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The Big Move

On, Tue May 15 20:13:16 EDT 2001 all of the Page About Freemasonry files which had been served from THELONIOUS.MIT.EDU (a/k/a CITY.MIT.EDU) were transferred to filespace on MIT's Athena AFS servers. This represents most of the web-site's files, more than 25 Mb of material about Freemasonry.

This transfer will make the web-site more robust, more reliable, and faster. However, in this process, many internal html web references had to be up-dated, and a number of symbolic links had to be preserved across the transfer.

It is possible that some links and references may have been missed. If you are unable to access a file that you are certain is supposed to be within this web-site, please let me know. I am primarily interested in non-responsive links on these servers:


While I will always try to keep my site updated to reflect changes at other sites, my concern now is for the internal links within my own web-site.

Please note that I am not, of course, responsible for any links listed on other people's web-sites.

Now that The Big Move has been accomplished, I will be cleaning up as required. Thank you for your assistance in this, and for your patience at this time.

-- R.W. Gary L. Dryfoos

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