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A Model Amendment to prohibit participation in "One-Day Classes"

This model amendment was written by two Masons concerned about the spreading popularity of the One-Day Class in their own jurisdiction. You can propose it for adoption by your lodge.

Participation in "One-Day Classes" Prohibited

1. No candidate for the degrees from {THIS LODGE} shall be proposed for participation in any mass initiation by exemplar for any ceremony of entering, passing, or raising, nor for any "one day class" combining any of those ceremonies.

2. Eligibility for membership:

(a) Candidates for the degrees in {THIS LODGE} shall receive the degrees by personal initiation in the traditional manner.

(b) To be eligible to sign the By-Laws of {THIS LODGE} as a member, the brother must have personally received each of the three degrees of Entered Apprentice, Fellowcraft, and Master Mason in the traditional manner, not including any one-day class or other mass initiation by exemplar.

3. Candidate Instruction and Progress:

(a) {THIS LODGE} shall ensure that all candidates receive sufficient instruction in the content, symbolism, and meaning of the degree ritual.

(b) No candidate in {THIS LODGE} shall progress in the degrees until he has demonstrated suitable proficiency in the preceeding degree, either in open lodge or before a committee appointed by the Worshipful Master.

You can replace {THIS LODGE} with the name of your lodge. If you decide to propose this amendment in your lodge, please write and let us know. Whether or not it passes, we still would like to hear from you.

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