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Date: Thu,  9 Nov 2000 18:24:18 +0300 (MSK)
From: "seva I. Sakharov" <seva@imli.msk.ru>
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         Dear colleague!
   Many thanks for your answer. Please, replace my old letter in your site
   by this new version
   or add my new links to your list.
   You can read the first chapter of my new book about Russian Freemasonry
   and Literature and a collection of my new articles about
   V. Nabokov, M. Bulgakov, I. Goncharov, Paul I, Aleksandr I, D. Fonvizin,
   N. Karamzin, V.F. Odoevsky, sheets from masonic archives and
   my exclusive political interview
     This is "The Saint George Journal", Moscow literary Internet edition.
     Please, go to Russian Version in Menue
     and click on "Contents".
     Use cyrillic fonts Windows 1251.
     My another address http://www.book-mekka.ru
     Click on "Mirovaja literatura" and "Rossijsky Arhiv".
     You can find Russian fonts and software (convertor) for
     Windows and Mac:
  Please, recommend my sites to your friends, colleagues
  and students. Ask your web-master to create a link
  to my sites. Answer me only by e-mail seva@imli.msk.ru
      Sincerely yours
    Dr Vsevolod SAKHAROV
      November 9, 1998

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