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Requests for Correspondence

1st Quarter, 1997

You can find people here looking for help with Masonic research. To submit a notice for inclusion here, sign the guestbook and select the "Request for Correspondence" indicator.

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  1. Date: Tue, 31 Dec 96 02:44:58 EST
    Lodge:: VICTORIA LODGE #130
    Office:: JR. DEACON
    E-mail:: leslye@fwb.gulf.net
    RQFC-topic: jr deacon office

  2. Date: Wed, 1 Jan 97 20:12:42 EST
    Lodge:: VICTORIA LODGE #130
    Location:: PENSACOLA, FLA.
    Office:: JR. DEACON
    E-mail:: leslye@fwb.gulf.net

  3. Date: Thu, 2 Jan 97 14:42:48 EST
    Name:: Patrick Heys
    Lodge:: Elk City Lodge #182
    Location:: Elk City, Oklahoma
    Office:: Junior Deacon
    E-mail:: c911@itlnet.net
    RQFC-topic: I am looking for the meaning of all the officers jewels, can you help?
    Message:: I and some other from our lodge were talking about the meaning of the officers jewels, some are self explanatory, others are not. Do you have a list of the jewels and their symbolic meaning?

  4. Date: Thu, 2 Jan 97 15:56:57 EST
    Name:: Sue Lukas
    E-mail:: pub-mac@datatek.net
    RQFC-topic: for employee publication
    Message:: An employee where I work was awarded the past potentate award last year. He was very humble and vague about his award. I wish to elaborate in my publications why he received an award at a national conference. Sounds like a big deal to me and I would like other employees to know what he has accomplished. I go to press next week and would like to include this info in my article about our Employee of the Month.

  5. Date: Sat, 4 Jan 97 09:13:24 EST
    Name:: Rudy Baker
    Lodge:: Burlington #721
    Location:: Burlington, NC
    Office:: Senior Steward
    E-mail:: rkadr@worldnet.att.net
    RQFC-topic: Masons in music
    Message:: Neat site. Correspondance fron other brethren welcome

  6. Date: Mon, 6 Jan 97 13:40:49 EST
    Name:: Alison Hargadine
    E-mail:: Ms_Aly@ix.netcom.com
    RQFC-topic: Masonry History
    Message:: Was at anytime the Mason Society outlawed and if so, when? Thank you for your quick response. Alison

  7. Date: Tue, 7 Jan 97 17:28:41 EST
    Name:: William D. Taylor
    Lodge:: Cypress Lodge
    Location:: Naples Florida
    Office:: None at this time
    E-mail:: createart@prodigy.com
    RQFC-topic: Masonic Art
    Message:: I'm looking for Masonic Logos and art for computor reproduction.

  8. Date: Sun, 12 Jan 97 10:57:33 EST
    Name:: Jesse R. Tucker
    Lodge:: Curtis T. Hines #317
    Office:: Tioga, LA
    E-mail:: jrtucker@erols.com
    RQFC-topic: Gettysburg Masonic Memorial
    Message:: I,m trying to find information on the history of the Gettysburg Masonic Memorial

  9. Date: Sun, 12 Jan 97 11:47:46 EST
    Name:: Joao Guedes
    E-mail:: jguedesl@macau.ctm.net
    RQFC-topic: Macau, portuguese territory in South China
    Message:: I am looking upon the influence of american masonry, or american freemasons in Macau, in 19th century. Admiral Perry ( the man who open Japan to the outside world, was he a mason? (he was in Macau. Could someone give me an awnser about this?. My email is as follows: jguedesl@macau.ctm.net

  10. Date: Fri, 17 Jan 97 22:16:58 EST
    Name:: jeff nicholson
    E-mail:: rosicruc@airmail.net
    Message:: I have recently begun the study of the Rosicrucian ideology and would like to obtain any/all information pertaining to any ties between the two orders. Peace Profound

  11. Date: Sun, 19 Jan 97 14:12:52 EST
    Name:: Jean-Marie R. BARRIER
    Lodge:: The Mists of Avalon #893 GLNF (Regular)
    Location:: Clermont-Ferrand France
    Office:: n/a
    E-mail:: jmbarrie@goules.nat.fr
    RQFC-topic: Masonic Terminology
    Message:: Fraternal regards to you Brethren !

