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One Day Masons

From issue No. 29 of Masonry Universal...

|                           On One-Day Masons                          |
|                                                                      |
|I can remember as I sat night after night with the Master of Eastgate |
|Lodge #355 Clearwater Florida, as he patiently helped me become       |
|proficient in the mouth to ear work I needed to be qualified to       |
|receive the next degree. I remember sheepishly asking him why did the |
|Lodge make such demands on my time and brain just to be able to get   |
|the next degree. The Master was silent for a moment and I felt as if  |
|I had asked a question that would now put me in an unfavorable light. |
|After all, I only had to go through this once, and it was quite       |
|obvious that he was truly a Master as he had gone through this so     |
|many times, with so many candidates. He smiled as he gave me the one  |
|answer that has stayed with me all these years. "Brother, if it was   |
|too easy to become a Mason, almost anyone could petition and breeze   |
|through the degrees. Value can only be placed on things we have to    |
|work for. That is why we ask you to demonstrate, not only for the     |
|Brethren who will hear your work, but for yourself, the patience,     |
|fortitude, and willingness to work for the betterment of one's self." |
|                                                                      |
|I believe we do the Craft as a whole, and certainly the new Brethren, |
|an injustice when we give the gift of an easier way to become a mason.|
|            --- Bro Michael C Kurtz <CaptMike@aol.com> ---            |

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