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Why did you become a Freemason?

An Invitation to Share Your Thoughts

Dear Brethren,

Recently I received the following letter:

Date: Sat, 05 Apr 1997 00:48:52 -0800
From: Chris McNeil <cmcneil@axionet.com>
To: dryfoo@MIT.EDU
Subject: Freemasonry

Mr. Dryfoos:

I have been looking over your Freemasonry website and found it quite informative. After looking over a few FAQ pages and other sites I am still curious about one thing. I have a pretty good idea what the organization is about, but why would someone become a Freemason? That is to say, what is it that attracts members? What does freemasonry offer that other societies do not?

I would appreciate any information you can give me.

Chris McNeil

I would like to provide Mr. (Ms?) McNeil more than my own opinions and experience here. So I'm opening the question up to the whole fraternity. All Masons, wheresoever dispersed across the face of the globe, are invited to send an essay (of any length) answering those questions:

  • Topic: Why did you become a Freemason?
    and the sub-topics:
    • What attracted you to Freemasonry?
    • What does Freemasonry offer that you did not find in other societies?

You can send your essay to me. I will choose some of them for posting at this web-site. I hope we can provide C. McNeil with a variety of sincere and well-written answers.

Rt. Wor. Gary L. Dryfoos,
web-master for A Page About Freemasonry

Some responses:

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