  12. Date: Sun, 19 Jan 97 17:48:33 EST
    Name:: Herb Tabert
    E-mail:: 70224.414@compuserve
    RQFC-topic: Ancon, CZ Lodge past Grand Master
    Message:: My father Herbert H. Tabert, was the past grand master of the Lodge at Ancon, CZ. If any one has any info on him or his activies I would appreciate it.

  13. Date: Mon, 20 Jan 97 00:17:44 EST
    Name:: Deborah Mattingly Conner
    E-mail:: muse@cannet.com
    RQFC-topic: Masonic influences in literature: 19th C. England
    Message:: I'm especially interested in knowing if DGRossetti, William Morris, were Masons, I'm trying to trace the origins of their themes... Jung, I believe is pure Mason. I'm applying his ideas to Artists of this era...

  14. Date: Wed, 22 Jan 97 10:45:12 EST
    Name:: Jack Keefer
    Lodge:: Antiquitas Num. 9
    Location:: Gran Logia Valle de Mexico (Mexico City, Mexico)
    E-mail:: Jack@akamail.com
    RQFC-topic: York Rite
    Message:: Dear Brothers, I am an American living in Mexico. I am working in a Spanish Speaking Lodge, although my Spanish isn't that good. I am having a very hard time finding information in English to prepare my works. I am looking for information about the York Rite, working tools of the Apprentice and Fellow Craft, and Symbolism. If any brother could send me works or info, I will very happily return works that I have done or perhaps other info I have been able to find. Could anyone send me copies of the Masonic Short Talk Buletins? It's not that I'm too cheap to order them from the Masonic Services Org. It's that it's difficult to order and pay for them from here in Mexico. Also the Mail service here is quite poor and things tend to get lost in the mail frequently. I have been able to down load many from different site on the web and as I slowly get them translated, they are bringing more light to my Spanish speaking brothers. Thank you, Jack

  15. Date: Wed, 22 Jan 97 21:37:54 EST
    Lodge:: August and Benefactor Symbolic Lodge "Acacia do Amazonas"
    Location:: Manaus, Amazon State, Brazil
    E-mail:: jorge.bentes@manaus.pegasus.com.br
    RQFC-topic: Yahoo and others.
    Message:: I'm very glad to know this Masonic Site. It's very good for relationship among all Masons around the world. My congratulations.

  16. Date: Thu, 23 Jan 97 10:53:27 EST
    Name:: Kathy Turner
    E-mail:: klturner@micron.net
    RQFC-topic: "The Man in the Mirror"
    Message:: I have heard of a story if you will, about the man in the mirror. It gives you a prospective on yourself. I was wondering if I could get a copy or where I could get a copy if this story, if it is in fact written material for anyone to read. Thanks for your time.

  17. Date: Thu, 23 Jan 97 14:50:10 EST
    Name:: Arne Remgerd
    Lodge:: Catena
    Location:: Sandgatan 14 311 00 Falkenberg Sweden
    RQFC-topic: History south american

  18. Date: Fri, 24 Jan 97 16:44:06 EST
    Location:: UDINE - ITALY
    E-mail:: wsi@ud.nettuno.it
    RQFC-topic: "Ancient Masonic Rituals of all countries"
    Message:: Thank you for sending me copies of ancient Masonic Rituals of all Rites and Degrees.

  19. Date: Fri, 24 Jan 97 18:37:16 EST
    E-mail:: wsi@ud.nettuno.it
    RQFC-topic: Ancient Masonic Books and Jewels

  20. Date: Sat, 25 Jan 97 10:04:36 EST
    Name:: Eric C. Smith
    Lodge:: Composite Lodge A.F. & A.M. G.R.N.S.
    Location:: Halifax N.S., , Canada
    Office:: As above
    E-mail:: Eric.Smith@dbis.NS.ca.
    RQFC-topic: History
    Message:: I am Historian of my lodge and Past Grand Lodge Officer. Would appreciate any tid-bits of interesting facts about Masonry that any Brother might offer. Would like to hear from a brother. Maybe I can be of assistance to somebody for I have been a Mason for 45 years.

