MIT Digital Field Camp Web Pages


Commerical Hardware and Software Availability and Inventory

Hardware - Laptop computers, laptop peripherals, handheld computers, and handheld peripherals (secure version with Admin passwords)

Installed Software - Software installed on each of the Field Camp laptop computers

Software on CD - Software available on CD in the Field Camp CD collection (secure version with software keys)

Resources - Getting geospatial data for the next field camp


Camp Support Hardware and Instructions

Shipping - How to ship a digital field camp cross-county

Support Hardware - Field camp supplies for digital geology in the Las Vegas storage unit

Wiring Diagram - How to assemble the electric generation system for field camp


Custom Software Developed for ArcPad

Currently restricted to the MIT community. Click here to access (Windows compatible only).


Help, FAQ, and How To

Frequently Asked Questions

Software Help and How To Pages