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Pointers: Masonry for Women and Co-Masonry

Web-master's note: Although the "regular" grand lodges of the world will not recognize "mixed" Co-Masonry or Women's Masonry in a formal way, there is, in some countries, an accomodation or acknowledgement that some of these groups are proceeding in a Masonic spirit, according to the same ideals, and sometimes even using the same working lectures and other ritual. More than one grand lodge public-relations office maintains a ready list of contacts for women's Masonic bodies in their area. The author of this page makes no claims of "regularity" for any of the groups listed here, nor insists on the correctness of any group's policies of recognition. All those working toward the Masonic ideals of Fraternal Love, Relief, Truth, Freedom of Conscience, etc. deserve respect on that basis at least. Further light may illuminate a wiser path through our differences of practice and opinion. In the meantime, these pointers are offered for the benefit of all those who wish to serve their fellow men and women in the spirit of fraternal love symbolized by our Square and Compasses.

Please note that several sites about Women's Freemasonry have recently disappeared from web-space. I will update these listings as best I can. If you know of other verified web-sites on this topic, please let me know.

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