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AZ dispute, item #3

From: mailhost@easypost.com
Date: Fri, 8 Dec 1995 09:17:43 -0700 (MST)
Subject: Trial a Mockery of Justice

Dear Gary,

After trampling all over the constitutional requirements for a trial, a
good friend of our Grand Master decided he was going to have to hold the
trial and sit as Trial Commissioner anyway.  It is interesting to note
the man conducting the trial is the same man who has defended our
current GM against "conflict of interest" charges in the past, and has
actually been a party to this same (ongoing) "conflict" as it exists
today.  Following is an excerpt from the charges filed where I presented
an argument for assigning another Trial Commissioner, which was never
even addressed or heard.  You would have to see the history of the
efforts these two men have gone to in seizing and maintaining control of
the $3-mil. in Grand Lodge assests to appreciate the true scope of
deception that permeates our highest offices, but I can say the Trial
Commissioner is the man who appointed our GM to the Board of Trustees
Investment Committee, and that the GM's private company has always been
selected (by this committee) to manage our investments, to the tune of 1
3/4% of the principle ($43,000) annually.  When I raised the stink of
the obvious "conflict," the GM was replaced with his business partner,
who isn't even a Mason!  His company still receives the annual fee!
Below is the request for a fair Trial Commissioner, which was denied by
the man in question (who also is our Scottish Rite SGC for the state).
We have no appellate process for challenging this ruling, so we are
stuck with a "fixed court":

"WHEREAS, the Grand Master, in his letter to all Arizona lodges, dated
July 10, 1995, bearing his signature and seal, on page 3, paragraph 3
(EXHIBIT A), declared MW _ _ _ _, PGM, to be a material witness to one
of the charges herein levied ("If you need further clarification on
this, just ask PGM Bob _ _ _"), and whereas the plaintiffs do declare MW
_ _ _ _ to be one of their witnesses as well, we respectfully submit
that the fact MW _ _ _ _ is a material witness in this prosecution
precludes him from sitting as Presiding Trial Commissioner, and that the
duty of presiding over these proceedings falls upon MW _ _ _ _, the next
Junior Past Grand Master, as per the provisions of Part VI, Article I,
Section 130 of the Arizona Constitution of Free and Accepted Masons."

Naturally, I am taking a lot of flak for "airing our dirty laundry"
before the entire world.  My position on this is simple: When the
laundry stinks this bad and no one is willing to wash it, you deserve to
have it seen by the neighbors!

Thanks for your support in posting the situation in your Web page.  We
need an informed populace if we are to have a chance of stopping this
dangerous trend, not only here in AZ, but in all jurisdictions where the
same problems exist but have not been brought to light.  A word of
caution to any who may feel inspired to reveal similar problems: This is
not for the "faint of heart."  The pressures that will be brought to
bear are tremendous.  I am facing a Masonic trial the end of the month.
The Master of my Lodge was suspended from the East.  And the Lodge
Charter is just days away from being arrested.  All because one man
dared to tell the truth about corruption in the highest offices!

I will continue to keep you posted on developments.  As always, I
appreciate the support you provide me.  If it wasn't for Masons like
you, I may have given it up months ago.

Most fraternally,
Bernard Durgin, PM
Jerusalem Daylight 66
Tucson, AZ

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