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Bulwer Lodge of Cairo: Coat of Arms

(Heraldic information courtesy of Steffan Silverwing, Firebrand Herald Extrordinary, EK, SCA. This is not the formal "blazon" or description of these arms as might be found in the Royal armorial rolls, but rather an approximation, based on the appearance of the "emblazon" or drawing.)

Arms of Bulwer Lodge of Cairo

I and IV Bulwer, II Wor. Co. of Masons (or whatever it originally was) and III "a depiction of Giza in Egypte, shewing ye Pyramidys & ye Sphinxe".

Bulwer is

Gules on a chevron argent between 3 eagles [statant close] regardant Or as many cinquefoils sable.

[Note: Bulwer is also found as the 2nd and 4th quartering of Bulwer-Lytton, Earls of Lytton, Viscounts Knebworth, and Barons Lytton of Knebworth -- yes, one of whom was the author whose "It was a dark and stormy night" is the inspiration for the annual "bad opening sentence" competition.]

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