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The Soul of Hope

From: doug@storypower.com (Doug Lipman)
Subject: Re: The Soul of Hope

...Starting May 6, the Soul of Hope will be performed the first Tuesday of every month at the Brookline Deli Restaurant in Brookline Village (8pm). Admission $10. (The Deli hopes you will also buy food or drink!) The trial arrangement goes through August...

The Brookline Deli is located in Brookline Village (near the Brookline Village stop on the Green Line) at 305 Washington St. (1/2 block from Harvard St.). This is easy to find (down the street from the town hall, police station, and main branch of the library) and there is plenty of on-street parking in the evenings.

For more detailed directions, call the Deli: (617) 734-9096. For questions about the show, call Doug at (617) 391-3672.

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