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We recommend that you AVOID any and all business with KnightsTemplarQuest.com, currently flooding the mails with repeated advertisements for videos of unknown quality purporting a link between the Templars and Freemasonry. Once you make any contact with them, you will be stuck on their mailing lists and unable to get off, receiving two or three copies of the same advertisement every day. Using their "Unsubscribe" link will only confirm that you are a live address, to which they will send even increasing amounts of junk mail. Save yourself the trouble and stay away from them!

Regalia & Masonic Supplies

Publishers, Books and Videos

  • District Eight (F&AM of WA) Masonic Charities Bookstore call themselves "The Best Masonic Bookstore on the Web" -- they list and describe a wide variety of Masonic (and related) titles, the book sales are handled by Amazon, and the district's profit goes to charity.


  • Harry Klitzner Company says they are "America's oldest & largest factory-direct manufacturer of all things fraternal".
  • Gesef Masonic, in Gateshead, Tyne and Wear. Steven Foers, (webmaster): "Gesef Masonic are purveyors of fine Masonic Jewellery. We supply Cufflinks, Shirt Studs, Tie Bars and Tie Pins as well as Masonic Watches via our partners."
  • Some brothers who make and sell Masonic rings in stainless steel:

  • The Master's Jewel of Santa Monica, CA. Web-master: Andrew Horn, "Original, handcrafted Masonic Jewelry, created by an artist and fellow Mason."
  • Masonic & Fine Jewelry by Fox
  • FreeMasonStore in Bronx, New York. from Eugene Mondrus (web-master): "FreeMasonStore offers a wide selection of fine Masonic and fraternal merchandise for our brethren and their families. Our selection of auto emblems, clothing, tie bars and cufflinks, rings, golf accessories, ties and watches make perfect gifts for your father, his father, your brother or husband. Masons are proud of their fraternity and enjoy receiving Masonic gifts on Father's Day, 4th of July, Christmas, their birthdays and for no reason at all."
  • Masonic Works -- "Masonic jewellery at wholesale prices." Well, they can't spell "jewelry" but they do offer a lot of it, and very nice-looking stuff at that.
  • Fratline Emblematics, Louisville, KY; Shawn Warren, webmaster: "Quality, Custom Fraternal Lapel Pins Delivered On Time, With NO Hidden Charges Guaranteed!"
  • E-Masonic Jewelry, in Flint, Michigan. Webmaster, (webmaster): "I have been a member of Lodge No. 490 F&AM in Flint, Mi since 1971"
  • Masonic Jewellery, in Newtown, Powys SY162LN. Bill Bishop, (webmasterPast Master of a UK Lodge): "Masonic Regalia Books Rituals and Masonic Jewellery"
  • WARNING: We suggest that you Do Not do any business with "Master Mason Jewelry Co." (formerly www.masonicjewelry.com) of Belleville, New Jersey until further notice. I have received complaints about them and am waiting for their reply.


  • Maconart, in Jubbega, Friesland, Holland. A.Hartsuiker, (owner): "Art of a freemason"
  • Masonic Software site, Bro. Mathews, webmaster
  • W. E. Jackson & Co. (since 1921); Robert E. Jackson, "We make a nice line of Masonic embossed stationery including note cards, Thank you cards, announcements, Awardholders, award/Resolution certificates"
  • Freemason Collection -- They sell Masonic artwork, reproductions of 18th century aprons, etc. They say they are "the Greatest Masonic Collection on the Web."
  • The Eastward Traveler, in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. James F. McDuffie, (Owner) [10-Jan-07: Webmaster's note: A recent complaint about this firm has been happily resolved as a simple mis-communication between shipper and customer.]
    [2-Oct-07 Webmaster's note: I am sorry to say that for a second time, I have received a complaint about Eastward Traveller. Despite multiple inquiries, have not received any reply from them. At this point, I would not recommend that you do any business with this firm. Should they provide a suitable explanation, and make proper restitution to their customer, that will be noted here.]
  • Art Gallery of Freemasonry, in Fribourg, Switzerland. William Schaw, (webmaster): "Ancient aprons, paintings, engravings and artworks reproductions. Rituals and texts to download. Masonic gifts. An exceptional collection of masonic Art. Affordable."
  • An Online Masonic Art Gallery by Kiss Laszlo of Bucharest, Romania
  • Masonic Collectables:Masonic Prints, Gifts and Memorabilia direct from the UK
  • Copies of a nice Masonic poster for sale.
  • DVE Worldwide: Internet info on masonic antiques/collectibles from 3 centuries
  • Noble-2-Noble Masonic and Shrine novelties.
  • Craftsman Park is a privately-owned park in the state of Ohio for Masonic families and their friends.
  • "Rosslyn Branding" is now Roseline da Vinci
  • A collection of links for various Masonic catalogs
  • LodgeGifts.com; Tracy Becker, (webmaster and President): "A Unique and Unusual On-Line Gift Store for Masons"
  • Masonic Styles, in Miami, Fla. Sam James, (site web-master & owner): "We offer a unique masonic cap and shirt we also have a fantastic masonic laminated print ready for framing."
  • Lodgedates, in Croydon, Surrey. Simon Pettit, (webmaster): "Site will allow members to create a personal masonic diary of all their meetings"


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