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Freemasonry featured on National Public Radio

Public Interest
(WAMU, Washington DC)
July 31, 2002
Host: Kojo Namdi
Guests: Dr. S. Brent Morris, noted Masonic author and Steven C. Bullock, Associate Professor of History at Worcester Polytechnic Institute, author of Revolutionary Brotherhood

The Connection
(WBUR, Boston, MA)
August 3, 2001
Host: Alex Beam
"Guests: Mark Tabbert, Curator of Masonic and Fraternal Collections, National Heritage Museum, Lexington, MA; David Gray Hackett, associate professor of religion, University of Florida, Gainesville; and Dan Brown, author of "Angels & Demons," a novel about the Masons, the Vatican and ancient secret societies..."

(Or rather about Mr. Brown's own highly-speculative ideas about the Masons, the Vatican, etc.)

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