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Requests for Correspondence

1st Quarter, 2009

You can find people here looking for help with Masonic research. To submit a notice for inclusion here, sign the guestbook and select the "Request for Correspondence" indicator.

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  1. Date: Mon, 22 Dec 2008 09:57:57 -0500
    Name:: Bro. Michael Thomas
    E-mail:: mostwantedent7@aol.com
    Location:: las vegas,nevada,usa
    Lodge:: alpha lodge #75
    Lodge Loc'n:: las vegas n.v
    Message:: good day brothers my name bro. Thomas my title i.g worshipful lodge known as Alpha Lodge #75
    RQFC-topic: all that can assist a M.M in search of light

  2. Date: Mon, 5 Jan 2009 01:11:54 -0500
    Name:: Stephen Siteman
    E-mail:: strider112575@yahoo.com
    Location:: Quincy, MA, USA
    Lodge:: The Consolidated Lodge
    Lodge Loc'n:: Boston, MA
    Office:: Inside Sentinel
    Message:: Greetings from Boston.
    RQFC-topic: Masonic History and Philosophy
    RQFC Details: I am researching The history and Philosophy of Freemasonry for personal purposes. I may use this information in the future to publish my findings, but as of now it is for personal advancement of knowledge. Any information would be appreciated, and as I come across anything, I would be glad to share. Thanks.

  3. Date: Thu, 5 Feb 2009 12:34:16 -0500
    Name:: Paul Noble
    E-mail:: noblegtec@gmail.com
    Location:: Grafton,IL USA
    Lodge:: Full Moon 341
    Lodge Loc'n:: Grafton,Il
    Office:: W.M.

    RQFC-topic: Lodges built by the C.C.C. 1930s
    RQFC Details: We have a lodge built by C.C.C. 32-33 in our area.Many similarities in the floor plan to a Blue lodge.Has anyone any knowledge on this?I and another brother are starting research beging with our lodges registry.

  4. Date: Wed, 11 Feb 2009 19:01:06 -0500
    Name:: Sonja Fisk Jones
    E-mail:: jones.sonja@bex.net
    Location:: Perrysburg, OH

    RQFC Details: I was told that my great great grandfather was very proud of being a Mason at the lodge in Iola, KS. Would they have any record of him still, and would they be willing to share any info with me that might be interesting from a genealogy standpoint? I think some of his sons were members, too. They were, in fact, actual masons (brick-layers)!.

  5. Date: Mon, 16 Feb 2009 18:36:24 -0500
    Name:: Kristen Woodard
    E-mail:: woodrow32@gmail.com
    Location:: Lovettsville, VA

    RQFC-topic: Information on Great Grandmother
    RQFC Details: I'm trying to find out information about my great grandmother and was hoping you could help. She was sent to an orphanage in 1900 run by the Mason's in Dallas, TX. Her name was Ione Pennington and she was 5 years old when she entered the orphanage. Any information would be appreciated! Thank You

  6. Date: Tue, 17 Feb 2009 23:18:01 -0500
    Name:: Neil Plotnick
    E-mail:: neilplotnick@yahoo.com
    Location:: Boston MA
    Lodge:: St. John's
    Lodge Loc'n:: Boston
    Office:: Associate Officer

    RQFC-topic: Masonry and the Holocaust
    RQFC Details: History indicates that the Nazis persecuted many people, among them Freemasons. I would like to learn more about how Masons were treated and how Masons met under Nazi occupation or in concentration camps.

    1. Date: Thu, 26 Feb 2009 02:39:27 -0500
      Name:: Georgios Moraitis
      E-mail:: georgiosm@vodamail.co.za
      Location:: South Africa
      Lodge:: The Robrt Burns Memorial Lodge 1470 SC
      Lodge Loc'n:: Germiston South Africa
      Office:: Inner Guard
      Message:: A fraternal thank you on a wonderful and enlighting web site Fraternal Grettings Bro. G Moraitis
      RQFC-topic: Origins of freemasonry

    2. Date: Thu, 5 Mar 2009 21:07:00 -0500
      Name:: Rosa Harrison
      E-mail:: vze3thhi1@verizon.net
      Location:: Washington, DC USA
      Lodge:: Rainbow Chapter #51
      Lodge Loc'n:: Disbanded
      Message:: I was really glad to locate this site. I have been looking tirelessly for it because I am in search of some information and pray it still exits. My son became a Mason and I am now trying to rejoin the Eastern Star here in Washington, DC. That too hasn't been easy because leaving messages have not worked out, but I will prevail because I am determined to keep my father's memories alive in heart.
      RQFC-topic: Information on Benjamin Harrison
      RQFC Details: I have been searching endlessly for information on my deceased father who died May 17, 1959 and was buried in Vicksburg, Warren County, MS. According to the writings in his Masonic Bible he was member of Masonic Lodge Sunshine #99. He, I believe was born in Forest, Scott County, MS his birth date was April 29, 1923; served in World War II and the last four digits of his social security number was 9641. I realize locating his history may be a long shot, but I have been searching endlessly to find out whatever I can on my father. Within my search it almost appears my father never existed and even though I was only five years old, I remember seeing the ritual of Masonic rites at his funeral. My son, Robert Harrison, has become a Mason in Texas and we both are searching for my father s information. Please if it is anything you can find for me I will be most appreciative, as I realize your time is extremely valuable. Also, if there is a charge for whatev! er information you give I will gladly send the appropriate funds. Most Respectfully