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Date: Tue, 25 Nov 1997 21:58:22 +0100
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From: Zenit 
Subject: Incostitutional law against Italian Freemasons

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From a year the Constitution is an opinion in Italy. Alarming but
truthful affirmation, unfortunately. A regional law injures the
fundamental civil rights of the Italian citizen enacted by the Italian
Constitution. With the approval of the government.


Though they are originated and resident in Italy, though they have the
same duties and pay the taxes like all, the Italian Freemasons doesn't
have the same rights: no more they can aspire to hold offices in a
public bureau throghout the Italy, like the rest of the Italian
citizens. It is the amazing conclusion of the junta of the region
Marche: from the August 1996 a Freemason can work no more in the
Marche's public bureaus and neither propose to hold in them any
role. The Freemasons, in the Marche region, must stay out from the
public bureaus: like the dogs, but for clemency of the Marche=92s junta,
without leash.

Italian Republic guarantees for whole the citizens the right to work
(Clause 4 of the Italian Constitution), but the Marche's regional junta,
which evidently retains of have ideas clearer than the constituent
Fathers, has concluded that the Freemasons are not citizens like all the
others, and therefore they could not aspire to equal right. In this
region, from the fatidical 5 August 1996, it is necessary declare a "no
membership in Masonic Lodges" for compete to a function in a local
public bureau. The liberticide blackmail is founded upon on the
deprivation of the occupation.

These sinister, grim aspects have not escaped to any deputies of the
Italian Parliament, that have presented an interpellation to the
government on the manifest uncostitutionality of the Marche=92s law. The
law, they affirm in the interpellation, "constitutes a serious damage to
the liberty of thought and of association, guaranteed from our
Constitution, and the equality of whole the citizens in front of the
law; it seems instead that the Marche legislator has retained that the
membership to a Masonic Lodge is equivalent tout court to be on trial or
be condemned".=20

The greater source of worry for the Honorables is that "the judgment of
serious and discriminating disvalue expressed by the region Marche is
fully shared from the Government, as the Presidency of the Counsel of
the ministers has not intended practice, according to the Clause 127 of
the Constitution, the faculty of delay to the regional counsel for new
examination of a norm so evidently anticostitutional and

The government has condescended of answer only eleven months after, that
is October 28 last, for voice of the Under-Secretary Zoppi that has
quietly declared: "during the preliminary stage of the regional law in
question, the requisite of not belonging to Masonic lodges was
evaluated, for the purpose of acceptance of a candidature, as a greater
guarantee of impartiality". And by now seraphic he has concluded: the
requisite required from the region Marche of be not freemasons doesn't
"damaging the freedom to all citizens which is guaranteed by

Perhaps the Under-seretary=92s sophism is just about this: it is
forbidden to the Freemasons of participate to the Marche=92s concourses,
but that doesn't impede them of constitute in association, therefore the
Clause 18 of the Constitution, that he enacts this right, remains
save. But the Clause 51 of the Italian Constitution affirms, word by
word: "Whole the citizens of the one and the other sex could enter upon
the public bureaus and the elective offices in conditions of

Is it possible that the exclusion of the Freemasons from the Marche's
bureaus doesn't injure the Clause 51 and therefore the democratic bases
of the Italian state? A new, creeping attack to the Freemasonry...

Maurizio Nicosia

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