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AZ dispute, item #6

Date: Tue, 21 May 1996 23:19:43 -0700 (MST)
Message-Id: <199605220619.XAA29688@primenet.com>
From: EasyPost
Subject: The Final Chapter
To: Dryfoo@primenet.com, Gary 

Dear WB Gary,

I will begin my story with a quote from the Constitution of Free &
Accepted Masons of Arizona:


Relative To The Grand Master
Penalties Which May be Imposed

Section 133.  The only penalty inflicted shall be deprivation of office;
but, when thus deprived, the adjudged may be amenable to his Lodge upon
a charge of unmasonic conduct.

Now the story.

I left the Grand Communication after witnessing a display of voting I
can never prove, yet shall always know, that completed the take-over of
AZ Freemasonry by the "new age" philosophy.  You will not believe the
next part.

It was reported at this Grand Lodge that at the trial of the Grand
Master, the first vote was 2-2, a split vote.  After 55-mins. of
deliberation, they returned a 3-1, GUILTY.  They then took a second vote
and issued a Reprimand, in full light of the above section 133 (take my
word, there are no other penalties in the entire constitution - this is

It gets worse!  The "good Masons" of AZ then voted to remove the whole
incident from the Grand Lodge records, entirely!  Now, it never happened
at all, and I must have been having a nightmare.

I tendered my dimit to my Secretary yesterday afternoon.  I cannot look
my brethren in the eye and see them as Masons.

They "block voted" several of the motions (the ones placing more "checks
and balances" on a corrupt system), and passed the ones that make it
impossible to ever have a trial for a Grand Master again.  I'm sure the
founding fathers of our nation, whom they so loudly proclaim were good
Masons, would be real proud of them now!

I must stop now, the emotion evoked by these recent recollections is
still most painful, and my heart is heavy with the loss of so noble a
Craft as we once had.  I gave it my best; Masonry didn't give me hers.

Bernard L. Durgin, PM
Formerly of Jerusalem Daylight 66
Tucson, AZ

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