  21. Date: Mon, 27 Jan 97 05:07:23 EST
    Name:: Richard Num
    Lodge:: South Australian Lodge of Research #216
    Location:: Adelaide, South Astralia
    Office:: Senior Deacon
    E-mail:: frankisl@hotmail.com
    RQFC-topic: Masonic Heraldry
    Message:: I am interested in the use of heraldic devices by Grand Lodges and private lodges. I wish to prepare a talk (illustrated)

  22. Date: Mon, 27 Jan 97 05:22:15 EST
    Name:: Richard Num
    Lodge:: South Australian Lodge of Research #216
    Location:: Adelaide, South Australia
    Office:: SD
    E-mail:: frankisl@hotmail.com
    RQFC-topic: Freemasonry & the Catholic Church
    Message:: particulary interested in 1960 to the present, particularly following the revision of the Code of Canon Law in the 1970's

  23. Date: Tue, 28 Jan 97 11:46:14 EST
    Name:: Carl P. Larson
    Lodge:: Friendship #33
    Location:: Southington, CT
    Office:: Jr. Warden
    E-mail:: larsocp@notes.nu.com
    RQFC-topic: Info on Judd Lewis Quarry
    Message:: A neighboring lodge (Frederick #14 in Plainville is planning a degree in March, 1997, and I would like some background info on him or it. Anything, would be helpful. Thanks

  24. Date: Thu, 30 Jan 97 15:54:57 EST
    Name:: E. Killingbeck II
    Lodge:: Friendship
    Location:: Darlington, South Carolina
    E-mail:: ekbeck_97@scsu.edu
    RQFC-topic: on any thing about the roots of masonry
    Message:: I am a MM in the listed lodge. Correspondence is desired if any one is able to speak. Just stumbled across the page and I like what I see.

  25. Date: Thu, 30 Jan 97 18:20:12 EST
    Name:: Iverson White
    E-mail:: iversonwhite@msn.com
    RQFC-topic: Amaranth, Campaign of the White Feather
    Message:: I would like any information you have on the above topics. I am researching for in friend in the Order of the Eastern Star. Thank you.

  26. Date: Tue, 4 Feb 97 10:48:27 EST
    Name:: Gottfried v.Bismarck
    E-mail:: Von.Bismarck@hfp.hr
    RQFC-topic: The French Revolution and Freemasonry
    Message:: General interest in Freemasonry, also with its spreading to Germany after the French Revolution. German Freemasonry nowadays.

  27. Date: Thu, 6 Feb 97 22:31:33 EST
    Name:: Kenneth B. deMoss
    Lodge:: M.E. Girard #450
    Location:: Lafayette LA
    Office:: PM
    E-mail:: kdemoss@sprintmail.com
    RQFC-topic: Rosslyn Chapel

  28. Date: Fri, 7 Feb 97 09:23:59 EST
    Name:: Harry W. Conn
    E-mail:: LIdrone@Juno.com
    RQFC-topic: Great-grandfather's role in Masons
    Message:: Andreas Habermann, my great-grandfather, was instrumental in founding a German Masonic Lodge in the 19th century in Manhattan, New York (New York City). I would appreciate any information on Andreas (aka, Andrew) Habermann.

  29. Date: Fri, 7 Feb 97 15:56:59 EST
    Name:: Tara Van Ho
    Lodge:: Euclid Rainbow Assembly #83
    Location:: Euclid, Ohio
    Office:: PG Treasurer, PG Fidelity, PWA
    E-mail:: vanhot@mcnet.marietta.edu
    RQFC-topic: History of Masonry, and branch organizations
    Message:: Hi! I know I'm not a Mason, but rather a Rainbow Girl, but I'm doing a speech on Masonry: what it is, the history,and branch organizations. I already know what it is, and a little history, and some branch groups, but any extra info. would be very helpful. I have to have an outline done by Monday, Feb. 10 (I know, not a lot of time, but what can I say? I didn't check the internet first, but I should have 8-)). Any extra info that anyone could send me, would be very much appreciated!!!!! Thanks for this page, b/c it's helped me get off in the right direction!!!! This is a great page, and it's been very helpful! Thanks so much! In Rainbow Love and Service, Tara Van Ho, Jr. PG Treasurer, PG Fidelity, PWA Euclid #83, Ohio Rainbow

  30. Date: Mon, 10 Feb 97 22:52:16 EST
    Name:: Richard Staley
    RQFC-topic: Jr. Order United American Mechanics
    Message:: I am assembling an educational display of personal memorabilia of Cl> Burdick, a corporal in Co. "F", 39th Illinois Vol. Infantry in the American Civil War. Mr. Burdick was prominent in California veterans group activites (GAR) and Masonry in the San Jose area. Among his memorabilia are several mourning ribbons from various councils of the Jr. OUAM which bear Masonic emblems. I am also seeking biographical information on Mr. Burdick's Masonic activities c. 1880-1930. Any assistance will be appreciated.

