Square & Compasses


Source: Moscow News 14 November 1993

The ritual furniture of a masonic temple and also the genuine robes of "Freemasons" have for the first time been displayed at an exhibition, "250 years of Russian Freemasonry".

In the 20th century almost 100 masonic lodges were created in Russia, which, almost 3000 "Freemasons" frequented. During the post PERESTROIKA period there has been a rebirth of initiations into Masonry.

The French have come to Russia, our first Grand Lodge of Eastern France was established at the end of April 1991, since then the number of lodges has increased and in 1993 reached double figures. But despite official registration of Masons they intend observing the great traditions secretly, away from the uninitiated.

Apparently, in order not to stir up unhealthy interest in this odious organisation, moscow historians have decided to put on general display the masonic archives. Apart from the manuscript rules and constitution, the rarest ritual books, drawings and illustrations, the visitors could see with their own eyes the vestments of a true Mason and those secret symbols which they are instructed to carry. But there is not much of this. In order to deprive the romantics of the forbidden fruit, it was decided to exhibit the forbidden fruit. A hundred metres from the Kremlin the in Lenin library a mock-up of a masonic temple was built for mere mortals.

The leading expert in Russia on Masonry, Andrei Serkov has carried out the research so that everything here would be just so. The hall is rectangular, the wall opposite the entrance is semi-circular. The entrance door framed with bronze pillars opens to the west. On the table of the Master of the lodge were candlesticks, mallet, sword, compasses, square, and the huge masonic constitution. It is true that they haven't managed to depict on the ceiling, the vault of heaven with constellations, with the Sun and Moon or to stretch along the frieze a cord with (unknown word) knots and tassels. They have fenced this place with ordinary museum cord, but alas, it is not capable of guarding against evil forces. On the floor, instead of a wool, they have put an illustrated, but on the other hand, true masonic carpet. It is said that this looked just like a real Masonic temple. But whether or not this is true, only the initiated know.

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