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From a Blacksmith

Subject: 1Day Amendment
Date: Mon, 9 May 2005 19:42:53 -0400
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From: "Willie Adams" <Willie_Adams@Jabil.com>
To: masonry-ask@mit.edu


Ok I am not a mason yet. But am reading and learning about masonry because I am interested in it. I am going to go to a dinner at the lodge at a time that I normal have to work but I am going to rework my schedule so I can go.

I believe the one day class takes away from the price to become a mason (which is changing your life/self) for a free way to do it. I was taught by my grandfather people appreciate things more when they half to work for it and it is not given to them. It gives them more of a feeling of belonging helps build relationship with what they want and teaches the perseverance to acquire it. It gives them an appreciation for what they are part of. I practice blacksmithing and no one day class can teach you everything to make you a master blacksmith that takes time and practice and a lot of sweat.

I believe that masonry (like an artisans skill) cannot be learned in one day nor would I ever wish to learn it like that. I also believe that anyone who would be looking to learn any skill that fast is looking for a title to wear, instead of concentrating trying on being good at it.

I seriously wish/hope/pray that 'Freemason' will never become 'OneDayMason'. Classes aren't bad to start with but they can never the place of the wisdom gained from experience. Allowing something truly beautiful to be created, the beauty that can be created only with that wisdom and skill of practice.


Willie Adams III

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