  31. Date: Tue, 11 Feb 97 14:03:32 EST
    Name:: luis felipe perez
    Lodge:: acuario no. 22
    Location:: campeche, campeche, mexico
    Office:: tuesday
    E-mail:: lufperez@etzna.uacam.mx
    RQFC-topic: temple image's
    Message:: it is a great idea masonry internet

  32. Date: Tue, 11 Feb 97 20:19:20 EST
    Name:: Harvey Lusk, Jr.
    E-mail:: 102457.1226@compuserve.com
    RQFC-topic: Geneaology
    Message:: I am researching several members of my family who have been members of the freemasons over the past 100-150 years. Are there records or someone whom I can contact regarding these family members?

  33. Date: Thu, 13 Feb 97 20:57:04 EST
    Name:: Brother Jermaine J. Armstrong
    Lodge:: St. Johns Lodge #12 F&AM PHA
    Location:: Washington, DC
    Office:: Assistant Junior Deacon
    E-mail:: qekc17a@prodigy.com
    RQFC-topic: Royal Arch Masonry and Knight Templar
    Message:: If you have any information on Royal Arch Masonry and/or Knight Templar, Please e-mail me with it. Thanks in advance!!!!!!

  34. Date: Thu, 13 Feb 97 21:31:15 EST
    Name:: Robert Richard Robinson, Jr.
    Lodge:: Lodge #19, Montgomery Lodge
    Location:: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA
    E-mail:: RRobRobins@aol.com
    RQFC-topic: British Military Lodges in Pennsylvania - 1776-1778
    Message:: I would like to to some research on the history of military lodges in the US at the time of the colonial insurrection- any suggestions of books to start this process would be very much appreciated.

  35. Date: Fri, 14 Feb 97 18:11:04 EST
    Name:: Owen Sypher
    E-mail:: osypher@hotmail.com
    RQFC-topic: Masonic side degrees
    Message:: I'm looking for information and contacts for the following side orders of Masonry: Ancient Egyptian Order of Sciots Palladium Order of Knight Masons Allied Masonic Degrees Oriental Rite of Memphis and Mitzraim

  36. Date: Sun, 16 Feb 97 09:15:36 EST
    Name:: Enrique M. Valls Girol PM
    Lodge:: Estrella #1
    Location:: Madrid
    E-mail:: ea7fdp@jet.es
    RQFC-topic: Masonic regalia and spoken spanich masons
    Message:: I'm the Gread Secretary of the Grande Oriente Espanol. Brotherly

  37. Date: Sun, 16 Feb 97 14:03:31 EST
    Name:: Lawrence White
    Lodge:: Bonover
    Location:: Anglesey UK
    E-mail:: 101447.2431@compuserve,com
    RQFC-topic: Are Catholics really Welcome
    Message:: Personally I have no prejudices against any creed or colour but have heard so many rumours regarding Catholic mason's I would therefore like to here/see other peoples views or perceptions

  38. Date: Tue, 18 Feb 97 15:01:43 EST
    Name:: Sandy Hand (MASON-HUSBAND is Brother Jim Hand)
    Lodge:: Jerusalem Daylight Lodge
    Location:: Tucson, Arizona 85719
    Office:: Husband is Treasurer (for 4 yrs!!)
    RQFC-topic: Masonic clip-art
    Message:: Am putting together a collection of Masonic clip-art. Have quite a few so far from various sources I have found on the Net. Most of it is pretty good, some of it is REALLY GOOD!! I am in the process of cleaning up the jaggies on a lot of the ones I have collected. The clean-up job is slow & tedious but the end result is worth it. I am also coloring the black and white ones as I go along. I welcome any requests or clip-art contributions thru SNAIL MAIL (since I don't have a modem at home) to the following address: Sandy & Jim Hand, 2117 W. Tanglewood Drive, Tucson, AZ 85745-1352. I am looking forward to hearing from you all.

  39. Date: Wed, 19 Feb 97 22:03:18 EST
    Lodge:: EPSILON LODGE #124 (A.A.S.R.F.M)
    E-mail:: 0567RANDY@AOL
    RQFC-topic: Origin of Scottish Rite Mason
    Message:: Let your Light shine before men, that they may see your great works and glorify your Father who is in Heaven.

