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Moseley General Lodge of Instruction

Lodge of Instruction meets Thirty Times a Year

Web-master's note: When Bro. Wyer mentioned that his lodge of instruction meets thirty times a year I asked him to tell me more about it. His dedication and heartfelt service to the Craft is an inspiration to all of us who care about the soul and future of Freemasonry. I hope that any brother planning to visit in or near Worcestershire England would contact Bro. Wyer about attending a meeting of this remarkable lodge of instruction.

From: "alan-wyer" <alan-wyer@ic24.net>
Date: Sat, 20 Oct 2001 09:01:10 +0100

The Moseley General Lodge of Instruction meets under the sanction of Arter Lodge, No. 2654 (Worcestershire U.G.L.E).

It conforms to the regulations laid down in the Book of Constitutions and is the only GENERAL Lodge of Instruction in the Province. It has the permission of the Provincial Grand Master to admit as members E.A.s and F.C.s as well as M.Ms, Masters and PM.'s. (The junior brethren are catered for when working items in a higher degree.)

It is not well-attended numerically, but I stick by my declared stance - so long as one Mason arrives for some form of instruction/rehearsal I and my fellow Preceptor will be there.

A programme of work is published each year but the work actually carried out is structured to the needs/wishes of those attending. For example: concentrating on the words and movements of the Deacons, and how to handle a candidate, leaving out the big bits that the Master does.

When you see through an Entered Apprentice through his degrees and into the Chair of his Lodge, the feeling of satisfaction is immense - even I am lost for words.


I am in a fortunate position of being a retired police officer, trained in teaching techniques, who for half a living (the pension is the other half) prints Masonic summonses. In this way I have constant contact with many Masons from three Provinces (and one London Lodge) by visit, phone and fax.

Importantly my wife, who is not involved in any way, supports my many trips out, as member, visitor or speaker.

It is, in short, my hobby and my way of life, though I assure you I am no "Masonic anorak" as I recognise that others have different perspectives, priorities and talents. Utilise what people have, do not try to turn them into Masonic sausages, the diversity of practice within the self-discipline of our ritual will ensure that essential standards are not eroded.

Alan Wyer

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