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A New E.A.

Date: Wed, 21 Mar 2007 14:23:41 -0700 (PDT)
From: Tim Crook <tim.crook@yahoo.com>
Subject: One Day Classes
To: masonry-ask@mit.edu

Rt. Worshipful Bro. Dryfoos,

My name is Tim Crook. I just received my EA degree on 02/22/07 and returned my profciency on 03/15/07. I will be passed on 03/29/07. My home lodge is Lincolnton No. 354 in Lincolnton, GA.

When I received my EA degree, it was one of the coolest things I have ever experienced. Why anyone would want to miss that, I'll never understand. Much less why Grand Lodges would want to take that from them. Then there's the memory work. I know it's time consuming and at times tedious, but if you don't work for it, then what is it really worth to you? Anyone can shell out some money for anything, but it the object is only of monetary value , what good is it? The lessons taught in the degrees cannot be replaced as things bought with money can be! Neither can the feelings you experience during the rituals. If a man doesn't have time for these exciting things, will he have time for mere buisness meetings? I hardly think so!

As far as being too busy goes, I am a police officer. I work 12 hour shifts and I have a wife and a 2 year old little girl at home. If I can juggle all these things, anyone can! Our lodge is small and I have heard talk that it may close if we don't get more attendance and new members. That would be a terrible shame, but I would rather see it close than have 100 members to whom Masonry means nothing but being able to say I am one.

I hope I'm not out of line saying these things as an EA soon to be an FC but I felt like a new Mason should express how they feel about the subject,

Tim Crook, EA

P.S. Your site was the first and most helpful I found when I was first looking into being a Mason. Keep up the good work!!!

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