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Yellow Pages

Complete Yellow Pages (and business white pages) for the US, with the added feature of a map interface that can plot an address to street level, or select phone numbers in a mapped area. Free home page offered to US businesses. Has "Personal Address Book" and "voting" features for registered users.
As a nationwide Yellow Pages with maps it is excellent, although you have to specify the state for each search. You can search by company name, or by classification. There are also searches by mapped area, and by distance from a location. One unique and very useful feature is door-to-door driving directions between any two places in a metro area, either as text or a zoomable map.
US West
US West's nationwide yellow pages. Includes access to a nationwide white pages directory for businesses and people from four11. Reverse search, for business numbers only.
BigYellow Nynex Interactive Yellow Pages
BigYellow: national USA yellow pages, plus a few www links.
Yellow Pages Online
US nationwide Yellow Pages with around 18 million listings. Has a brand name search in addition to the usual classified and alphabetic searches. Full addresses with ZIP codes, and some links to web sites.
Onvillage yellow Pages
Another US national yellow pages. You can only search within a specified state. Lists of entries for a category only shows names and addresses, you have to click on each name seperatly to find the phone numbers, which seems a strange priority for a phone directory. Has the usual "add you own entry" options.
GTE Superpages
US National Yellow Pages, plus a web directory. Includes zoomable street maps.
National directory, allows nationwide search by category and by name. The name search displays anything containing the search string in any position, not just at the start of the name.
True Yellow
A fairly basic US nationwide yellow pages.

White Pages

From AT&T, this national US directory has the most flexible searching, including search by number (or part of number), and search by street address (select the "Reverse Tel" option). Low graphics make this site fast. Also has categories for business listings, and map links.
Switchboard USA White Pages
Switchboard, a complete national directory for both private numbers and business numbers. Also has business search vy category.
Yahoo People Search
Find people anywhere in the US by their name.
Find phone numbers of people anywhere in the US, as well as email addresses. Claims to be more current than most (updated monthly).
Toll-free, fax, business and residential numbers from the USA and Canada, based on Pro-CD's CDROMs. One of the few US sources to specifically include a fax directory, but the fax numbers actually listed are quite limited. Also has "blue pages" (government agency listings).
Lookup USA
Another national directory of people and businesses, and a classified directory. The unique feature here is credit ratings for most of the 10 million business listings. Has street maps also.
Database America
Has a US nationwide telephone directory and reverse search (search by phone number) for people only. Other (commercial) lists available, and maps.
Business and residential numbers for the USA, search by name and place. Unusually, their search pages are also available in French and Spanish.
search and reverse-search (search by phone numbers) for residential numbers in the US. From the Pro-CD CD-Roms. Part of a commercial service, but basic lookup of a number seems currently to be free.

Fax Directories

Fax numbers from the USA and Canada, based on Pro-CD's CDROMs. One of the few US sources to specifically include a fax directory, but the fax numbers actually listed are quite limited.

Toll-Free Directories

The Internet 800 Directory
Around 200,000 toll-free numbers, includes non-AT & T customers.
AT & T Directory of 800 numbers
Toll Free numbers (only numbers connected by AT & T).

Regional Directories

Yellow Pages on the Internet
Only covers Seattle, Portland and New Orleans areas so far, plus a few places in Florida, but has a nice interface and many ways to search, including search by phone number, and links to a map server.

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