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Kansas One-Day Degrees

Date: Tue, 06 May 1997 21:30:24 -0700
From: Lawrence Bodine <lbodine@spidome.net>
Subject: [masons] one day classes

Bro. Michael:

You are asking about a subject that is tearing Freemasonry apart in Kansas.

The first one day class was done by the insistance of one Lodge, Albert Pike No. 303, at Wichita with a class of 180. The reason given was to help the stragglers on thru the Degrees. The second reason was to put good men thru the Degrees who did not have the time to go thru the degrees the regular way.

Following immediately on that class was a class given in Kansas City with a class of something like 200. Then a few more Lodges around the State of Kansas followed suit. In one session at one town a Brother brought a man in and asked them to include him in the class. They did and then, afterwards, they found that this man had never petitioned a Lodge for membership. They went to the Grand Master for a special dispensation to get this man into a Lodge. The Grand Master gave that dispensation.

As far as Albert Pike Lodge goes. In the 1950s, Albert Pike raised an average of 155 Master Masons each year. I know because I was there working on degree teams doing the work. The year before the one day class, Albert Pike raised 58 Master Masons. I asked some Brethren from the Wichita area just what was going on in Albert Pike. They said that Albert Pike no longer had a large study club due to the elimation of the proficiency requirements therefore the few workers they had would put on a couple of degrees and then declare that they were tired and got up and went home.

At Grand Lodge in March of the next year, the issue of the one day classes was about to be brought to the floor by myself and the Grand Master slammed the gavel and declared that there would be no further discussion regarding that issue. The Grand Lodge was closed and the new Grand Lodge officers installed for the next year.

The next year, at Grand Lodge, a past Potentate addressed the Grand Lodge and urged the Grand Lodge to recognize the family of Freemasonry to be the Lodge, the Scottish Rite, and the Shrine. The Past Potentate made this reference several more times and then closed his remarks by saying that he hoped the Kansas Lodges would consider the conferral of the One Day Masonic Family Exercise.

The next year saw a continuation of the one day classes by the benefit of blanket dispensations of the Grand Masters.

Towards the end of last year, (1996), Albert Pike, the Wichita Consistory, and the Wichita Shrine put on the "All The Way in One Day" class. The Lodge in Kansas City followed in suit.

In essence no laws are being enforced in Masonry in Kansas. Every Lodge can do whatever they want to do. There are no standards in effect governing the actions of the Brethren or the Lodges. If you wish to look at it in one way. Kansas is presently in a state of Anarchy.

My credentials, should you like to know are: KYCH, Past Area Deputy Grand Master, Past District Deputy Grand Master, Past Grand Sentinel, Past President of the Order of High Priesthood of Kansas, Past Governor of the York Rite College of Kansas, Past District Deputy Grand High Priest, Past Grand Master of the 1st veil, Past Illustrious Grand Master of the Grand Council of Cryptic Masons of Kansas, presently Grand Capt. Gen. of the Grand Commandery KT of Kansas, Very Eminent Precepter of the Holy Royal Arch Knight Templar Priests, and member of the Red Cross of Constitine.

Last year I wanted to put a page for the Hays Lodge No 195, here at Hays, onto the net. I thought that the proper thing to do would be to ask permission of the Grand Master. The Grand Master did give me permission to put a page on the net http://spidome.net/~masons/index.html with the condition that I not adversly editorialize the actions of the Grand Officers of the Grand Lodge on that page.

To summarize what I have written would be to say that I and Hays Lodge are totally opposed to the one day class. I nor the Lodge will have any part in conducting a one day class.

To be fair, I would refer you to Robert L. Tomlinson e-mail to rltomlinson@juno.com in Kansas City Kansas. Brother Robert reminded me to remember that the Grand Master is the Law. The other person I would refer you to is Brother Larry Peters at lpeters@southwind.net in Wichita.

If you would like more information on this matter, please let me know.


Lawrence Bodine,KYCH
Hays Masonic Bodies
Hays, Kansas

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