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Build and Sustain -- Exhibit Outline

an exhibit at The National Heritage Museum

To Build and Sustain: Freemasons in American Community


SECTION I (1717-1845)


1-01 Judeo-Christian Religion / Brotherly Love

1-02 Stone Masons / Relief

1-03 European Enlightenment / Truth

1-04 English Freemasonry, 1717

1-05 Colonial Freemasons and the Revolution, 1730-1783

1-06 George Washington, Freemasonry, and the Early Republic, 1790-1825

1-07 Anti-Masonic Period, 1826 - 1845

SECTION II (1845-1950)

2-00 Entrance - Why Men join and the Freemasons tenets.

2-01 Self- Improvement (Truth)
2-01.1 Masonic Self- Improvement
2-01.2 Masonic Libraries
2-01.3 Toastmasters International

2-02 Ritual and Drama (Brotherly Love)
2-02.1 Masonic Ritual and Drama
2-02.2 Scottish Rite Ritual
2-02.3 Community Theater

2-03 Mutual Benefit (Relief)
2-03.1 Masonic Mutual Benefit
2-03.2 Ancient Order United Workmen
2-03.2 Loyal Order of Moose

2-04 Social Activities (Brotherly Love)
2-04.1 Masonic Social Activities
2-04.2 Nobles of the Mystic Shrine
2-04.3 Benevolent and Protective Order of Elks

2-05 Professional Networks (Truth)
2-05.1 Masonic Professional Networks
2-05.2 Masonic High Twelve Clubs
2-05.3 Rotary International

2-06 Family Participation (Brotherly Love)
2-06.1 Masonic Fathers and Sons
Masonic Family Organizations
Knights of Columbus

2-07 Community Service (Relief)
2-07.1 General Federation of Women's Clubs
2-07.2 Masonic Community Service

SECTION III (1950-2002)

3-00 Entrance -Freemasons tenets in today's communities

3-01 Brotherly Love
Masonic Spirituality and Toleration
Masonic Diversity - Prince Hall & white Mainstream Freemasonry

3-02 Relief
Masonic Grand Lodge Organization
Masonic Charity - money, hospitals, etc.

3-03 Truth
Masonic Instruction and Knowledge
Masonic Education - buildings, library museums

3-04 Computer Interactive:
Masonic FAQ
Information on American grand lodges
Information on various community and fraternal organizations


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