  40. Date: Thu, 20 Feb 97 20:07:39 EST
    Name:: Walter C Koontz
    Lodge:: Andrew Jackson # 576
    Location:: Salisbury, N.C.
    E-mail:: bigpig.tarheel.net
    RQFC-topic: History

  41. Date: Sat, 22 Feb 97 06:38:29 EST
    Name:: Tom Spannring
    E-mail:: Thomas.Spannring@durham.ac.uk
    RQFC-topic: no research, just information
    Message:: I'm a becomming DeMolay at the chapter in Kaiserslautern Germany. Just wanted to say hi...

  42. Date: Sat, 22 Feb 97 10:14:04 EST
    Name:: Jim Grady
    Lodge:: St. James #47
    Location:: Baton Rouge, LA
    Office:: Junior Deacon
    E-mail:: JEGrady@aol.com
    RQFC-topic: Taking Masonry into 21st Century
    Message:: I am Chairman of the "Turn of the Century Celebration Committee" for the Grand Lodge of Louisiana. Would appreciate any ideas.

  43. Date: Sat, 22 Feb 97 13:22:39 EST
    Name:: Bill Adams
    Lodge:: St. Ignace #369 F & AM
    Location:: St. Ignace, MI
    Office:: PM
    E-mail:: adamsfam@net-link.net
    RQFC-topic: Masonic involvement of Adams family
    Message:: I am researching to see if the Adams founding fathers of New England maintained membership in a Masonic Lodge. Can anyone enlighten me?

  44. Date: Wed, 26 Feb 97 14:40:55 EST
    Name:: Currie Patterson
    E-mail:: ccpatte@emory.edu
    Message:: I am writing a research paper on Masons in America. I am looking for a book about the Masons and their political influences. If anyone can suggest one, that would be great.

  45. Date: Thu, 27 Feb 97 10:59:29 EST
    Name:: BR.Steven Dorsey
    Lodge:: Sons of Ethiopia #189
    Location:: Chicago, Il
    E-mail:: SDorsey@gpwsmtp.arch2.nara.gov
    RQFC-topic: The Book of Kabal

  46. Date: Sun, 2 Mar 97 10:45:59 EST
    Name:: Robert R. Whitaker "32
    Lodge:: Harmon #420
    Location:: Yadkinville N.C.
    Office:: Sr. Warden
    E-mail:: rwhita1029@aol.com
    RQFC-topic: History of Masonry in NC

  47. Date: Sun, 2 Mar 97 10:45:59 EST
    Name:: Robert R. Whitaker "32
    Lodge:: Harmon #420
    Location:: Yadkinville N.C.
    Office:: Sr. Warden
    E-mail:: rwhita1029@aol.com
    RQFC-topic: History of Masonry in NC

  48. Date: Mon, 3 Mar 97 20:12:36 EST
    Name:: Robert Powell
    Lodge:: Plano Lodge #768
    Location:: Plano, Texas
    E-mail:: ineybob@computek.net
    RQFC-topic: Lodges in Germany
    Message:: My brother in law is German and lives in Wetzlar Germany. He wants to be a Mason, but while there last time, We could not find the Lodge or how to get in touch with a Mason. Any suggestions? Phone numbers of a Grand Lodge etc. would be helpful. Wetzlar is about 45 minutes from Frankfort if that will help. Thanks for any and all help.

    [Web-editor's note: The United Grand Lodges of Germany lists this address:
    Emserstrasse 12-13
    10719 Berlin
    phone: 030.861.4796. There is a lodge in Wetzlar, "Wilhelm zu den Drei Helmen" Nur. 334, as well as several in Frankfurt.

    Let us know how he makes out.]

  49. Date: Wed, 5 Mar 97 05:26:22 EST
    Name:: Vlad reznor Drac
    E-mail:: mistervladdrac@hotmail.com
    RQFC-topic: origin
    Message:: Origin of the Masonry, who started it?

