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Is Just Watching Enough?

Bro. Mark Griffin has given me permission to quote his remarks in a recent online exchange of views:

Date: Tue, 04 Dec 2007 07:46:23 AM EST
From: "Mark Griffin" <mark.griffin@cyberpoint.co.uk>
Dear Bro. XXX,
If it is inspirational -- what does it matter if the class is one or one hundred? If it gets the man into his Masonic career, who cares how long it takes? If the message sinks in, what matters is that it becomes a way of life. And the opposite is equally true.

A fine sentiment, how could one disagree? :-)

But you know what's coming, don't you? :-)

Let us extend the principle a little further, if indeed it matters not that one is personally involved in the proceedings, if it is sufficient to watch. Does that mean that Christians need only watch someone else take communion? Does that mean Jews only need to watch someone else being circumcised? Does that mean if you are a guest at a wedding you become married to the bride as well?

And there is another aspect I haven't seen mentioned yet. What about the brother PERFORMING the ceremony? Why do we imagine that Benjamin Franklin chose to be the one who "escorted" Voltair into the Lodge to make him a Mason? Those brethren who perform the ceremony ought to benefit from it as much as the man being made a brother.

So I'm sorry, bums on seats isn't a convincing argument for me. I feel those brethren (and brethren they emphatically are) who have sat in such an audience have been short-changed, and it is to their own credit that they remain in Masonry to try and make up the deficit. However they should NOT have been put in that position in the first place.


WBro Mark Griffin

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