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Detroit USA Masons against arson

Anti-Arson Campaign Committee 

The Michigan PHA "Devils' Night" Committee humbly requests your
assistance in canvassing the Michigan Masonic family for recruits to
stand with us against "Devils' Night".  We are asking each Lodge to
participate by volunteering to work the night of October 30.  The
committee plans to continue the tradition of patrolling the streets of
the 7th precinct in the city of Detroit.  We have received permission
from our Most Worshipful Grand Master Carl Sanders to again designate
3500 McDougal as our staging/headquarters.

For those of you with access to the Internet, this year the Men of
Wisdom plan to display the numbers, agendas and updates of participating
Lodges and Units on the HTC Mall Web Site. You can browse this Mall at
http://www.htc-mall.com.  Specials features are being designed to
deliver hourly reports and statistics for those interested.

           Masons Help Detroit to Beat the Devil 1995 

On October 31, 1995, known as "Devils' Night", The City of Detroit waged
an all-out war on arsonists.  Wisdom #57 was instrumental in the success
of this campaign.  Masons from the Detroit area organized a patrol to
help stop the senseless destruction of property that has troubled the
city for more than a decade.  The Grand Lodge served as the command post
and brothers patrolled the 7th Precinct in one-hour shifts.  More than
forty brothers from Wisdom volunteered along with brothers from various
lodges around the city.  Brothers from Pythagoras #14, Redeemer #53,
Travelers #46, and Wisdom #57 were present and accounted for under the
leadership of M.W. Grand Master Ozzie L. Gardner.  It was our own
W.M. Maurice Badgett Jr. who organized this patrol and provided the hand
radios from Ericsson Radio for the operation.

The city was able to claim victory over the "devils", with no fires
reported at all in the 7th precinct, and a record low of 61 fires
city-wide over a three-day period -- a great improvement over 1994's
total of more than 180.  Good job, Brothers!!

This year we hope to help to continue to continue Detroit's fight
against arson.  If you would like to volunteer, please email

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