  50. Date: Wed, 5 Mar 97 13:03:34 EST
    Name:: brq.steven dorsey
    Lodge:: sons of Ethiopia#189
    Location:: Chicago IL
    Office:: JR.Warden
    E-mail:: Sdorsey@gpwsmtp.arch2.nara.gov
    RQFC-topic: Mystery in Allegory and symbols
    Message:: Iam reading A book callBorn in blood by John J.Robinson An I would like to find more Info. cn cther good books. Thanks and GOD bless,

  51. Date: Wed, 5 Mar 97 14:47:03 EST
    Name:: Clemens A. Kathman
    Lodge:: R. C. Buckner Lodge #1176 Af & AM
    Location:: Dallas, Texas
    Office:: P. O. Box 270244, Dallas TX 75227
    E-mail:: a0011246@airmail.net
    RQFC-topic: Orgin and History of Grotto
    Message:: I edit the newsletter for Alla Grotto and I would like to let the members know more about its History and Orgin as a Masonic body

  52. Date: Wed, 5 Mar 97 15:53:15 EST
    Name:: B. J. Brown
    Lodge:: Groves Lodge #1315 A.F. & A.M.
    Location:: Groves, Texas
    Office:: Junior Warden
    E-mail:: swinilla@exp.net
    RQFC-topic: A Man From Mount Maria
    Message:: I am looking to buy the book "A Man From Mount Maria" This Book was recommend buy our DDGM to help in my study preparing for my year as WM

  53. Date: Wed, 5 Mar 97 15:53:15 EST
    Name:: B. J. Brown
    Lodge:: Groves Lodge #1315 A.F. & A.M.
    Location:: Groves, Texas
    Office:: Junior Warden
    E-mail:: swinilla@exp.net
    RQFC-topic: A Man From Mount Maria
    Message:: I am looking to buy the book "A Man From Mount Maria" This Book was recommend buy our DDGM to help in my study preparing for my year as WM

  54. Date: Fri, 7 Mar 97 18:22:25 EST
    Name:: Joseph W. Forshaw
    Lodge:: Lodge Light of the Craft
    Location:: London
    Office:: Senior Deacon
    E-mail:: jwf@pharmacist.co.uk
    RQFC-topic: Rhetoric, Grammar, Mathematics, Music
    Message:: Would like any info: as above. Already got Music - Mozart

  55. Date: Wed, 12 Mar 97 21:59:16 EST
    Name:: Timothy Buck
    Lodge:: Ambridge Lodge 701
    Location:: Ambridge Pa.
    E-mail:: tbuck@usaor.net
    RQFC-topic: Freemasonry during WWll
    Message:: I am interested in what German Lodges and Freemasonry in general did during WWll. Also was there any assistance given to Jews during WWll by Freemasons.

  56. Date: Thu, 13 Mar 97 15:03:06 EST
    Name:: Oliver Hydon
    Lodge:: Fidelity Lodge #113
    Location:: Ridgewood, New Jersey USA
    Office:: Junior Deacon
    E-mail:: MJameson@lenoxhill.org
    RQFC-topic: the esoteric tradition in freemasonry
    Message:: I strongly desire to speak with Masons who are interested in the esoteric tradition (e.g. Kabbalah, Alchemy, Magick); especially those who have found a mystical experience that is truly Masonic.
    [Web-editor's Note:: I recommend W.K.MacNulty's The Way of the Craftsman as a starting point for these topics.]

  57. Date: Fri, 14 Mar 97 01:20:20 EST
    Name:: Lloyd MacKenzie-Parker
    Lodge:: Natoma #64
    Location:: Folsom, California
    Office:: Junior Deacon
    E-mail:: Beausant@unlimited.net
    RQFC-topic: Knights Templar
    Message:: Interested in corresponding with brothers within the UK (and/or) have an interest in masonic esoterica (esp. Knights Templar).

  58. Date: Fri, 14 Mar 97 13:29:19 EST
    Name:: H. A. Biff
    E-mail:: habiff@temple.org
    Location:: Jerusalem
    Lodge:: Primaeval Lodge #1
    Lodge Loc'n:: Jerusalem
    Office:: JGW
    RQFC-topic: What happened?
    Message:: This is a test message.

  59. Date: Fri, 14 Mar 97 18:40:52 EST
    E-mail:: FUZZIE H @AOL.COM
    Lodge:: COLUMBIA LODGE #91 F&AM
    Office:: SENIOR WARDEN

  60. Date: Sat, 15 Mar 97 06:12:36 EST
    Name:: Eddy Norris
    E-mail:: Eddyn@di.denel.co.za
    Location:: Pretoria South Africa
    Lodge:: Lodge Lyttelton 1490 S.C.
    Lodge Loc'n:: Pretoria South Afric
    Office:: P.M and Secretary
    RQFC-topic: ANcient Lanmarks of the Craft
    Message:: Many thanks Fraternal Greetings

  61. Date: Sat, 15 Mar 97 15:47:55 EST
    Name:: Sheryl Mosher
    E-mail:: smosher@postoffice.ptd.net
    Location:: Allentown,Pa,
    RQFC-topic: Info. on my Great Grandfather Mr. Bert Merritt
    Message:: My Great Grandfather was a Mason. He lived in Corry,Pa. I have fawnd memories of him, and would like to know more about who he was. I remember that he had high standing in the Mason community. Where can I look to get information on him. He pasted away in 1975. Thank you for any help you can offer.

