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Finding Joy in the Experience

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From: "Vaughn, Michael A Mr T3-SSA" <michael.a.vaughn@us.army.mil>
To: "'dryfoo@mit.edu'" <dryfoo@mit.edu>
Subject: One Day Mason's response
Date: Mon, 29 Dec 2003 10:54:22 -0500

Dear Bro. Dryfoos,

I've been reading your site since I first started on my path to become a Master Mason. I read about this One Day class on your site.

I'm so glad that this isn't being done for me, I've learned so much about myself and my Lodge by doing the word of mouth teaching for my Entered Apprentice degree. I feel close to the Brothers that have given me instruction and feel a true pride and kinship to my Lodge in this manner of teaching. A one day class would cheapen my journey.

I just don't understand how people can say they don't have time, when I was interviewed I was told my first three degrees would require time investments on my part and my wife was told the same thing. When I signed my name to the petition I made a commitment to myself and my fraternity to make that time as long as it did not inflict a burden on my duties to my family.

I am anxious to progress in my degrees but I am willing to have the patience and emotional temperance to balance my ambition with what I have to learn to make myself the best Mason I can be. Yes time constraints make it hard sometimes but I make that time once a week to learn my degree so when I stand my proficiency to the best of my ability. I feel bad for those who did a one day course, because they lose out on the spiritual growth in learning their degree work and the close ties that bind you to a Brother who helps you along the way.

When I finally get raised I will do it with sincere pride and honor because not only will I have progressed through my degrees with my Brothers help and guidance but I will be raised by a special individual, my father. Personally I can think of no greater joy than to have that experience.

Michael Anthony Vaughn
Entered Apprentice
Columbia Lodge #58 A.F. & A.M.
Frederick, Maryland

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