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Pointers: Adoptive Rites & Affiliated Groups

Here is an over-simplified explanation of how some of these groups are related to the basic Masonic lodge (sometimes called "Craft Lodge" or "Blue Lodge"):

Once someone is a Master Mason (3rd degree) he is eligible to join a number of "affiliated" or "adoptive" groups in Masonry, sometimes called "side bodies".

In the USA, one major branch of these is York Rite. Within the York Rite there are three bodies called Royal Arch Chapter, Council of Royal and Select Masters, and Commandery of Knights Templar. Each of those bodies offers three or four degrees.

The other major branch is Scottish Rite, which gives its degrees numbers as well as fancy names. Those degrees run from 4th - 32nd, with an honorary 33rd. There are two Scottish Rite jurisdictions in North America -- Northern and Southern

The Shrine is a social and charitable organization within Masonry. Formerly a Mason who wished to be a Shriner had to receive all the degrees of the York Rite or the 32nd degree of the Scottish Rite. Within the last few years, that has changed, and any Master Mason is eligible to join the Shrine.

Here is more comprehensive information on the subject.

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York Rite

Scottish Rite

In the United States, there are two supreme Scottish Rite jurisdictions, Northern and Southern:
Other SR web-sites:

The Shrine


[OES emblem]

Order of the Eastern Star

[Rainbow Girls]

Rainbow Girls

A Masonic organization for girls
[Job's Daughters]

Job's Daughters

A Masonic organization for girls


A Masonic organization for boys

Other Pointers -- Masonic

Other Pointers -- Non-Masonic

Non-Masonic groups: I occasionally get questions about other fraternal societies, un-related to the Masons, so here are whatever pointers I happen to have:

Please note that while some of the groups listed here seem to me admirable and worthwhile, I am not "advertising" for them, nor am I a member of them, nor can I answer questions about them. These links are for your convenience.

Are you a member of Eastern Star, Rainbow, Job's Daughters, DeMolay, Scottish Rite, York Rite, Shrine, Grotto,... etc.? If you establish a web-site for your group, I'll add a pointer to it here. Just send in the information.

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