  62. Date: Sat, 15 Mar 97 16:15:27 EST
    Name:: Monte G. Hackwith
    E-mail:: mhackwit
    Location:: Bellevue, Nebraska USA
    Lodge:: Plattsmouth Blue Number 6
    Lodge Loc'n:: Plattsmouth, Nebraska 68048
    RQFC-topic: Christianity and Masonry Conflicts
    Message:: Was Mackey a Devil Worshipper?
    [Web-editor's note:: This old slander again? This is refuted in the various on-line FAQs, although nothing will persuade those who buy and read the vile little pamphlets that spread this libel. The Masonic Service Association wrote very well on the subject.]

  63. Date: Sat, 15 Mar 97 17:58:55 EST
    Name:: ejaz ilahi
    E-mail:: ejaz@alliance.net
    Location:: grand rapids michigan
    Lodge:: malta
    Lodge Loc'n:: fulton st grand rapids mi
    RQFC-topic: friendship

  64. Date: Wed, 19 Mar 97 00:40:51 EST
    Name:: Kieve Gitlin
    E-mail:: Pops3J@aol.comStaten Island
    Location:: Staten Island, New York, U.S.A.
    Lodge:: Cassia-Adytum #445
    Lodge Loc'n:: Second Kings District
    RQFC-topic: Sherlock Holmes & Masonry

  65. Date: Wed, 19 Mar 97 07:46:04 EST
    Name:: Lal Kumar
    E-mail:: lkumar@pc.jaring.my
    Location:: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
    Lodge:: Sentosa No 7661 E.C.
    Lodge Loc'n:: Kuala Lumpur
    Office:: p.m.
    RQFC-topic: Origins of Freemasonry & History
    Message:: I am also a member of the local research lodge Fidelity Lodge no 8469 E.C. of which I was its secretary for a five years.

  66. Date: Mon, 24 Mar 97 01:54:08 EST
    Name:: Arnaldo Goncalves
    E-mail:: goncal@macau.ctm.net
    Location:: Macau-South China
    RQFC-topic: Freemasonry in Asia
    Message:: Contacts with freemasons interested in deepen contacts and gathe data about the freemasonry brotherhood in Asia. Consider it applied to China, Japan, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Thailand, Singapore and Korea. What could be the conformity of the budhism religion main beliefs with the landmarks of the old traditional masonry? Anybody interested in changing informations about these topics, mail its interest to me.Thank you.

  67. Date: Mon, 24 Mar 97 11:59:19 EST
    Name:: paul miller
    E-mail:: pmiller@calvin.stemnet.nf.ca
    Location:: Conception Bay south, NF Canada
    Lodge:: Lodge Conception No. 1679 GL Scotland
    Lodge Loc'n:: Conception Bay South, Newfoundland, Canada
    Office:: Right Worshipful Master
    RQFC-topic: Mark Degree as worked in CRAFT lodges
    Message:: Mark degree almost identical to that worked in Royal arch Chapter is worked as a supplementary part of 2nd degree (but on Master masons only) in lodges under the GL of scotland. Is tis done in any other grand lodge?
    [web-editor's note:: I have heard this before, but for the life of me cannot figure out this stuff about part of the 2nd degree being done on Master Masons only. How, for instance, does someone get through the 2nd degree the first time, if they can only take part of it as a Master Mason, which they can't be if they haven't taken the 2nd degree yet. I will gratefully accept and publish on this site the clearest explanation I receive of this conundrum.]

  68. Date: Fri, 28 Mar 97 22:15:35 EST
    Name:: Kim Wood
    E-mail:: kwood@compuserve.com
    Location:: Raleigh, NC
    RQFC-topic: Great great great grandfather in Masons
    Message:: My great great great grandfather, Andrew Hayner was buried with Masonic honors in Royalton, NY. I am lookig for information on him and what Masonic honors means. Thanks for your help. This is a very informative site.