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The following is the entry on The Ukraine in Volume Two of "Freemasonry Universal - A New Guide to the Masonic World", which will be published late this month, or early March, 2000. (Details are at: http://www.netlink.com.au/~kent/)

There is scant reference to Freemasonry existing in the Ukraine during the Russian Czarist era. However, it has been claimed a Grand Lodge of Ukraine was established in Kiev in 1919. If it did exist, it cannot have survived Ukraine's incorporation into the U.S.S.R. in 1920. The Ukraine achieved political independence in 1991, and conditions became amenable to freemasonry being introduced to it.

The Grande Loge Nationale Francais (GLNF) chartered Loge Les Trois Colonnes # 785 (The Three Columns) in Paris in April 1993 to admit Ukrainians. It moved to Kiev in 1996, and was followed in late 1998 with Loge Le Phoenix d' Ukraine # 1093 (The Phoenix of Ukraine) at Kharkov. Both lodges use the Scottish Rite Craft ritual in Ukrainian, and are presently administered under the Provincial Grand Lodge of Lutece, in Metropolitan France. However, further masonic expansion will undoubtedly see an indigenous GLNF District Grand Lodge created, followed in due course by a Grand Lodge of The Ukraine.

The Regular Grand Lodge of Italy has also been active in the Ukraine. On 7 February 1998, the Regular Grand Lodge of Italy consecrated Hiram Lodge # 25 at Odessa. It was subsequently followed by Lodge Novaya Atlantida # 117 (at Kiev), and Lodge Kosmopolitan # 119 (at Odessa). These three lodges were formed into a Regional Grand Lodge under the Regular Grand Lodge of Italy on 17 October 1998, governed by a local Regional Grand Master.

A further three lodges have since been erected - Light of the Truth # 142 (at Odessa), Zoloti Vorota # 143 (at Kiev), and Obriy # 145 (at Odessa). It is anticipated further lodges will formed in the near future in Kiev, L'Vov, Donbas and the Crimea. A new Grand Lodge for the Ukraine is likely to be consecrated in 2000.

No lodge in Ukraine yet possesses permanent premises, nor in most cases regular meeting days. Intending visitors should address enquiries through the GLNF Grand Secretary, or the Regular Grand Lodge of Italy Grand Secretary, as appropriate.

Thanks for this information to Kent Henderson, PGSwdB, khenderson@internet.lodge.org.uk

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