry in Franklin, NJ on September 13th, 1997.  Franklin New
Jersey has long been hailed as 'The Mineral Capital of the World.'

Master Masons are encouraged to enjoy this wonderful day of Freemasonry.
The first section of the Master Mason Degree will be held at Samaritan
Lodge #98 after which a wonderful roast beef dinner will be served to
all at a cost of $12.00.  Following the meal, all in attendance will
travel 3 miles to Limecrest Quarry where labor will be resumed at the
"Lodge in the Quarry" for the conferring of the second section.  Come
join the Brethren of New Jersey and inquisitive wildlife to witness this
event.  For more information E:Mail Right Worshipful David A. Chase at
dave.chase@sandoz.com and visit the First District website at


The Annual Beach Degree of the 17th Masonic District will be held
Saturday, September 27th at the State Police Camp in Sea Girt.  First
section will be at Durand Lodge in Pt. Pleasant, then all will go to the
beach for the second section.  For information, contact R.W.  Doug
Policastro, DDGM, at 732-240-6112.

-- End --


Old age is the most unexpected of all the things that happens to a man.

Leon Trotsky


From: Thomas Boduch 


Robertson County HFH was chartered as a HFH affiliate in November 1996.
On August 3, 1997, this affiliate completed and dedicated its first
house, which was built in 9 days!  The house was built for Brother Marty
Groves, his wife Patty and their children Brandon, Brandy and William,
ages 14,12 and 6.  Brother Groves, who is a member of Greenbrier Lodge
#753 works as a Robertson County Deputy Sheriff and is coordinator of
the D.A.R.E. program.  Daughter Brandy is ill with cystic fibrosis--she
had been hospitalized during most of the time while the house was being
built, and was released from the hospital the day prior to the
dedication.  The family had been living in a small old house, which
aggravated Brandy's health problems.  Brandy had a long standing wish
for a bedroom of her own; this came to the attention of the local Dream
Makers Foundation, who worked with Robertson County HFH to make this
dream a reality.  Countless volunteers from local Churches and Civic
groups were joined by over 50 brethren and Eastern Star sisters and
contributed donations of materials, money, food for workers and 150
hours of sweat equity.  Brother Ralph Baggett (District 7 Chairman),
Brother Walter Lee (Robertson County Chairman) and Brother Jim Purviance
(W.M. Western Star Lodge #9) organized efforts and also worked on site.
Brother Walter reports that while working on the house as an operative
builder, he was asked for Petitions for the Three degrees by several
HABITAT volunteers.

Current information about Lodges involved with Habitat projects can be
obtained from W. Brother Tom Boduch's (Vision 2013/HFH Task Force
Chairman) home page:

Tom Boduch, M.D., 1997 Grand Marshal
M. W. Grand Lodge F&AM of Tennessee
Past Master Union Lodge #38, P.O. Box 1030, Kingston, TN 37763
FAX:  423 376 0010,  VOICE:  423 882 7537

(From the Editor: Brother Tom, a longtime contributing editor, is
keeping back issues of the Hiram Worldwide Newsletter on his Website.
Anyone wanting a copy of a PAST HWWN or is looking for a PAST article
please invoke your browser towards Brother Tom's site.)

-- End --

From: Jake Jacobs 

> From: "Paul J. Wolsko" 
> Subject: Re: membership (was something else unrelated)
> I'll give my opinions as to why they stop coming:
> * As soon as one is raised, you're hounded to "get in a chair" before
> you know what the hell a chair is.
> * As soon as one is raised, you're given applications for other bodies
> before you even know what Masonry really is about.
> * If you get in a chair, the schedule isn't exactly attuned to the
> modern young family man - "required" meetings abound.
> * If you don't get into a chair, you're made to feel like there is
> something wrong with being a "just a sideliner".
> * BORING meetings.  Endless discussion over inane topics that should be
> passed on in a moment (this is not confined to Masonry).
> * EA and FC are somewhat interesting, then there's MM, and the
> communications - is that all there is????


May I step up on the soapbox for a moment?

A Stated Communication of your Lodge does not
have to be a boring "business meeting".  A wise W M should be prepared
prior to the communication.

This preparation starts by his communicating with ALL the officers in
his line prior to the first gavel.  Each officer should know exactly
what will be expected of him at that communication, i.e.; the Sr. Deacon
will have the ballot box at the ready if he is informed by the Master
that a petition for degrees will require a vote of the brethren that
night.  The Jr. Deacon should have personally met and identified
EVERYONE before he even thinks of going into the Lodge room.  That's NOT
the Tylers job! [The JD will soon be asked to vouch for everyone seated
in the Lodge] The Secretary should inform ALL officers of necessary
action needed to be taken care of.  Eliminate announcements that could
just as well be posted or discussed in the dining room.  Committees
appointed and selected can "air" their planned actions in the dining
STATEMENT FROM ANY OTHER OFFICER!  Communicate!  Communicate!
Communicate!  Visiting brethren should NEVER SIT ALONE on the
sidelines. A member of your Lodge should be assigned to sit with
him/them. [You DO want him/them to come back don't you]

Coaching/criticizing the officers from the sidelines is a splendid way
to get them to stay home or not advance in the chairs. [Remind him in
the most tender manner..... AFTER the meeting] Help, aid and assist!

Freemasonry is a VOLUNTARY men's organization!  There IS no one person
in that building BETTER or LESS than you.  That Lodge room in a
sanctuary of men with the same moral values as yours.  Finally, an
informed brother is an educated brother.  Give, oh give of your Masonic
knowledge that he too will be encouraged to COME BACK FOR MORE.

Just my opinion brethren,

"Jake" Jacobs
-- End --

From: The Editor

Anyone wishing to learn more about the Turtle Degree, how to start 
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Thrty3rd@aol.com (Patrick L. Moten)

(I was asked by many of the Readers if I am a Turtle.  Being that the 
Newsletter is read by many JOBs, DeMolay and Rainbow Girls, I 
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